Make Your Wardrobe Spring-Ready with Decorative Compression Garments

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It may still be winter, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead to spring, especially when it comes to your wardrobe! Colorful new decorative compression garments could be just the thing to let you lighten up the dreary winter in anticipation of warmer weather to come.

Manufacturers such as LympheDIVAs, LympheDUDEs, Juzo, and others offer a wide selection of artistic, whimsical, amusing, humorous, bold, and attractive colors, patterns and prints to take your medical-grade compression wear from winter boring to spring bold and fun.

Freshen Up for Spring 

This spring, why not freshen your wardrobe by investing in some colorful new compression garments? Options are so varied, you could coordinate one or more of these garments with your overall outfit, or wear them as festive accents that proclaim your playful attitude.

Manufacturers like Juzo offer selections like the Juzo Dreamsleeve in pastel pink. Or look to the numerous options offered by LympheDIVAs, such as Fuchsia, Camouflage Pink, or Butterfly Meadow, to join in on this flattering, feminine fashion trend.  

Juzo Compression Sleeve

LympheDIVAs, in particular, offers an array of choices. Choose one or more of these whimsical prints to declare your personal manifesto.

Options Galore 

To get started, peruse the Soft Print Series from Juzo. Made with “extremely soft and elastic knit” for enhanced comfort, these lovely items also allow you to express your creative side. Available in a rainbow of pastel hues and patterns ranging from “Tiger Jungle,” to “Stars and Stripes,” to “Butterfly Psychedelic Purple,” among many others, you’re almost certain to find a print, color, or style to spark your fancy and enhance your spring wardrobe. 

LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet

Or consider the bold, fun, artistic patterns and colors available from LympheDIVAs and LympheDUDEs. Ladies’ options are numerous and run the gamut from soft, feminine and decorative, to playful and artistic. Options include everything from the bold, colorful patterns of nature’s Peacock feathers, to simulated Tiffany stained glass, to Leo Leopard’s playful spots. Or perhaps the florid jungle look of Glamazon appeals to you. The delicate look of Chantilly lace? Choose Darling Dark, Darling Fair, or Darling Tan.

“Outer” Wear

Shoppers interested in more affordable options for dressing up their compression wear on occasion need look no further than the MySassySleeve Decorative Sleeve collection. These are “tattoo” sleeves that you can slip over your ordinary daily compression sleeve to dress it up. They feature intertwined pink ribbons, in subtle and defiant recognition of your battle with breast cancer. Even loved ones can buy and wear one of these decorative, faux-tattoo sleeves to demonstrate their support for your struggle.

MySassySleeve Decorative Sleeve

Whether you choose an understated pastel pink sleeve, or a highly detailed tattoo-like sleeve to declare your victory over your illness, there are numerous ways to freshen your wardrobe — and your compression wear — this spring.

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  1. What about dressing up compression stockings? These Decorative sleeves, above, are brilliant. Is there something similar
    for legwear?

    Thigh-high compression stockings, for example, in floral designs?

    I know they exist in America – but the sizing is different and I wouldnt want to risk the wrong size.

    Many thanks, Jill

  2. I sure wish JUZO dream sleeves would offer a matching GLOVE in addition to gauntlet. I love this company’s products but I have to wear a glove so my JUZO options are limited. Please consider adding gloves to that line of fabulous colors! There surely are many of us!

  3. Those are ver pretty ~ but I need something colorful for legs 🙂

  4. Why can’t they make decorative leg compression hose for legs like arms???

    1. They do. Use the search feature on their website. Juzo Print Series Leggings

  5. They do make leggings that come in patterns. They are called Juzo Print Series Leggings. Search website.

  6. I have a sleeve with separate glove
    The sleeve often separates from the glove causing edema and discomfort at the wrist
    What are patients thoughts on the one piece glove and sleeve

  7. Where can you find 6 inches width for women’s slippers?

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