Lymphedema Products: One-stop Destination For Compression Socks & Sleeves

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Lymphedema Products: One-stop Destination For Compression Socks & Sleeves

The swelling and discomfort caused by lymphedema can become bothersome and get in the way of performing your daily activities. To manage the problem, your doctor may recommend that you wear medical-grade compression products, such as a compression arm sleeve and compression socks.

As their name suggests, compression sleeves and medical grade compression socks apply pressure to your arm, trunk, hand, feet, ankles, and legs to encourage lymphatic fluids to move to the right direction. That way, the fluids won’t accumulate too much and cause swelling. Some of your lymphatic vessels are found right under the skin’s surface, so compression garments may be able to play an important role in the overall treatment plan for lymphedema.

High-quality compression socks and sleeves are made of flexible fabrics. A compression arm sleeve is typically designed to be tighter at the bottom to establish gradient pressure, which keeps lymphatic fluids moving from your arm. At Lymphedema Products, you can find a wide array of compression sleeves and other related products made from a variety of other stiff or soft fabrics, such as wool and latex.

Determining the best medical-grade compression products for you

Lymphedema Products is your one-stop shop for high-quality medical grade compression garments. No matter what your doctor prescribes you to wear, you should be able to find what you need in their online store. Otherwise, you could have custom compression garments made.

Custom sized garment orders are accepted for all brands such as Farrow Medical, BiaCare, JoViPak, Medi, Juzo, Solaris, ReidSleeve, and Sigvaris. Simply get in touch with them to get started. Should you need anything adjusted after you receive your medical grade compression socks, for instance, they can have the product remade or altered at no cost to you.

Despite the vast selection of compression socks and sleeves available online, how do you know which one is best for you? Only your physician can tell, so be sure to consult with them for advice. Usually, a compression arm sleeve is required for initial treatment of stage 0 or stage 1 (mild) lymphedema.

Complete decongestive therapy (CDT) may be recommended as a treatment program for stages 2 and 3 lymphedema to decongest limbs. After treatment, a compression sleeve will be recommended to maintain the results. Lymphedema therapists can also determine how often and how long you should wear compression garments. It may depend on factors such as your daily activities, hobbies, or sports, as well as your overall health condition and age. In some cases, you may be recommended to wear medical grade compression socks or a sleeve at night to prevent fluid buildup while you sleep.

Getting the right products

Compression Socks & Sleeves

It is important to get compression garments only from reputable sources like your lymphedema therapist or physician, or from an established and respectable company that specializes in them, like Lymphedema Products.

Consider medical grade compression garments from reputable brands like Juzo, BSN Jobst, Medi, Solidea, and Sigvaris. Lymphedema Products carries medical grade compression socks and sleeves from those brands, so you should be able to find exactly what you need in their store.

There are many different types of compression socks and sleeves you can consider for your daily lifestyle. For instance, BSN Jobst offers a wide array of compression socks for men and women for any activity or purpose. You might also find socks from Juzo that can go with your daily outfits.

Consider getting measured or fitted by your lymphedema therapist or doctor for compression garments. Keep in mind that a poorly fitting compression arm sleeve can worsen lymphedema when too little or too much pressure is applied on your limb.

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