Understanding the Different Types of Arm Compression Garments

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Manufacturers have engineered different types of arm compression garments to address lymphedema of varying degrees, which may affect different areas of the arm(s). Lymphedema of the arm strikes women most often due to treatments for breast cancer. But men can also develop lymphedema for various reasons, so there’s a separate category of sleeves specifically designed to appeal to men.

Compression gloves and gauntlets round out this category, for patients who require more comprehensive compression therapy. Among other options, patients can choose to go big with splashy designs and colors or keep things more subtle, choosing neutral, unobtrusive garments. With this many options, you’re all but guaranteed to find a sleeve and/or gauntlet combo to suit your needs and personal style.

Upper Arm to Wrist

At Lymphedema Products, we offer a wide range of compression sleeves, from a broad array of manufacturers. Examples include products from BSN Jobst, Juzo, Medi Harmony, Sigvaris, Solaris, and LympheDIVAs.

LympheDUDEs Arm Sleeve

Products run the gamut from simple white, tan, dark brown, or black to fanciful colors and patterns to suit any occasion. The LympheDIVAs and LympheDUDEs lines, as well as the Soft Print series from Juzo, feature choices that are especially colorful, fanciful and fun. These items mimic elaborate, colorful tattoos and other artworks, allowing the wearer to manage their condition while also making a bold fashion statement. 

Upper Arm to Hand

Several manufacturers, including LympheDUDEs, Medi, LympheDIVAs, and BSN Jobst, offer elongated sleeves that incorporate a partial glove (gauntlet), for added compression in the wrist area. Some people, even without hand lymphedema, prefer the comfort of a sleeve/gauntlet combo. Some options also feature a built-in glove/sleeve combination, for more comprehensive hand/arm graduated compression sleeve. These items often feature open fingertips for convenience while performing everyday activities, such as interacting with your smartphone. 

LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet

Around the Back, Dual Arm

Respected manufacturer Solidea offers bilateral and unilateral arm sleeves. These items feature two sleeves connected across the back at the shoulders (with Solidea’s “signature soft, seamless dorsal support band”). Featuring wave-knit “active massage” compression, these items are made with silver-infused yarn for odor and microbial growth suppression, so items stay fresher longer with daily wear.

Solidea Around the Back and Dual Arm Top
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    1. Lymphedema Products does not make the garments. If you are looking for something like that I would suggest calling them. They are extremely helpful and can get you what you need. I know Juzo makes an arm sleeve with a shoulder strap. They can help you find what you need and even get you a custom garment if all else fails. Good Luck!

  1. Hello, I have so much problem finding the right size to fit my left arm. I’m not a big person. I’m 5.5 tall and weight 148 lbs .
    When I wear the sleeve , my hand swells up
    So bad, it looks like a small balloon. If I wear the gauntlet only, my arm swells up. If I wear both at the same time, I don’t see any results.
    I talked to my Doctor’s about it but no one can give me answer. What can I do to resolve this issue.

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