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Juzo Soft DreamSleeve


Juzo Soft DreamSleeve by Juzo
The Juzo DreamSleeve is a premium compression arm sleeve. It features an extremely soft and elastic knit that offers unsurpassed wearing comfort. Juzo DreamSleeves come in a wide assortment of colors and sizes and are a perfect color match to the Juzo DreamGauntlets.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 246 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000DS-CG
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001DS-CG
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002DS-CG
 I love the feel of the sleeve. It is so soft and durable. I love the color sky blue. 
- Mrs Marilyn M Larke
 Happy w blue sleeve and speediness company delivery 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 I just love the Juzo compression sleeves, the fit is excellent, don't slide, and they last a long time. 
- Mrs Renee Bragg
 Love these products. Comfortable 
- Sandra Berwager
 I have several of this product and sincerely wish you would reinstate earlier patterns, like a grey tie dye among others 
- Mrs. Carolyn M Davidson
 Easy to find the correct product and size. Fast shipping and delivery. Accurate fit and quality. The only website that had several different colors and gave me a coupon and free shipping. Also, received an email from the company offering assistance at anytime. Highly recommend this company! 
- Sarah E Brock
 Lymphedema products happy with products 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Excellent compression garment & getting g in colors is a special bonus. I am asked often where colors are available. 
- Martha Gardner
 Recvd sleeve .. good to go 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 I have referred this product to a friend and she bought 2 dream sleeves . The size chart is easy to use and mine fits perfectly. 
- Denise V Johnson
 The exact sleeve prescribed for me. The only online store that I have used that gets the order right! These are expensive, but something I cannot live without. So I wait for sales which I get email updates about. Thank you for what you do! 
- Donna Hollandsworth
 I own seven Juzo compression sleeves and gauntlet sets. Love the color choices available. We might have to wear compression sleeves and gauntlets but we don't have to look dowdy. I use the different colored sleeves to add some bling to my wardrobe. Would highly recommend. 
- Mary M Barlow
 The exact sleeve prescribed for me. The only online store that I have used that gets the order right! These are expensive, but something I cannot live without. So I wait for sales which I get email updates about. Thank you for what you do! 
- Donna Hollandsworth
 Excellent quality product 
- Susie L Dendauw
 Love the bright colors. I appreciate the new smaller 'dots' of silicon. Still looking for a true red sleeve. The Fierce color is a bright pink. 
- Alice C Smith
 Love my new sleeve. The Amethyst tie dye is beautiful. 
- Alice C Smith
 I have several colors of these sleeves and they are comfortable. The quality is great. Since 2015 
- Annette J Tidwell
 It fits well and is easy to wear. 
- Carol M Akre
 Very soft and comfortable. I love the tie dye! 
- Amy Becher
 For me is the best sleeve I have ever used! Thank you and I love the colors. 
- Ana Gonzalez
 Excellent products 
- Mrs. Joanne A. Anderson
 Easy ordering. Excellent customer service. Great compression sleeve! 
- Anna C Montgomerie
 You'll love this sleeve to wear for 8 hours a day. Feels like a second skin for comfort. 
- Bernadette Lewis
 I have to wear these every day and they do the work they are supposed to do and they cost less then when I bought them here in town. By buying online I can afford to purchase as many as I need. 
- Annette J Tidwell
 Finally a color that is closer to flesh color and not so obvious. Soft and not as hot as some I've used. 
- Judith Link
 Very soft,and light good for the summer months. It is very comfortable and of course, does the compression job. The color is great and funky... 
- Myra Morse
 Love them 
- Kimberly F Arnhold
 Great sleeve great service 
- Kimberly F Arnhold Arnhold
 Perfect fit and great quality 
- Kimberly F Arnhold
 Always great ordering from y'all 
- Kimberly Arnhold
 Love Juzo through Lymphdema products 
- Kimberly F Arnhold Arnhold
 Love the juzo dream sleeve 
- Kimberly Arnhold
 Great product, good pricing, friendly service. Just wish they would file with insurance 
- Kimberly F Arnhold Arnhold
 Love it, perfect 
- Kimberly Arnhold
 excellent service quick mailing 
- Kimberly Arnhold
 Comfortable quality. Excellent product. 
- Larry A Kasper
 My lymphedema therapist measured my arm and recommended the type and size. I have been pleased with the fit and have purchased a couple more. 
- Linda M Mccoy
 Soft, comfortable, and doesn't slide down. I only wear it for air travel, so it is not something that I am used to wearing. Nevertheless, it was so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing it after a few minutes. 
- Betsy Wack
 It fits and feels great. 
- Roselyn Bethune
 Perfect fit and it stays in place 
- Betty Nokes
 This compression sleeve was recommended to me and I am so pleased! It is so soft and supportive. 
- Beverly Shull
- Dr Brenda G Ownbey
 Loved the tie the sleeve some character other than plain colors 
- Janelle Knight
 This is my first so nothing to compare it to. It is quite comfortable and easy to put on. I also love the choice of Colorado. 
- Bonnie Frank
 Very pleased with the product and the variety of colors and sizes. 
- Bonita D Cicchino
 Easy to put on and take off. Comfortable to wear. 
- Ms Brenda Reed
 I love the softness. 
- Cheryl A Roy
 I wear a lymphedema sleeve daily and have purchased 8 Juzo sleeves so far, enjoying the different colors available. Juzo makes an excellent sleeve, which I find comfortable, and with its silicone band, it stays up on my arm no mater how active I am. I tried another brand and was disappointed, so I'm going to stick with Juzo. 
- Mary D Maher
 Will definitely purchasing more sleeves. 
- Charlene Copper-pierce
 Pretty color, stays up great on my arm - neutral enough that I can wear it with any of my clothing. I bought the gauntlet as well. It took a few weeks after I ordered it to arrive at my house, but it had to be dyed and that was probably the reason. It is so nice to have a color rather than tan - I like colorful clothing! 
- Mrs Cheryl Rogers
 I love Juzo soft sleeves them are so comfortable. 
- Cheryl A Keosky
 Great product I love Juzo so comfortable soft! 
- Cheryl Keosky
 Love these sleeves. Soft, comfy and easy to put on. 
- Cynthia Miller
 Excellent product and excellent service!! 
- Kathy Bolling
 So comfortable and it makes a wonderful fun fashion statement. It was my way of owning my cancer. 
- Margot Andersen
 Very lightweight and comfortable, much cooler for summer 
- Barbara Varnell
 Misplaced my sleeve from therapy and need another, glad I found this site. My sleeve fits perfectly, will be ordering another soon. 
- Crystal White
 My first experience with a softsleeve and am more than pleased with it. Quality and the weave of knit is so soft. Hugs the arm smoothly and feels secure. No slipping or bunching. Just ordered the gauntlet and hope the color matches the sleeve. Natural color tone is just right ..does not interfere with clothing style/color - complete neutral tone. Thanks! 
- Mrs Daphne Ely
 The material is VERY soft and even though it is a compression sleeve, it is extremely comfortable. I did previously have a different brand that was not nearly as comfortable as this DreamSleeve. I am surely a true customer from now on with Juzo!. Washes well, dries qucikly, especially if you roll it in a towel first to absorb the water from washing. 
- Mrs Daphne Ely
 Great fit ! I've tried other brands but only JUXO works for me ! 
- Patricia I Miller
 Have use them for years. well satisfied. 
- Deanna Gillette
 Loved the sleeve but had to return it for a new one because it was too big!!!! 
- Mrs Deborah L Whitman
 I purchased 2 they are both very comfortable. 
- Ms. Delores M Scott Female
 Sleeve is very soft and does not slide. Measure before you order and the fit is great! 
- Diana M Erhart Erhart
 Softer and more comfortable that other compression sleeves 
- Mrs Katherine R Perkins
 Great item and fast delivery 
- Richard Smith
 I've bought this product several times over the years. Works well and holds up well. I will continue to use this product. And I will continue to purchase from Lymphedema Products. Great service and reasonable prices. 
- Dianne Mathess
 I have been using this product for several years. I find that it maintains it compression ability for the recommended time period and doesn't pill as much as another sleeve I've used in the past. 
- Dianne Mathess
 I have been using the Juzo Soft DreamSleeve for 6 years and it works great for me. The sleeve is soft and doesn't pill after washing. I will continue using this product. 
- Dianne Mathess
 Material is really soft! Plus I love the tie dyed colors!! Who wants blah? 
- Mrs Diana Lege
 They fit!! and they are comfortable. 
- Kenneth Copley
 Perfect size and sturdy. I ordered my length long but should have done regular, other than that great garment 
- Dona L Randall
 I have been wearing Juzo sleeves for years. This is by far the most comfortable one and works well. 
- Diane M Sandage
 I love this sleeve. It is comfortable and helps reduce my swelling. 
- Diana Snow
 Absolutely love my new sleeve! Very comfortable and it looks great! 
- Mrs Karin Enyeart
 Awesome product 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Awesome product 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Most awesome 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Awesome product 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Soft and effective and doesn't catch on my long sleeve tops or sweaters. I like the color choices and now have 4 that coordinate with my clothes. Will buy more. 
- Ms Deborah W Fullbright
 Great quality and fast shipping! 
- Elizabeth Baldo-downs
 Juzo: Soft DreamSleeve, this is my favorite brand of sleeve. They are more breathable and they are not scratchy. Also, the band at the top has better grip to stay in place. 
- Edward Spangler
 Super soft!! 
- Donald R Hayes
 Great to have another color besides tan! 
- Andree Kinnee
 Very soft fabric with no seams. Very nice fit. 
- Ms. Karen G. Fishser
 I love the available sizing in this sleeve. The max option doesn't bind above/at my elbow like others do. This one is both comfortable and super soft. I plan to buy other colors in the near future. The only drawback for me is that it doesn't come in "tattoo" patterns. 
- Susan E Gesch
 Love the softness of the sleeve 
- Rebekah M Fox
 I'm very pleased with my sleeve. It is soft, easy to put on and looks greT. 
- Frances J Elphingstone
 fits great 
- Mrs Joann G Gaddis Gaddis
 Very good sleeve. Soft, comfortable and easy to wear. Sizing chart is very accurate. Like it so much, I ordered two more! 
- Gayle Mishler
 It was a good compression and fit. The chart you have for measurement was very helpful. 
- Lesa Crowe
 is as described 
- Geraldine Zelinsky
 Fits really well and stays up! The color is a pretty lavender. Highly recommend 
- Gina E Kirschbaum
 Dream sleeves are so very soft and comfy. If you've got to wear compression, these are the ones to get! 
- Barbara Ramsey
 Love the way it feels and the choice of colors. Can not 3wait to order more. 
- Stephanie Mungai
 Really pleased with the new sleeve. Love the choice of colors and it feels soft and wonderful.. Can not wait to order another one. Price is very good as well. can you do prints? 
- Stephanie Mungai
 Nice fabric, very comfortable. Laundry's nice. 
- Marie F Gough
 Provides compression as advertised 
- Holli Grage
 The sleeve feel good on my arm very comfortable. 
- Mrs Helen Dibernardo
 Great product - I have tried other brands and this is the best for me - the fabric and the little "sticky dots" at the top. The website provides great measurement tools to insure the right fit. 
- Honali Austin
 Very good product. 
- Janet C Smith Smith
 Excellent service and product. 
- Mrs Jean R Delisanti
 Thank you. I'm very happy with the results of the compression sleeve. 
- Ms Esther Jewell
 Love this product. Been wearing it for about 7 years! 
- Joyce Foster
 Comfortable and durable. Price is quite a bit lower than what I would pay at the clinic. Happy with this sleeve. 
- Joan Hoffman
 Fits well and is effective. 
- Janet J Whitenack
 Sleeve fits well, really like the colors. 
- Mrs Joyce L Benzing
 Juzo is a great fit and easy to take care of 
- Joanna L. Ortiz-whalen
 It fits perfect and you do not realize you have a sleeve on. Very soft. 
- Ms Marlene Wille
 This sleeve is very comfortable. I get many comments on how nice it looks. 
- Jillene M. Simms
 Very comfortable. Definitely recommend the silicone top to prevent them from sliding down on your arm. 
- Mrs. Tricia H Jester
 Pleased with the color, Espresso. 
- Joyce L Payne
 Perfecto wear, soft and gentle on skin. Fits completely comfortable. 
- Joyce A. Rivera
 Very good sleeve, so soft and easy to put on. I love the way it feels on my skin. Love it, stays in place all day. 
- Joyce Rivera
 Long lasting product. Easy fit. Reasonable price. Comfortable. 
- Karen I Affa
 Some additional colors would be nice. I use the style that goes from the wrist to the top of the arm. Only finding Black and Tan. 
- Kathy Crest
 I love the colors and the fit is great. I am completely happy with your products. 
- Kathleen H Crews
 Wonderful sleeves. Comfortable and easy to get on and off. I live in Florida and find them to be OK even in the heat. I've had fun with the variety of patterns offered and keep my eye out for new ones. A great addition to my wardrobe. 
- Catherine A Kitto
 The sleeves are very comfortable and attractive. 
- Katie A Eanes
 Comfortable and easy to clean. 
- Patricia A Burt
 I love this product but there was confusion In the ordering. When I checked tye die I expected an all color tye die (1960's) but found out that you have to pick two colors. Who knew? 
- Ms Linda K Fisher
 I've tried a few other compression sleeves, but this brand is best for me. I love how I am able to get pretty colors and tie-dyes. Thank you! 
- Ms Lisa B Rosenthal
 Since I had previously ordered a Juzo sleeve through a different source, I knew exactly what to get - only tie dye! I smiled the second I saw my amethyst on black tie dye lymphedema sleeve. If I have to wear it, at least let it lift me up, so to speak. 
- Ms Lisa B Rosenthal
 I am very pleased with this product, it is very well made , and I love the way it stays in place. 
- Mrs Victoria B Smiley Smiley
 Juzo is the best in quality and fit. My first sleeve was Juzo and I still have it, in good condition, 8 years later. I only wish they had more designs. 
- Liz Kinley
 Very comfortable, silicone dots holds in place on upper arm. Since I have to have a sleeve "this is the one I recommend ". 
- Mrs Loretta J Watson
 This is my second Juzo arm sleeve and I love it! It is very comfortable and the color Wistera is a hit! I get complaints on how pretty the color is when I'm out. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves the color purple! 
- Mrs. Leslie L Kaye
 It fits well and seems to be doing what it shcould. 
- Ms. Lavonne Schackmann Schackmann
 These compression sleeves are very comfortable no matter the weather. It seems to cool in the summer and warm in the winter!!! 
- Louann Bombet
 Although it took awhile for my sleeves to arrive, they look good and feel great! 
- Carol Shearer
 These I did get . Thanks 
- Mary Harvey
 Great product, very helpful. Pleased with the Juzo compression sleeve. 
- Ms Margaret A. Salvatierra-earl
 Love my new sleeve! 
- Martha Collins
 Love that it stays in sliding. The patterns are great. 
- Patricia Mayfield
 The Juzo DreamSleeve works just like the doctor said it would. It is easy to put on every morning and stays in place all day. We will be ordering another one soon. 
- Ed J Eden
- Merry L Harsh
 Love dream sleeves. They are so comfortable & easy to care for, too. And they come in COLORS!!!! 
- Ms Merry L Harsh
 Love these dreamsleeves. They are comfortable, easy to put on and easy to care to see more colors even! 
- Merry L Harsh
 Love the Juzo DreamSleeve. It is comfortable, easy to put on and it comes in COLORS!!!! Will want to order more soon. 
- Merry L Harsh
 First bought an orchid one. Love it so much had to by another. Got a chestnut one. Love the choice of colors. Probably have to buy more now. And it is so comfortable and easy to put on, wear it a lot more often. 
- Merry L Harsh
 It fits better and is easier to put on than the one the dr. ordered. Love the color, orchid. Love that their is choice of colors. Just ordered a chestnut one. 
- Merry L Harsh
 Love to match sleeves with coordinating blouses, tees, etc. 
- Martha Gardner
 This is the most comfortable brand of compression garments I have worn. I love them! 
- Mimi J Mccormick
 Love it.Will purchase another in a different color. 
- Abbie Lewis Lewis
 I've purchased it several times. 
- Myra Jean Prelle
 Love the color and the feel. 
- Marilyn Larke
 Very happy with the lightweight compression. I've been using it at the gym for extra support and my arm feels much better. 
- Maureen Mcgonigle
 I have always used Juzo. I have had no problems. 
- Mary J Negley
 All around excellent compression sleeve. The multiple sizing options almost make this sleeve a custom fit. And the silicone upper arm band is an excellent addition to this sleeve. 
- Judie A Warner
 I am totally sold on this compression sleeve. Comfortable, excellent silicone upper band, and a great variety of colors and designs. Also appreciate the ease of ordering and customer service. 
- Ms Judie A Warner
 This compression sleeve is the best, most comfortable sleeve I've ever worn. The silicone border is fantastic and allowed me to stop using body adhesive to keep it from slipping or rolling down. Excellent quality and I'll continue to wear this. 
- Ms Judie A Warner
 I really do like the Juzo line. The sleeve at shoulder stays where it is needed. Doesn't slip down during wearing. I did look for my last measurements from first order. Unfortunately my recent order is probably one size smaller, does cause swelling and blues my hand. Tried stretching a bit but really does hold its sizing. But since lymphedema sleeve is my future I will continue to use the Juzo line. 
- Kathryn A Hine
 I love the quality of this sleeve. Other sleeves I have purchased either fall apart or roll down my upper arm. The Juzo Dream Sleeve is extremely comfortable and stays put. 
- Christine Morelli
 I have it on as I fly for Christmas. It is so comfortable that I absolutely don't even think of it until I get an e-mail from Lymphedemaproducts reminding me. It is easily picked and develops holes, but if that doesn't bother you, it is my favorite.....very soft. PS I only wear black. 
- Ms Marsha H. Moses
 I have gotten 3 sleeves , waiting for One more... They are great! 
- Sandra Bocko
 Very excellent sleeves. Size fits good and easy to put on and off. Very good material for compression. 
- Carol Ware
 I really like it and its comfortable 
- Mrs Nancy L. Rohleder
 This company has always been great to work with. My last purchase was a bit different. On the color chart, ‚ÄúPeacock‚Äù looked like navy blue, which was what I wanted. I called and talked to a young man who said it looked like navy blue to him. When my sleeve/gauntlet set arrived, it is bright turquoise! It's not what I had in mind, but I'll keep it. 
- Nina J Langley
 Juzo compression sleeves and gauntlets are my favorite. 
- Nina J Langley
 The Juzo products never disappoint. They keep my arm swelling under control and they are attractive. 
- Nina J Langley
 The Juzo sleeves and gauntlets are the best fit for me. The company, Lymphedema, is great to work with. The colors and pattern selections are super! 
- Nina J Langley
 Great Company! Good selection and easy to order. 
- Nina J Langley
 I am enjoying this sleeve. It is comfortable to wear and love that I can have a choice in colors. I have just ordered another color and plan on ordering others. 
- Jim Notte
 Super soft; very comfortable. Love the color choices! 
- Susan Mccormick
 I phoned my order in and talked to customer service they were very nice and new the answers to every question I had. Will be ordering another sleeve today. 
- Susan Brown
 As advertised! The sleeve came perfectly sized and is really helping with lymphadema in the wrist and hand 
- Mr Larry Petrini
 A nice change from the boring beige. Fits well and is comfortable. 
- Ms Phyllis Fox
 The Soft DreamSleeve gives a very good fit. The fabric is soft and doesn't chaff, like some other compression sleeve materials do, making it comfortable to wear all day. This is my second Soft DreamSleeve. I've tried another Juzo style sleeve, but the DreamSleeve is my favorite. 
- Lea Coleman
 Love them. I order them a lot, but they are finely made and catch easily. Just like a run in pantyhose. Wish they lasted longer. But lymphedema products is the best to order from and the prices are right. 
- Susan Searcy
 Very soft and comfortable 
- Mrs. Patsy D Allred
 I love the feel of Juzo Soft Dream Sleeves and colors are fantastic. Shipping took over a month to arrive, but that was unusual. I have ordered several times in the past without incident. 
- Nadine Ramage
 Great product, perfect color. 
- Nadine Ramage
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Best and got quick thanks bunches 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Like color and happy with service 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Thankful for ur service 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 This experience good fast delivery 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Happy with product and price and coupons thanks 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 I've really like all products I've received to date 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Great price, expedited speedy thru mail and great quality ! 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Very comfortable 
- Rosemarie E Lahaise
 Very comfortable and had good compression. 
- C Rene Fairlie
 It's great. 
- Barbara A Revels
 Excellent product. Purchased for my 80 yr old Mom. She has no problem getting the sleeve on by herself. 
- Rhonda Patterson
 Purchased for my Mom. She says it's comfy, light and seems to breathe. Good enough for me. 
- Rhonda Patterson Patterson
 Exactly what I needed. 
- Sara Loken
 Great product 
- Risa Pleasant Pleasant
 I love these sleeves. I ordered 2. Pink and black. They are so soft and fit really great. 
- Rosemary Wolfram
 Loved the dark purple color and the compression seems as good as my regular sleeves. Fun fashion choice. 
- Robin Bayne
 It is long enough for my arm! Doesn't bind at my elbow as much. Love the top band it's wide,it stays up. Washes nicely too. 
- Rena Lute
 great fit. love the orchid color! 
- Sharon Dubois
 Fits great. I love the color (orchid). Comfortable. 
- Sharon Dubois
 Love my sleeves‚Ķ.so comfortable and the colors are amazing 
- Temecha Williams
 I love my sleeves‚Ķthe colors are amazing in person! Will definitely be ordering more! Bb 
- Temecha Williams
 Great sleeves! 
- Sally P Carter Ms
 This is all I would wear. Love the quality and texture of this particular sleeve 
- Ms Lind S Hite
 Very nice sleeve. Good compression 
- Shirley Blanton
 All the Juzo sleeves I have purchased are great! 
- Mrs Susan D Buckner
 These Juzo DreamSleeve's fit very well. And I love the colors. I am a teller at a credit union and I have told many of my members about your website!! 
- Mrs Susan D Buckner
 Great product 
- Susan Cooper
 Absolutely love it. Fits better than my sleeve the hospital ordered. I would def. order again. And love the color 
- Susan Edgar
 Perfect fit! 
- Sande Causey
 Juzo is the best for compression sleeves. They are soft and fit perfectly with no roll up at the cuff . 
- Shellie R Bellinger
 Very comfortable. 
- Laura G Shumway
 This is comfortable and the patterns let me have a little fun with it. Thanks for helping add some bright spots to my day. 
- Laura G Shumway
 Love it.....the color and sooo soft! 
- Sandra R Jones
 Love it so soft and fits great 
- Laurie Rifenbury
 A great variety 
- Susan Valzovano
 I just started wearing the sleeve I got the multi color I love it, I am going to order more for a variety of colors. 
- Sally Occhialini
 The sleeve made my arm feel better. 
- Betty Von Kohn
 I love the "dream sleeves" 
- Jan Tice
 Weary to put on and take off. Comfortable to wear and stays in place well. 
- Ms Sandra L Trumbower
 This is the softest, lightest sleeve I have owned in almost two years of wearing them. The light blue color goes well with the jeans I often wear. I am usually very pleased with the service but this time, it took over two weeks for the product to reach me. Last year I would completely understand, but I'm sad to think this is the new "normal". 
- Susan D. Campbell Campbell
 I have made several purchases of these sleeves in assorted colors and find them soft and comfortable to wear; a good fit. 
- Sylvia Terry
 I really like the compression sleeve 
- Tammie Bailey
 I love the Juzo Soft Dream Sleeve! Fits good and is really soft and comfortable! 
- Tammie Bailey
 Fits perfectly 
- Joan Hart Hart
 I really like this sleeve. It fits nice and snug, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. The top stays in place all day long. I just wish they had more designs or colors. 
- Ms. Tona D Brown
 Awesome service and very comfortable compression sleeve 
- Tracie A Duncan
 Love these. They don't bunch up at the elbow and the silicone at the top actually grips to prevent sliding down. Very comfortable. 
- Mrs. Tricia H Jester
 Love the sleeve. Very comfortable! Thank you for caring about this population and making great products. 
- Terri Wransky
 this is the sleeve I choose. its comfortable, color is pretty, weave very nice. 
- Sally J Lynam
 very comfortable and like the color. like the weave of the material. 
- Sally J Lynam
 Very good quality, fit was perfect. 
- Vickie Whitsell
 Very comfortable and wears well. 
- Susan G Carawan
 I love it. It fits perfect and the material is soft and comfortable while still doing it's job!! 
- George And Valerie J Owens Owens
 Very soft & comfortable 
- Valie M Jones
 very comfortable to wear. 
- Vicky White White
 Liked product and it met my expectations. However I ordered wrong compression. 
- Mrs Shirley L Dorn
 Very comfortable and stylist, wished that I had also purchased the hand glove. Works very well and has great compression. 
- Wilhelmenia D Delk
 I love how soft and breathable the fabric is! Easy to put on and feels great. I love the hot pink color. I recommend this brand to my patients now and can wear mine as an example for them to feel the fabric for themselves. 
- Mrs Winter C Triplett
 This is an excellent product. The fabric is unbelievable...very stretchy yet cool and comfortable. 
- Gayle Wix
 Very pleased with my sleeve 
- Gayetta B Wysor
 Great product very comfortable 
- Wendy Nelson
 Use these daily, so alternate 3 and hand wash and hang dry. Just bought 2 other colors for some variety. Would be nice for a couple other colors. They are soft and comfortable, so easy to wear. 
- Wynetta Sue S Moser
 Perfect fit and does the job beautifully. 
- Mrs. Carolyn Hargis
 Excellent sleeves Prompt delivery Variety of colors to select from 
- Ms Carol A Tufo
 Tight color and I really like the type of silicone band at top .. (flat) Speedy shipped 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 I love it. The material is soft . This design is so cool 
- Misty Bergeron
 I am using your product since 2014 and like the quality and designs, they coordinate with a variety of clothing, provide comfort and greatly help with my treatment for lymphedema. 
- Mrs. Carolyn M Davidson
 Fits well. is well made. 
- Beverly A King
 My wife loves it, when the time comes we will order again. 
- Richard Smith
 Great item and really fast delivery. Will order from again. 
- Larry Lame
 It's a great sleeve 
- Lisa A Hudgens
 Love it. 
- Lisa A Hudgens
 I love Juzo products. They are comfortable and durable. 
- Cindy G. Zdunkewicz Mrs.
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