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Lymphedema Bandaging Kits

Bandaging kits are convenient resources for people who need to address ongoing lymphedema issues. These carefully assembled kits provide the specific tools and materials patients need to provide appropriate levels of compression to combat lymphedema. For example, the Arm Lymphedema Bandaging Kit, available directly from Lymphedema Products, supplies all the bandages a patient will need to treat arm lymphedema during the clinical treatment phase.

By gently, but firmly, squeezing the soft tissues of the arm(s) it is possible to coax lymph fluid back into the circulation, and out of tender, swollen tissues. Featuring two complete sets of treatment materials, the kit eliminates the need to wait while you wash, dry and replace soiled bandages. Simply install the second set, and then launder the first, for continuous, uninterrupted coverage.

We also offer a Leg Lymphedema Bandaging Kit, with bandages and other supplies that are appropriate for use on legs, and the Genital Lymphedema Kit, featuring specialized products that are suitable for the control of lymphedema in sensitive genital areas. This kit even includes an instructional DVD that can be viewed for tips and pointers from a lymphedema treatment professional regarding the proper care and treatment of this challenging condition.

Medical supplies manufacturer, Solaris, offers several products designed to conveniently address lymphedema in specific areas of the body, including the hands, arms, legs and thighs. The Caresia Glove + Rosidal K Kit features Solaris’s convenient bandaging solution; a Caresia Bandage Liner (in this instance, the pre-formed Caresia Glove), and enough 100% cotton short-stretch Rosidal K bandaging to wrap the liner as directed, for appropriate compression and control of lymphedema of the hand.

We also carry kits from Solaris targeting specific areas of concern. For example, the Caresia Wrist to Axilla (armpit) kit comes with a preformed wrist bandage, and also features Rosidal K bandaging, for wrapping the preformed wrist bandage. We also offer the Caresia MCP to Axilla/Rosidal K kit, Caresia Lower Leg/Rosidal K kit, and Caresia Thigh/Rosidal K kits. All of these products work by simplifying the bandaging process. The pre-formed Caresia liner is customized to fit over the indicated anatomical structure, so you don’t have to spend extra time applying multiple layers of bandages to achieve appropriate compression.

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