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Juzo Soft Print Series


Juzo Soft Print Series by Juzo
The Juzo Soft Print Series Arm Sleeve is a premium compression arm sleeve that let's you move freely while making a statement. It features an extremely soft and elastic knit that offers unsurpassed style and comfort. Juzo Soft Print Series Arm Sleeves come in a wide assortment of patterns and sizes and are a perfect match to the Juzo Soft Print Series Gauntlet. Finally, all that compresses is not just beige!

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.

Please Note: Print Series patterns are made to order and will ship within 3-10 business days.
Available Patterns and Colors
Click on a pattern or color for more detail.
This product has 315 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000PS-CG
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001PS-CG
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002PS-CG
 Beautiful! A little long for shipping, but under the circumstances, completely understandable! 
- Mrs Lucinda J Smith
 Love all the new designs , hard to pick which is favorite.. Makes me feel totally in fashion...... worth buying them. Fit I ordered is perfect for me. And wonderful… 
- Nancy C Karlson
 Size runs true Great colors 
- Ann C Decelles
 This product is excellent as it provides good support , comfort AND has some lovely colors and prints to choose from. I do wish there were more colors available. I find them to fit better than the lymphdivas sleeves --- which had great designs but were not comfortable and did not wear as well. 
- Ms Ruth Martin
 I love them! Instead of a sidelong look I'm getting smiles and comments. One person asked if she had to have lymphedema to get a pair! I'll be getting a pair every chance I can. I'll probably get some that are just solid colors also. They will just look like I'm layering my tops. 
- Beata Allen
 I love my new sleeve with the beautiful design on it. It is made well. I have been wearing JUZO products for over a year and a half. 
- Susan Stouber
 Excellent fit. I wear on both arms. Have tried other bands unsuccessfully. Juno soft seamless print series is most comfortable for me and easier to apply. Also less rash reactions related to some other health issue I have.. My skin is highly sensitive Fewer sweaty skin reactions and I'm not a Paid sponsor. 
- Melinda K Ware
 I love my sleeves...get compliments all the time ! They help control my 
- Patricia I Miller
 Beautiful tattoo look designs. Everyone thinks I have a tattoo. Nice product seems a little small.I should have ordered a size II instead of a size I. 
- Sherry Papaleo
 Fits comfortably. Easy to remove during mealtime. 
- Riana L Ellis
 LOVE the Juzo sleeves with prints. Your competition, however has a bigger variety, but they don't stay up. PLEASE add more designs to your wonderful product. 
- Frances Lukaszewski
 I love the prints on the arm sleeve and hand gauntlet. I own 2 prints and 2 beige. They are all comfortable and easy care. Thank you Juzo for making great products. 
- Cheryl Lee
 I like the new silicone arm band style - smaller dots, more comfortable, stays put. 
- Bonnie G. Rowell Rowell
 I have only been wearing sleeve since Aug & Juzo is only brand I have purchased (4 times 
- Mrs Nora M Rudisille
 LoveJuzo soft prints...makes lymphedema easier to deal with. 
- Carol L Oppenheimer
 HEAVEN! My arm was so swollen and sore- a friend suggested the compression sleeve and with days my arm felt so much better! 
- Debbie Van Tassel L
 It takes a long time to receive my sleeves, but they fit well and are a must for me so am pleased with the Juzo Soft Print sleeves. 
- Shirley E Newingham
 Really like this pattern - have gotten several positive comments when wearing it. Fits well. 
- Shirley E Newingham
 love it 
- Alice Higginbotham
 Love these bright and colorful sleeves from Juzo. Look great at the gym doing Zumba! 
- Margaret Altizer
 This product is really wonderful and the different colors and designs are an eye catcher. 
- Miss Amanda J Burns
 Both sleeves seemed a bit tighter at the wrists than when I have ordered before -- is there a way to adjust this when I order? Lots of compliments on my sleeves! 
- Mrs. Ellen Erickson
 My favorite. 
- Marybeth Walden
 Love it 
- Kimberly Arnhold
 Love the prints for my wife. Wish there were more options. 
- Larry A Kasper
 Love the softness of this sleeve. Will order more as I am able 
- Beverly Swierczek
 The sleeve is soft and stays up nicely. The top doesn't roll, which is wonderful. I love the print I chose, also, and have gotten lots of favorable comments on it. My only negative is that the last one I bought only lasted 4 months before it wore out. I wish it would have lasted a full 6 months. But other than that, I love it. (And that didn't keep me from buying another one!) 
- Mrs. Barbie C Wright
 I love my new sleeve! It is very soft and comfortable, so much so that I hardly know that I have it on! And I love all the print choices -- had a lot of trouble choosing! 
- Mrs. Barbie C Wright
 This sleeve is by far the best of all I've got before. From now on this is the only kind I will ever buy. The silicone band is a pleasure. Love it. 
- Belle Shawn
 Great fit. Comfortable. Fits well. I have rather short arms and these were not too long. I ordered the Regular, Max Size. The print was beautiful. I am enjoying it and have received many compliments. 
- Billie Hood
 The fit is great. Love the pattern 
- Mrs Brenda K Phelps
 The fit is great 
- Mrs Brenda K Phelps
 You can see by the online catalog that the sleeves are attractive. But the biggest plus are the way they fit. It's not a one size fits all. There are various sizes to pick from. 
- Paul Bozzo
 Does a great job and I like the print, looks like a tattoo! 
- Bonnie G Hofford
 I really like it. I think the silicone grippers at the top of the arm are a bit more gentle than my old sleeve. (My old sleeve was purchased several years ago.) 
- Barbara B Patterson
 My doctor recently prescribed a sleeve for my early stage lymphedema. The prosthetics place sent me a serviceable beige sleeve that works but isn't skin colored and will be hot in So cal summers. With measurements in hand, I ordered a juno sleeve and it feels so much better! Soft, pretty, and it stays up. The top silicon band works nicely. One might lead to three more! ( I asked for another prescription for 3 so I can get reimbursement from insurance or my medical savings account). I only wish it came with a companion sleeve without compression so I could be symmetrical! 
- Elizabeth Wright
 It's lovely, fits snuggly and stays in place. I love it. 
- Patricia Boggess Boggess
 Wonderful!!! I love it!!!! 
- Carrie M Patterson
 At 74 everyone is surprised that I had my arm tattooed. It's fun to wear and comfortable. 
- Mrs. Catherine E Majewski
 I absolutely love Juzo sleeves for comfort and fit. I've had so many people surprised when they take a second look and realize it's not a tattoo. They look very realistic. If I have to wear these the rest of my life I'm going to embrace it and have fun with it. 
- Cathy L Warren
 I've ordered several of these and have never been disappointed! So many people have complemented me on my tats only to be surprised when I show them it's a compression sleeve. 
- Cathy L Warren
 I love these printed Juzo sleeves. If I have to where a sleeve every day, I'm going to embrace it and have fun with it. 
- Cathy L Warren
 Love this sleeve! Very soft and comfortable to wear. I got the Koi tattoo and the colors are vibrant and look at the a real tattoo. 
- Cathy L Warren
 The arm compression sleeve is helping my Mom nicely. I thought we ordered the glove to go with it but never received it. The Customer Service team was very helpful and gave great service. 
- Adrian V Brey
 It fits well and although there are less beads at the top than my other juzo products, it is enough to keep the sleeve up all day long. Comfortable and of course very pretty! 
- Caryl B Hoffman
 Very happy with the fabric, design and control of the top of the garment. 
- Caryl B Hoffman
 I love it. I have already recommended you to a couple of friends. 
- Tina C Cardwell
 The Juzo Soft Print sleeve fits like a glove, is easy to put on and looks stylish. A lot of people give me a comment like "You had me fooled for a moment, I thought that was tattoo. " 
- Mrs Christina Hees
 I just loved my sleeve it kept my arm comfortable the entire flight. The fabric is soft, not to thick and the pattern was perfect for me. I will definitely be ordering another one. Thank you Kelly Thomson for helping me get the perfect fit. 
- Christina Vernetti
 Fit and quality are nice 
- Mikki M Clancy Clancy
 Love this product. Quality way better the lymphdiva I was buying. Glad I tried out. Excited to order again 
- Coneise Clark
 Loved it 
- Carrie Connel
 Wonderful and not as hot as my other ones. Can't wait til I can afford another!! I have gotten many complements on it. So much nicer than hearing . oh I am sorry because they look like a medical device. 
- Carrie Connel
 The colors are great and I received so many comments. My friends and grandchildren thought I did get a tattoo. A lot of nice compliments from people I didn't even know. And also washes very good,so I'm going to buy another designed one. 
- Ms. Catherine M Reilly
 Juzo is the most comfortable compression sleeve I have worn and I have had Lymphedema since 1990. Love the new prints, tired of the solid colors, thanks. 
- Carolyn J Short
 The fit is perfect. They're soft and comfortable 
- Mrs. Constance N. Taylor
 The fit is excellent, soft , non irritating. 
- Mrs. Constance N Taylor
 I prefer Juzo Soft over Lymphediva for several reasons. It's just a little longer, it stays up better, and it's softer. 
- Cynthia Driver
 I am always pleased with my sleeves and enjoy the newest designs. Thank you. 
- Patricia I Miller
 Best sleeves ever! 
- Patricia I Miller
 I always love my new sleeves! Lots of compliments come my way and I always refer your product. Juxo sleeves have become a part of my daily life and am always anxious to get more! Thank you for the superior quality and creativity that has been put into these sleeves! 
- Patricia Miller
 I wear Juzo sleeves everyday. They are comfy and attractive as well. I get lots of compliments. They definitely help control my lymphedema ! 
- Patricia Miller
 I love the patterned sleeves; I wear them at work and get lots of cool & comfortable wearing them for long shifts ! 
- Patricia I Miller
 Great fit and stays in place. 
- Deb S Buehner Mrs.
 I love the extra support under the arm. My sleeve stays up where it is needed. The fabric is well made. 
- Mr Rodney Davis
 Good looking. Good compression. 
- Deborah A Hudson
 Love this print. Wish you had te same one with different color flowers. Awesome. 
- Ms Deborah Peters
 Excellent fit, soft material, very comfortable. I get tons of compliments on this! 
- Denine M Zielinski
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 Excellent. Very comfortable 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 I am very pleased. 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 Very comfortable, it was easy to get on and the print is beautiful. 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 These sleeves are so comfortable that I forget they are on unless someone compliments me on my "tattoo". I own several! 
- Diana Sanders-wiseley
 I know it needs to go as high up the arm as possible but it rolls down because it's a bit too long under my arm. 
- Mrs Diana Lege
 So nice to have a "fun" compression sleeve! 
- Debbie Mathews
 Love it. Seems thinner than the black or beige ones I had. Perfect for summer wear! 
- Ms. Diane M Bland
 Was exactly what I wanted!!! 
- Dorothy Callaway
 I have nothing to compare it with since this is my first purchase of compression garments. I do wish it came in length choices. 
- Mrs Shirley A Pohlman
 Most comfortable I have owned 
- Dyan Walter
 Love it. Great product. Quality material, light, comfortable, not sleepery. A Expensive but worth the money. 
- Edyta Wituszynska
 very soft and comfortable 
- Elaine M Gaumond
- Nancy Frost
 I like the variety of prints. They wash and dry nicely. I was told they last about 6 months. 
- Mrs Kathleen Heuertz
 Colorful. Same quality as solid colors. 
- Ms Ellen Spund
 Stay up better than any sleeve I've owned in six years. Love them! 
- Mrs Judith A Etzel
 I find this sleeve is easier to put on and it doesn't get fuss balls. I love it 
- Mrs Evelyn R Fury
 There are several designs to choose from. It is soft and comfortable, and easy to wash. 
- Ms. Karen G. Fishser
 The soft print has made a great conversational piece. 
- Karen Fisher
 I am new to lymphedema since January, 2017. The beige products really turned me off. I found the Juzo arm compression and my spirit was restored. I first got the Electric Wave Pink and for winter I have switched to the Butterfly Psychedelic Purple which is great under black. The product is soft and comfortable and easily washed nightly in cold water to prevent color loss. Definitely a 5 star product. 
- Mrs Janet D Mcdermott
 Just got my Stars & Stripes Juzo gauntlet and sleeve!!!!! Love, love, love!!! 
- Fran Rife
 Love the thinnest of wrap, very strong and very pretty I have the blue. 
- Gilles A Gagnon Gagnon
 Absolutely love this sleeve. Very soft and comfortable. Will be ordering more. The color was also amazing. 
- Mrs Gayle B Priest
 Nice looking, soft and does what it is supposed to do. 
- Glenda Kramer
 I love the Signature Soft Print series, especially this design of "Koi and Flowers Tattoo". Friends have teased me that they "like my tattoo". LOL. The texture of the material feels good on the skin. Previously, I've purchased the same design and sleeve and liked it very much that I bought it again. I had made the mistake of buying the solid color sleeve and I did not like the thick texture, so back to getting the "Signature Soft print" series sleeve. 
- Mrs Melanie H Doran
 The print is so pretty, like a sleeve from a blouse. Wearing a Lymphedema sleeve is a "pain" and not comfortable but when it is something pretty, I am less upset that I must wear it. My only complaint is that it is too pricey to be replaced often, even with discounts, if any. Imagine, if the price is lower and more affordable, people like me with lower incomes would be encouraged to buy more of them. 
- Mrs Melanie H Doran
 Love my new arm sleeve in the Butterfly Henna pattern. Comfortable & stylish 
- Gloria M Pelaez
 Great! I love it! 
- Jeanne Barber
 Great product 
- Meredith Henshaw
 They have great customer service. 
- Judith Gibson
 Love colors fits great 
- Mrs Grace E Martin
 Fun print. Well made. 
- J Warner
 I love my Juzo sleeve! It's so soft and the print is so pretty. I actually get compliments on it. Well made. I just wash it a couple of times a week. 
- Heather A Deane
 Very comfy and soft! Stays put well. Love that I can finally get some interesting prints now for an inexpensive price! Very happy 
- Mrs Heather A Deane
 My occupational therapist measured me and recommended Juzo products. I have been satisfied. But honestly I haven't tried any other brand. I buy the pretty ones, and I have a little collection going. I find them to be very comfortable. I really thought it would be annoying but it isn't at all. However...I have not used a sleeve in summer yet. 
- Heather M Euler
 I think the pattern is pretty, I receive compliments. I also like that the pattern helps ensure the sleeve is adjusted properly, not bunched up or stretched out 
- Heather M Euler
 Love it. I've had many compliments on it . I'm used to wearing the plain skin tone one. 
- Mrs Julia Falleti
 Love the color. The top has a nice wide band that helps it to stay in place and not slide down my arm. 
- Mrs Mervin M Hobby
 Excellent fit and comfortable to wear. Love the fun colors and prints. Shipped very quickly. 
- Teresa L Baker-evans
 Great selection. Want to buy all of them. 
- Carol Huff Ms
 Comfortable and provides the needed support 
- Ida Z Alpert
 Love these decorated sleeves! They are comfortable, wear well, and draw positive rather than negative attention to my arm. I have black over beige and white on beige, not the highly colored. 
- Ida Z Alpert
 Beautiful design and still doing job. 
- Ms Lucy D Alvarez
 Good quality, comfortable and nice pattern. 
- Irina Geier
 Comfortable and pretty 
- Irina Geier
 So expensive. Would like another pair but too expensive. Not sure why 
- Ms Maighread Thomas Thomas
 I prefer Juzo products to any other product. 
- Susan Abbath Abbath
 Have now ordered two sets and love them. I had trouble with another brand not fitting properly, but these are perfect ! They are comfortable, lightweight and just the right amount of compression. The patterns are so much fun. Nice to be able to have something other than nude, white or black. 
- Ms Jacquelin L Weitzel
 Love my new sleeve! 
- Mrs. Jo A Morphew
 This is my second Juzo sleeve. I'm very pleased. It has changed my life for the betterment. I highly recommend a proper fitting for the first time. 
- Stan Cofer
 Very comfortable & attractive 
- Janis A Cornell Cornell
 This is the best compression sleeve I have ever worn does not feel like compression at all it's attractive people notice it they complement me on it they love the different designs available I will definitely be buying more of these in the future 
- Jannette Canaday
 This is my third purchase of this sleeve. I wanted a variety of colors to coordinate with different outfits. The sleeve is well made and stays in place. Other brands had a tendency to slip down. It is comfortable and provides the correct compression. My favorite design is the blue watercolor. 
- Jean B Murray
 Love the design on this soft yet durable sleeve. 
- Janice Gibson
 The Juzo compression sleeves for arms & leg compression are superior to any other product I've used. I love colors & patterns. I wear them proudly. They are superior in compression. They have kept my arms without fluid for over 3 years & now my legs. I educate many fellow breast cancer folks. Jeanie from Nebraska 
- Mrs Jean L. Muehlmeier
 Very nice product, pretty color. 
- Reugena H Davis Davis
 Looks and works great ! 
- Reugena H Davis
 Very comfortable fitting. The print is advertised 
- Mrs Verlene Synovec
 An excellent product. Makes it easier to wear a compression sleeve. 
- Jill B. Heller
 Best compression sleeve ever! Very comfortable and soft, unlike less expensive ones. They are well worth the money. 
- James Hobbs
 I've been wearing compression sleeves for 15 yrs. These are my favorite - especially the print series. 
- Joan M Teel
 I have purchased other companie's printed sleeves but these are by far the best. The top of the sleeve holds up much better than the other companie's sleeve that came unraveled after a period of time 
- Joan M Teel
 This arm sleeve might be my favorite now. It's really attractive but mostly the top of the sleeve is really good and stays up better than others I have ordered from a different distributor. 
- Joan M Teel
 Looks really nice 
- Jeffrey M Smith
 Love it and love the patterns available 
- Janet Forrester
 Extremely comfortable and breathable. Love the design! 
- Julia Dolford
 Excellent product. Fast shipping! Great price! 
- Miss Katherine Beghtel
 love it 
- Kathy A Bryan Bryan
 love the great designs 
- Kathy Bryan
 Love the designs. 
- Kathy Bryan
 I love these sleeves! They are comfortable and colorful. Love em! 
- Ms Kathy M Dudley
 It's so comfortable wearing all day. Also very cute pattern. Highly recommend! 
- Keiko Stumbo
 My sleeve is gorgeous and I am so glad I have found this site. Unable to find anything like this in UK and will be ordering again soon 
- Mrs Kirsty Mckay 3
 Have gotten many compliments on my sleeve! It's lighter weight and easy to put on. I will be ordering again. Thanks for an excellent product. 
- Mrs Margaret J Barath
 This is the second one I ordered of the same pattern. I wore out the previous one! 
- Margaret J Barath
 The fit is perfect and the material is very soft. Easy to don/doff and no wrinkles. 
- Laura Krause
 The design on the sleeve was exactly as shown in the picture. I can't wait until it is warm enough to wear short sleeves. 
- Kathryn Singer
 I use these sleeves everyday. They are excellent. I had tried a different product but it wasn't as well constructed. I have several Juzo sleeves and several Oncology Nurses have asked for your website information. 
- Pamela Gorian
 I've been wearing Juzo compression sleeves for 5 years now, and they fit great and are comfortable. The prints are so pretty - I get compliments on them all the time! Lymphedema Products does a great job at getting these to me, too. 
- Lanie Meissner
 I've been wearing Juzo compression sleeves for 5 years now, and they fit great and are comfortable. Lymphedema Products does a great job at getting these to me. 
- Lanie Meissner
 Very comfortable and easy to get on. Stays in place also. 
- Laurie Hicks
 I like the soft feel of the fabric AND have received cool comments on the henna - like tattoo print! Very nice! 
- E. Lynne Boone
 I bought a printed sleeve and I don't have any tatoos, but the other day, at the local pizza shop, I was complimented on my tatoos. First time that ever happened to me. This is fun. 
- Cynthia L Staples
 I absolutely love my sleeves from your company! They are beautifully creative and feel very comfortable as well. They offer great support when I exercise. 
- Joni Zavitsanos
 great customer service, excellent product! 
- Elizabeth Rutkey
 Perfect fit and look. 
- Linda Glenn
 I love it 
- Linette M Kane
 beautiful colors. Soft, and breathable. 
- Linette M Kane
 Love it, very pretty and does the job 
- Lissia White
 Excellent product and service 
- Lisa M Beatty
 I love the way it looks and feels 
- Mrs. Lori Murphy Murphy
 It's very comfortable and I love the fun design. Only wish I'd bought another one to trade off on! 
- Lotus Boss
 Looked very pretty. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size. 
- Ms Lynn M Lovett Lovett
 These are great. I own two, with matching gauntlets. These are a nice change from plain beige. 
- Sandra W Russell
 This is my 7th sleeve from Juzo and I love every one of them. My arm always feels much better while I am wearing it. I always get compliments on how much the printed ones look like a real tattoo!!! 
- Jessica Cunningham
 Love the prints 
- Leesa J Wingo
 Beautiful colours and great to wear 
- Lynn C Foote
 Love my new sleeve! I feel so comfortable wearing it!! 
- Marcie Clark
 I don't especially like having to wear a compression sleeve, but since I must, my Juzo was an excellent choice. I love all the color and print choices and the sizing is spot on. My other sleeve is also a Juzo and I still use it after 6 months. 
- Ms Macha Buchner-hawkins
 Really like the ‚Äúfun‚Äù with designs. Fit is good. 
- Linda Mcmahan
 Soft comfortable and they are like gorgeous artwork!!! 
- Marilyn J Rexford
 It's nice to be able to wear a colorful sleeve! Juzo soft print sleeves are comfortable and most importantly, they help! They aren't cheap but work for lymphedema and hold up well. 
- Mary Arras
 I have always worn Juzo sleeves and am so glad to see they now come in patterns and a smoother fabric. I had previously ordered three Lymphediva sleeves but they didn't have the silicone at the top and they slipped down. Had a hard time getting one with silicone. Juzo is a lot easier to order from. And I get a kick out of people asking if I was tattooed! 
- Margaret Hutson
 I love the different prints. My fitter recommended these to me as my arm is more slender. 
- Mrs Mary T Davenport
 Excellent softness and beautiful designs. Provide support and comfort at same time. Highly recommend Juzo sleeves. 
- Mary E Maurer
 Amazed! Not amazed, continually amazed at quality and comfort of stylish compression sleeves purchased. Every purchase is great and now family has decided which is their favorite. Thank you 
- Ms Mary E Maurer
 Five star quality products from Lymphadema Products. Sleek and colorful. Stay in place when placing on arm. Recommend products. 
- Ms Mary E Maurer
 Exceptional sleeves for comfort and design. Really help with swelling of arm due to lymph node removal. Would highly recommend. 
- Ms Mary E Maurer
 Pattern is lovely and it fits well... Anticipate ordering another soon 
- Trinia L Walker
 I am pleased with the purchase. 
- Mrs Melanie H Doran
 Love this product! 
- Marlene Ellcessor
 LOVE, LOVE!!! Great product! 
- Marlene Ellcessor
 Might be a little more expensive than other brands but you get what you pay for! I won't purchase anything but Juzo sleeves! 
- Melanie Hackl
 These sleeves are so great. I was recently diagnosed with lymphedema about 9 months ago. I'm not a tattoo person, but I like the printed ones way more than I thought I would. I figure I have 2 options... to have an arm that looks 'sick' or one that looks tattooed, edgy and empowered. If you kicked cancer's $#%! you deserve to look a little BAD AS$*#ed! Because you are! Honestly the printed sleeves are the first thing about lymphedema that has made me smile. I have tried many sleeves before finding the right one. Juzo soft sleeves are the best - very comfortable especially if you have long arms. The band at the top can't be beat, it stays up all day and no irritation. LOVE Juzo! Make more patterns! I'll keep buying them! 
- Michele Schnell
 I love my sleeves!! I have been using Juzo sleeves for the past two years. They are very comfortable. I love the silicone band it keeps your sleeve in place. I recently ordered 4, one in a skin tone and the others are designs. I love wearing the flame one especially when I'm on my hubby's Harley. I get so many compliments. 
- Millie Ayala Roman
 good quality 
- Michele M O'malley
 I love my new sleeves. 
- Margo Ann Field
 Really liked the pattern and it's great to have fun with it if you have to wear a sleeve. 
- Mrs Mary J Keith
 The sleeve is very nice. Elastic band at the top does not turn under like some of the others I have had. 
- Mary J Negley
 This sleeve is beautiful. The quality is good. 
- Margaret Claflin
 This type of compression sleeve is the best I have ever had. The silicone band is superior and keeps me from having to use body adhesive. Some have said it rolls down but I have never had that problem. I love the colors and patterns offered by this company. When you have to wear a compression sleeve everyday, why not have a little fun with it? Excellent quality and will continue to buy this. 
- Ms Judie A Warner
 Love it..need more 
- Mona Hyde
 Love, love these sleeves. Very cool and comfortable. Of course I will be ordering more. I like what is offered but would really like more tattoo type sleeves....since most people think I'm trying to cover up my "tattoos" I'm learning how few people understand I"m educating them with one fashion sleeve at a time ;) 
- Kathlene Moody
 I absolutely love the soft print series arm sleeves. If I have to wear one, why not be stylish! Juzo sleeves are the only ones that I've found that never slide down. Very, very comfortable. 
- Bev J J Place Place
 I absolutely love my butterfly compression sleeve. It is so soft and comfortable. I get many compliments on it, as well as other printed ones I have. 
- Bev J Place
 a perfect fit. 
- Mrs. Angela Murphy
 I love your sleeves! 
- Martha J Woods
 if you have to wear a compression sleeve. Juzo are soft and comfortable 
- Edward Clemmons
 Love the prints 
- Nancy Clemmons
 All your products seem top notch. Happy I found site. 
- Ms Rosalynd V Nelson
 I prefer the Juzo brand. The band works better, and the fabric has more body. People notice the design, and admire the humor of an elderly woman having a "tattoo". 
- Wendell C Rogers
 Love it. It is soft comfortable and love the pattern. I put it on and forget it is even on. 
- Athena Mcclay
 Is the same one I have ordered for years and really works ..Love the prints on this soft print.. 
- Mrs. Nancy C Karlson
 always good from Lymphedemaproducts .. thanks 
- Nancy C Karlson
 This is the only arm garment I buy from Lymphedema products. 
- Mrs. Nancy C Karlson
 I love that Lymphedema products has designing sleeves.... I get so many complimentary reactions to them....... Your service is good too. 
- Nancy C Karlson
 So soft ...... cooler then older sleeves.. I like the silicone grip and prints added to sleeves I have worn over 20+ yrs. 
- Mrs Nancy C Karlson
 I always look forward to new colors and designs. 
- Nina J Langley
 Love the tiger and rose? 
- Nina J Langley
 Juzo sleeves and gauntlets are well made and attractive! Wish you had a dark navy color available. 
- Nina J Langley
 Great product & love the designs! 
- Andrea Giedosh
 Great sleeve! Love the design!!! 
- Debisu Yelverton
 I love it! 
- Debisu Yelverton
 Excellent product. Fun choices. Extremely comfortable fit. 
- Debisu Yelverton
 Great fit and design 
- Nancy V Paddison
 After many years of using different brands, I have settled on Juzo. The sleeve fits nicely and the top band does not curl and bind. 
- Judith Dennis
 Conversation maker!! 
- Peggy Oleary
 Seems lighter and not as got to v wear as others. 
- Frances Owl-smith Owl-smith
 The Juzo Soft Print are luxurious, comforting, and in wild patterns. My sleeves bring loads of compliments at Zumba, where I can safely exercise to my heart's content. 
- Susan Beuerlein
 My Juzo Soft Print Sleeve is perfect for Zumba class so I don't worry about lymphedema. Juzo's great selection of patterns fits my fashion style, while the product's incomparable quality guarantees lush, soft, and comfortable support. 
- Susan Beuerlein
 I love this sleeve. So comfortable and light weight. 
- Mrs. Pamela J. Powell
 I have tried different brands and found that Juzo size and comfort is the best for me. 
- Patricia Cumm Cumm
 Love the look of this 
- Patricia Kruckenberg
 Beautiful artwork...a real relief from the boring "skin colored" sleeves. 
- Penny Baldinger
 This sleeve is soft and gives the right compression. The best part is the sleeve stays in place, no rolling nor sliding down. I recommend this sleeve. 
- Mary Anne Pena
 Very soft and good compression. This sleeve has a max size for the upper arm for those like me that have a larger upper arm. This sleeve does not roll. It has a strong band that stays up. 
- Mary Anne Pena
 If you wear a compression sleeve everyday, you might as well add a little personality. Fits like my regular juzo sleeves. Pink splash with touch of blue. Might get bolder as summer progresses. Good product and quick service. 
- Betty C Perry
 is great 
- Peggy-sue Hart
 I love my fashion statement. 
- Ms Phyllis Fox
 Love these because I like the printed and colored ones. Quality and variety are pluses. Fast shipping once they are dyed. 
- Sue Searcy Searcy
 Fits well. Love the material. Good price. The lace look is beautiful. Will be buying all future sleeves from website! Highly recommend. 
- Paula J Short
 I got the Love Birds & love it! It is really pretty & soft. Ive had a lot of people come up to me to tell me how pretty my tattoo is & then realize it is a sleeve. So funny. 
- Peggy K Miller
 I purchased the one that I think is called blue wave along with several solid color sleeves. They are comfortable and because of the smooth knit, blend in as "fashion." Honestly, if I have 3/4 length sleeve and have the Juzo on one arm, people don't even seem to notice if the colors somewhat blends with the blouse/dress! No one has ever asked why I have one sleeve! 
- Patricia Kroboth Kroboth
 I love the new sleeve.First time I wore it my friends thought I had gotten a tattoo. With that you can take it as a great purchase.Paula 
- Paula M Vanloo
 Awesome thanks heaps 
- Phil Pirie
 I purchased this for my mother. She loves it. 
- Randy L Bennett
 Light weight and much cooler then my old one. Easier to get it on. Looks pretty awesome when I wear it compaired to my old one which was just a beige sleeve 
- Mrs Irene Matarazzo
- Ruth Bot
 Great product 
- Risa Pleasant Pleasant
 Good product 
- Risa Pleasant Mrs
 Very nice will order more 
- Risa Pleasant Mrs
 The quality of the sleeves is really good. I usually snag the material with my finger nails, I did not with these. The variety of prints is a bonus. The sleeve compression keeps the swelling in my arms down. 
- Jean Roederer
 Love the print and especially like that the sleeve stays put and doesn't roll on the top as some do. 
- Bonnie G. Rowell
 I'm so glad they are now doing some fun prints and designs. The Juzo brand works best for me. The silicone band stays put - not like some other brands which roll. 
- Bonnie G. Rowell
 Fits right and comfortable while compression works on my arm. 
- Ruth Coates
 Juzo is now the only brand I buy. I like the colors offered by lymphedivas, but they stretch out quicker. I hope juzo expands their print options. It's fun to pretend to have tattoos. 
- Sally Coons
 Love it... love my butterfly print easy to get on and off 
- Angela M Sampogna
 These sleeves work Great. They help keep my swelling down in my arm. 
- Mrs Sandra L Snow
 Quality product 
- Sandra M Pearson
 Love the softness of the fabric. Fits well and the print is lovely. 
- Stephanie Bryant Bryant
 Really great fit. Very soft fabric. The top stays in place better than any other sleeve I have tried. Love it. 
- Stephanie Nordby
 Great fit. Fun print 
- Sharon Giesey
 I have purchased numerous Juzo arm sleeves over the past two years and I absolutely love them. They are comfortable, easy to put on and stylish. I work in an office building where you have to dress nice and I wear them to work every day. I also decided that if I have to wear them then I was going to have some fun and I started to buy the prints. I get compliments on them all the time and they are nice enough to wear to an office setting. 
- Karen L. Schwartz
 I bought the Soft Prints Floral Purple Henna and just love it. It is very comfortable and it stays in place. I have a lot of people thinking that it is a tatoo! I now have several of the Soft Prints and will be buying more. Definitely would buy these products again.Thanks. 
- Karen L. Holman
 I have purchased several of the Juzo Soft Print Series arm sleeves. I love them all and am planning on buying several more. They are very soft and comfortable to wear. My favorite one so far is the Butterfly Henna sleeve. I have had strangers come up to me telling me what a beautiful tattoo I have - my skin tone is very similar to the sleeve - and they are shocked when I tell them that it is not a tattoo but a compression garment. I have not had them snag too much but it did happen once when I put one of them on. I wish there were more patterns to choose from. 
- Karen L. Schwartz
 Comfortable and looks really cool! I'll definitely be getting more designs! 
- Shannon Williams
 So soft and comfortable 
- Sandy Holden
 I would ,Ike to order a few more of these great product last a long time 
- Sandy Holden
 very comfortable. I would like to order another one with different print soon. 
- Sandy Holden
 Juzo Sleeve is a great fit and the color and design is perfect. 
- Ms Julia P Betz
 I have gotten lots of compliments! 
- Sande Causey
 Love all the different designs that are available to personalize our sleeves with style to match our outfits and personalities. 
- Shellie Bellinger
 Love Juzo compression sleeves and if I have to wear one I want it to be stylish. Great patterns and prices. Delivery is quick ! 
- Shellie R Bellinger
 Love this brand and so Happy the now have prints!!! Get a lot of compliments! 
- Shellie R Bellinger
 Great fit and love having the prints. 
- Laura G Shumway
 Love it 
- Stephanie Luellen Luellen
 I love the sleeves, I wish I didn't need them. But I do, can you make some with skulls and pumpkins? 
- Mrs Donna M Randolph
 Awesome! I just wish our insurance would cover them. 
- Donna M Randolph
 The sleeves are amazing and I only order from you because of the quality and the colors and designs are beautiful and unique . 
- Sandra Goff
 is everything that I expected material great the artwork beautiful I will be ordering again 
- Renee M Keller
 Will buy more 
- Stacie A Olivares-howard
 I think Juzo needs to make their pictures of the soft prints larger and the color description better labeled. The voodoo blue has no blue! It is gray dark gray and rust. Lymphadenopathy products has done a great job. Maria has been wonderful 
- Susan Hurst
 Quality product that lasts a long time. I would like to see a better material by the wrist. It does fray 
- Susan Hurst
 Great product. Need to be careful putting it on and also keep your arm away from anything that will snag on it 
- Susan Hurst
 Great product. Washes well. Only down side: it snags 
- Susan Hurst
 Very light weight and comfortable. Not too hot. Love the pattern. 
- Jan Sullivan Sullivan
 Gorgeous pattern. Took longer to receive due to the custom dyeing process but worth the wait! 
- Sheri L Weitz Weitz
 I hate wearing a sleeve everyday, but since I must these are the best for my lymphedema. 
- Clarisse S Clark Clark
 I love them all, I hate the price of them and the discount wasn't really beneficial with tax and all. 
- Taffy S Clark Clark
 Service was great, and quality is great. 
- Jill Pietrowiak
 Fabric is extremely soft and very comfortable. Absolutely love the design and it's very easy to put on. Compression is good and just overall love the quality. Will be definitely purchasing more if I have to continue to wear. Highly recommend this brand! 
- Mrs Tammy L Bauer Bauer
 Fabric is extremely soft and very comfortable. Absolutely love the design and it's very easy to put on. Compression is good and just overall love the quality. Will be definitely purchasing more if I have to continue to wear. Highly recommend this brand! 
- Mrs Tammy L Bauer Bauer
 Fabric is extremely soft and very comfortable. Absolutely love the design and it's very easy to put on. Compression is good and just overall love the quality. Will be definitely purchasing more if I have to continue to wear. Highly recommend this brand! 
- Mrs Tammy L Bauer Bauer
 Love the soft fabric and the cute designs. I now own three and am looking at getting another. 
- Mrs Tami J Lamere
 Very comfortable and love the pattern 
- Mrs Tami J Lamere
 Sleeve fits well and is comfortable. 
- Mrs. Mary C Horninger
 I have lymphedema following breast cancer surgery and removal of some lymph nodes. My physical Therapist recommended Lymphedema products. I love the choices...I got a cute one and people always comment on it. It's also very comfortable and easy to put on and take off myself. 
- Mrs Teresa A Reaves Reaves
 I have lymphedema following breast cancer surgery and removal of some lymph nodes. My physical Therapist recommended Lymphedema products. I love the choices...I got a cute one and people always comment on it. It's also very comfortable and easy to put on and take off myself. 
- Mrs Teresa A Reaves Reaves
 Great patterns! 
- Carol A Slavens
 These products are not only beautiful, they are wonderful to my arm! 
- Patricia Cassaday
 Perfect product where form meets function and style is not compromised. Thank you! 
- Dimitra Stafilidis
 Excellent product, excellent compression. Will definitely buy again! 
- Ms Teri Heikkinen
 I like these Juzo Soft Prints- love the new styles but wish they had kept the previous two tome color blends (I'm kinda conservative). The silicon band stays. Smooth nice weave/finish. Comfortable with a little less restriction than the Bella Strong (that I love when edema is more challenging). 
- Terrie Hart
 These have a great fit and are so comfortable to wear. I enjoy the pattern options and I hope they add more over time. 
- Theresa A Sanders Sanders
 Love the softness of the sleeve. Love the pink camp ( I am a breast cancer survivor). I have ordered a gauntlet glove for my left hand but it hasn't arrived yet. I had a shoulder injury and bad injury to nervesin my left arm which causes my arm and hand to swell . 
- Mrs Maggie L Crider
 Good fit! Also, ease of ordering. 
- Jessie Leach
 The Juzo arm sleeve is very comfortable and keeps the swelling down, 
- Mrs Tina M Stover
 Comfortable and provides effective compression - seems to be less inclined to snagging than similar products 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 I've been looking for something more stylish in beige and this is it! 
- Ms. Terri Jones
 great fit, smooth finish means it doesn't 'catch' in sweater/coat sleeves. Washes well, Arm band ensures it stays put on the arm. Nice overall weight. Color and design is perfect for spring/summer. Comfortable to wear even on very long days. 
- Mrs Tracie E Nadiger
 I ordered more of them once I found out what great quality and color these are. 
- Patricia Parish
 Soft and comfortable. 
- Stephanie Hulbert
 smooth under clothing sleeves; comfortable and easy to put on. This was my third printed sleeve - it is fun to get second looks, even if it is not fun to have lymphedema. 
- Catherine C Smith
 Love it, soft material 
- Misty Bergeron
 I recently purchased 2 compression sleeves from Juzo. And am very pleased with them both. The beautifully designed sleeves are a pleasure to wear... They are incredibly soft, and easy to get on. I will purchase more in time... Thank you. 
- Mrs Marilyn A Sublett
 Excellent product, love the fun look! 
- Mrs Valerie L Machajewski
 Got the Juzo soft print in henna. Wore them the first time today on a flight. I wasn't expecting people to comment, but got lots of compliments. Very comfortable too! 
- Vicki C Crosby
 This sleeve, has nice colors, fits nice and snug, and has a nice wide band of thin rubbery grip to keep it from rolling or falling down your arm! 
- Miss Wanda M Vanzonneveld
- Weva L Johnston
- Mrs Lillian M Raynes
 So pretty! Like an accessory! 
- Wendy Randall Randall
 I have a number of sleeves from the Juzo Soft Print Series while always hoping you would reproduce earlier ones, such as the grey tie dye one ???? 
- Mrs. Carolyn M Davidson
 I wish you would bring back some of the previous patterns, there was a very nice grey one and also one with a white, light green and light brown leaflike pattern ... I wore these out and had to replace them with others did I did not like as well 
- Mrs. Carolyn M Davidson
 Excellent and I loved it... I am going to get a second print. Quality is superb. 
- Barbara Tonne
 A nice change of pace from the normal beige. 
- Yolanda Mccormick
 The sleeve is very comfortable. The first day I wore the sleeve my friends thought I had a tattoo. I would buy one again. 
- Mrs Jennifer L Johnson
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