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Compression bandages are the most simple and foundational form of passive lymphedema control. Bandages have been used for centuries to protect and promote wound healing. But our modern compression bandages are a far cry from the strips of linen employed by healers in centuries past. Our bandages capitalize on the availability of a broad range of modern, high-tech materials and closures to ensure a snug fit, cleanliness, convenience, effectiveness, and enhances lymphatic drainage. With our products, your body can heal naturally.

Options range from ultra-simple (short-stretch compression bandages in 100% cotton) to more complex (such as our NuStim wrap, which features a nylon/Lycra blend in the outer layer, and a patented inner foam layer; or SuperWrap, which has a multi-directional elasticity and adjustable compression that's "non-migratory" - meaning it stays put with minimal fuss). You'll find everything from classic gauze bandages to fabrics with one-way stretch and self-adhesion in our collection.

Remember the old days when spiked metal clamps had to hold elasticized bandages together? These days, most bandages feature reusable hook and loop closures and/or self-adhering properties to help keep bandages firmly in place with little to no slippage. Most fabrics are cool, comfortable, and breathable. Some are even washable. Due to the minimal risk of allergies, many bandages are also latex-free.

We offer anatomically designed bandages and wraps for various areas of the body, including fingers, toes, feet, hands, and legs. Stockinettes, for example, come in seamless tubular designs that grip your calf, ankle, and foot, providing a comfortable, breathable, shape-retaining under-layer that's easy on the skin, while allowing additional layering of compression wear, as needed.

Choose from our many diverse bandages to achieve the perfect blend of hypo-allergenicity, flexibility, compression, wearability, durability, and affordability. Let the healing begin!

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