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Lymphedema Products is proud to stock a comprehensive array of products developed specifically to address the treatment of lymphedema and associated venous insufficiency conditions. Among other symptoms, lymphedema tends to be accompanied by dry, thin, relatively fragile skin. Accordingly, we’ve assembled a world-class selection of carefully formulated skincare products. Many have been designed by or for patients suffering the effects of lymphedema.

Examples include Lymphoderm Lotion, featuring a low pH formulation. This special attribute, not often found in lotions intended for use on the skin, helps combat some of the challenges associated with caring for lymphedematous skin. Featuring a pleasant, mild, slightly refreshing citrus scent, this lotion is made with natural citronella, for an added bonus: natural insect-repelling activity. Customers say its non-greasy formula is excellent for everyday use, and that it banishes dry, cracked skin, while providing an agreeable, light scent in the process.

Lymphedema treatment professionals know that secondary skin complaints, including irritation, ulcers, and fungal infections, are frequent problems associated with the long-term treatment of lymphedema. To combat these problems, experts recommend careful attention to the protection and nurturing of healthy, resilient skin. In addition to regular use of appropriate skin lotions, it’s important to bathe skin regularly. We recommend low-pH formula Lyphoderm Bathing Solution. Enriched with natural botanicals and potent natural antioxidants, this anti-inflammatory formula helps cleanse, hydrate, and nourish the skin. Free of artificial fragrance or potentially harsh chemicals, this bathing solution helps restore skin’s natural pH balance.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of fine products from highly respected skincare products manufacturer, Lindi. Dedicated to easing the burden of skincare challenges endured by cancer patients, Lindi uses only gentle ingredients, and offers a complete line of carefully crafted skincare products that specifically address the needs of people undergoing treatment for cancer and/or lymphedema associated with radiation, surgery, and/or chemotherapy.

Lindi cites a clinical trial conducted in 2010, which was reported in the medical journal, Supportive Care in Cancer. The study concluded that appropriate skincare, using Lindi skincare products, significantly improves quality of life among patients receiving treatments for cancer. Investigators instructed subjects to make regular use of various Lindi products, including skin moisturizer, face moisturizer, and face wash. Researchers noted that despite using other products previously, subjects tended to describe the Lindi product as better tolerated than other products. A majority reported that Lindi moisturizer worked better than other products, too. A "high majority" rated their overall experience with the facial moisturizer as "good, or very good."

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