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LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeve by LympheDIVAs
LympheDIVAs garments were created by two women with lymphedema that wanted to develop a medical-grade garment that they would actually want to wear. When developing the garments their focus was on creating quality compression by using the latest cutting-edge technology. LympheDIVAs garments are knit in America using the covered yarn process which consists of inlay Lycra® with the Nylon filaments wrapped around it. Creating a garment that is durable and comfortable with 4-way stretch, producing less binding and a greater range of unrestricted motion. We pioneered the 3D seamless compression knit technique for our gauntlets and gloves, producing handpieces that are knit entirely in one piece directly on the machine with no unsightly and uncomfortable seams, providing greater hand freedom and unbound finger mobility. All garments are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, keeping the arm cool and dry all day.

LympheDIVAs goal is to empower patients to manage their lymphedema with style, grace, and confidence by giving them choice. That's why LympheDIVAs has designed a large collection that has something for everyone. All LympheDIVAs patterns are created by LympheDIVAs designers specifically for the sleeves, you will never find LympheDIVAs patterns anywhere else.
Available Patterns and Colors
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This product has 236 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Solid Color Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Sleeve
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Solid Color Sleeve
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 From a distance people think I have a “Tat Sleeve”. Then when they come closer and tell me this I tell them, “We’ll I’m thinking of getting a sleeve so they sell these so you could wear it and see if you like it. Then you can decide whether to get the sleeve.” And they believe me! It makes it fun to wear. It feels like Spanx for the arm. If I had bat wings i’d buy one for each arm. Seriously tough, this thing does the job and I’m glad you sell them. Thank you for making these things fun to wear. 
- Margaret Bonica
 Very comfortable. It worked like a champ on my round trip to Hawaii. And, it’s very pretty. 
- Elizabeth Bragg
 Love the LympheDIVAs arm sleeves. Worth the extra cost (although I try to shop sales) to have colorful and stylish looks with patterns/symbolism that reflect my personality. I also like it that new ones are added from time to time. Gotta wear it so I gotta love it, and I do! 
- Terri Benson
 Love it helps with my swelling from my CRPS plus material is soft enough since different materials both my arm. I get a lot of compliments on it too. 
- Vincent Trupia
 loved the Tattoo sleeve, looked so much better and felt great! The diamond cuff made a lot of difference no slipping. Was on a motorcycle weekend in Arizona even in the heat the fit was perfect! 
- Diane Barton
 I love my lymphadiva sleeves. Not only do they help my lymphedema but they are beautiful 
- Jody D Rosenblum
 I received my hummingbird sleeve & am very happy with.I love that it is a full sleeve. I have people think I got a full sleeve tattoo add to what I have. Much better then wrapping arm. 
- Tammy Zukoski
 I really like this product, have worn them for several years, have almost a dozen now and enjoy seeing people gasp at my "tattooed) arm! 
- Ms Wanda D. Spencer
 since I have over 10 Lymphediva Compression Sleeves I feel capable of rating them. As in all products there are lemons among the strawberries. all of my sleeves hold up well, most longer than one day. The holding power can vary.....some only stay up for one day, but most stay up for 2-3 days. I love the designs and have a lot of fun watching people's reactions . 
- Ms Wanda D. Spencer
 I now have three different LympheDIVA patterned sleeves. I like the way they fit and feel. I thought they were the same size as the other sleeves I ordered, but they fit better. I get a lot of compliments on the patterns. 
- Mrs Bea M Sanderson
 Would love a touch more rubber to the diamond band so won't roll as easy. 
- Angela Smith
 Excellent fit, very nice product 
- Shelly L Albro
 It always draws a complimentary comment. People first think it is henna. 
- Alice Rosen Alice Rosen Rosen
 Sleeve is comfortable and band doesn't squeeze too much. 
- Amy Purdy Godleski
 It's very comfortable and doesn't look like a medical device. People think it is a sleeve tattoo and stare and ask but I tell them it's a compression sleeve. Thanks! 
- Wynne Henry
 Beautiful design and fit is perfect. Hope it holds up after washing. 
- Annelise Woitulewicz
 It's lightweight, more comfortable and a lot more fun than my original sleeve. If you're going to need to wear something you may as well have a little fun with it! 
- Clare M Velonis
 My pt loves this sleeve 
- Mr Bruce A Berman
 Like looking more stylish when I travel! 
- Robin Van Den Broeck
 The best compliment I could get for the sleeve, it doesn't look medical. 
- Kathryn Weaver
 Very nice product. No problems. 
- Jacqueline Clay
 The last order seemed to fit a little more snug than the others but they are working. It is light weight but supportive. I did appreciate the reminder that the previous order was over six months old and probably not as beneficial as it was when new. 
- Betty C Scott
 I love my new sleeve its not hot and very fashionable. I ordered mine with the grip on the arm and have decided that I will not next time I order because the gip is not placed all the way to the top edge of the sleeve and it rolls down making it a bit uncomfortable as well as shows a bump under my clothing. 
- Rebecca A Fontenot
 I am very happy with all the sleeves I have purchased here 
- Mrs. Barbara A Berg
 Looks just as shown on website. Compression just as strong as my ugly brown one from pt clinic. Cancer may have beaten up my lymph nodes but I still have my sense of humor 
- Beth Maw
 Everyone loves it, they think my arm is tattooed 
- Bev Zimdars
 The sleeve is super cool looking, and has what I have been looking for: the perfect match of compression and comfort. It did not creep down my arm at all. By far the favorite of all the sleeves I have tried. 
- Laura Briggs Briggs
 We got a floral design arm sleeve for my Mom and so far no lymphedema after 22 lymph nodes removed. She wears it every day since surgery. We are very happy with how pretty it is and the quality of the product. 
- Beverly J Olds
 The sleeve really makes a difference! I've received so many compliments , regarding how cute the sleeve is. 
- Bonita W Hughes
 I Love this product! It fits perfectly and gets delivered fast. 
- Brenda L Murphy
 My doctor recently prescribed a sleeve for my early stage lymphedema. The prosthetics place sent me a serviceable beige sleeve that works but isn't skin colored and will be hot in So cal summers. With measurements in hand, I ordered a lymphediva sleeve and it feels so much better! Soft, pretty, and it stays up. One might lead to thee more! ( I asked for another prescription for 3 so I can get reimbursement from insurance or my medical savings account). I only wish it came with a companion sleeve without compression so I could be symmetrical! 
- Elizabeth Wright
 I love these sleeves, especially during the hot weather or anytime that I am having my own personal summer! 
- Cynthia Griffin
 I absolutely love these sleeves! They are comfortable I wear them all day long. And the designs make having lymphedema a little less dreadful. 
- Caren D Lopez
 When I wear it regularly, I experience less pain overall. 
- Mrs. Carmelita L Winters Winters
 this really nice love 
- Ms Carol S Rice
 This is an excellent product have been buying them since 2009. 
- Carolyn Schaffner
 Love it so much 
- Cathy Barros
 So far it seems to be working. The top part seems to be stretched out a bit. I hope to get at least 2 years from them. Otherwise very comfortable. 
- Mrs. Cathy Lenac Lenac
 Love the fun design, easy to put on and take off. Served me well for flying. 
- Caryn E Chachulski
 I love it! Have had many inquires and always recommend the LympheDIVA & Lymphedema Products! 
- Deborah Bengtson
 Comfortable, remains in place & I love it! 
- Christina Martinez
 Very colorful and fun. Makes the whole process of having to wear one of these much more tolerable. 
- Ms Christine Helwick
 Nice products 
- Cindy M Spencer
 Comfortable, not too hot 
- Kathy C Patnode
 Very pleased. 
- Cheryl M Baculy
 Very easy to apply sleeve and comfortable to wear. Though it is expensive it's still a good product and I hope it lasts longer than the six months they recommended due to cost. I ordered a second sleeve on sale for Black Friday in plain color which is much less expensive still waiting for it to arrive. Staff is very helpful if you have any questions or problems with it. 
- Diane R Plankenhorn
 Fits snugly, which is perfect. Washed once so far, and it keeps its shape. The color/design I ordered looks exactly like the website image. 
- Cynthia Prentice-craver
 ordering from your company has always been a very good experience 
- Cynthia K Shaw
 I am very happy with my sleeve 
- Darla J Whitney Mrs
 Nice designs. Stay up on arms well! 
- Debra Carmel
 Sleeve fits well and supports my arm as it should. It was very easy to order and I love the variety of patterns and styles. I have purchased several sleeves, and I plan on purchasing additional ones in the future. 
- Deborah Carnes
 Love the design selection, and the sleeve supports my arm perfectly! 
- Deborah Carnes
 Very comfortable, supportive & pretty arm sleeve. I'm happy with my choice. 
- Deanna Norman Norman
 Very comfortable, supportive & pretty arm sleeve. I'm happy with my choice. 
- Deanna Norman Norman
 This is my second compression sleeve. When I purchased the first sleeve I was new to lymphedema issues and products so I did not appreciate the importance of the "diamond band" which keeps the sleeve in place. The variety of patters is great. Everyone asks if I have a tattoo! 
- Deanna Mccray
 As attractive as these things get! 
- Debra G Rosenberg
 Easy to purchase online and prettier than plain ones. 
- Debra G Rosenberg
 I researched arm sleeves from different brands but chose this one because of the well known brand and the options. I have been happy with it. 
- Diantha Kohler
 This is a great, reliable product that does its job. 
- Linda D Kennedy
 I bought this product hoping it would work as good as my previous sleeves that was a thicker material with no design. So far I am impressed with the thinner, cooler material that so far seems to work as good as my previous sleeves. I haven't laundered any of the new sleeves yet but am not concerned with the outcome of the wash. I'm sure it will be all right. Change is good. 
- Linda D Kennedy
 Will buy more for sure 
- Denise Kolar
 This is a great product and is really helping me. 
- Denise Kolar
 Great quality. Thanks for fast shipment. 
- Mrs Donna C Jennings
 Very comfortable, and always great patterns. 
- Donna Jacobsen Jacobsen
 Love these sleeves. 
- Donna Jacobsen Jacobsen
 Love it. Received many compliments! 
- Ms Dorothy E Hill
 Love it, a good. Conversation piece. 
- Ms Dorothea Wolko
 Looks great an feels comfortable on my arm 
- Ms Dorothea Wolko
 Ordered a black compression sleeve. Love the color and fit. Will definitely order again. 
- Patricia Conley
 I love these sleeves. They are comfortable and wear well. They are much less expensive here than going direct to LympheDivas. I have seven sleeves from them (some with diamond band and some without). I like the ones without diamond bands for chemo days when getting a sleeve up my arm might take every ounce of energy I get that day. If I am going to be sweating, the diamond bands are great. I get compliments on all of the patterns 
- Alexis Gray
 Besides looking great they last a while 
- Sheryl Mi Walgamotte
 Great product! Works well; will probably be purchasing another set in the near future. 
- Denice S Gurkin
 holds up well even after washing. Fit is very comfortable. 
- Mrs Christine Histed
 Light weight and easy to put on. 
- Vicki L Harrington
 Very comfortable. I wear it at night, along with a glove. 
- Mrs. Susan Crerar
 I love the sleeve design and it's not hot when I wear it to the gym. 
- Beth Johnson
- Edward G Martindill
 It's awesome! 
- Elizabeth Centers
 Help with my arm after breast cancer 
- Evelyn L Gunther Gunther
 The arm sleeve is great and fulfills its intended purpose. I chose a bright pink one. I need the sleeve for a serious reason but I can still have fun with the sleeve‚ĶI'll certainly be ordering another fun-colored sleeve! 
- Deborah A Clark
 I love the designs, I wish they were cheaper though 
- Donna Rau
 Super quality. I may not like having lymphedema, but thanks to LympheDIVAs I sure as heck can have fun with it! Several people mistakenly thought I'd gotton some very stylin' tatoos - especially the "Misfit" sleeve & gauntlet. Yes, children, I am indeed cool! 
- Debra J J Carlson
 It's comfortable to wear and applies just the right pressure that I need. 
- Billy Pemberton
 Fits well, I get good comments on the design. Top of sleeve where it is slightly rubberized to stay up sometimes still rolls down, mainly when I sleep. I'd buy this sleeve again. 
- Mrs Georgette A Smith
 I am so happy using my compression sleeve, and on the top of thatI love fooling people around thinking I just tattoo my arm, is fun! 
- Georgina Valle
 Love the many choices of styles and colors so confortable 
- Stephanie Mungai
 Beautiful, I am enjoy It. Beautiful colors. 
- Marie F Gough
 Love it it feels great on . 
- Judith Gibson
 Always a great fit great patterns 
- Judith Gibson
 I always love my sleeves from this company. 
- Judith Gibson
 Love it. 
- Judy Gibson
 I love them. 
- Judy Gibson
 Love them 
- Deborah Hatcher
 Love it !! Very comfortable ! It does not bind at the elbow. Best sleeve I ever had and I have a lot of sleeves 
- Wanda Garcia
 I get plenty of compliments all the time! And I love compliments. 
- Greta Campbell
 I love this product. It helps my wound, is cooling and fun! Thank you!! 
- Heather L Busbee
 Great fit and very comfortable!! 
- Holly Tucker Tucker
 LOVE the Athena patterned arm sleeve! It's light and comfortable. I have gotten several compliments on the pattern too. The neutral color goes with everything. 
- Holly Murakami
 I ordered my first sleeve a few weeks ago, It arrived today. I can't believe how comfortable it is. I got the magnolia, the comments from everyone have been really positive. I love it. Looking now for a second one. Thank you so much. Sam Wilson - Sydney Australia. 
- Sam Wilson
 fits nicely, washes easy and hang to dry fast. Nice patterns. 
- Claudette Papenberg Papenberg
 Love different design 
- Claudette Papenberg Papenberg
 enjoy the different designed's. 
- Claudette Papenberg Papenberg
 fits well, comfortable. washes nicely 
- Claudette Papenberg Papenberg
 I have gotten a lot of relief from my new sleeve and l'm making a fashion statement at the same time! 
- Suzette Oropeza
 The design and quality surpassed my expectations. 
- Ina M Bingham
 I love it. 
- Celeste Ogbuehi
 Comfortable and beautiful 
- Janet I Braun
 Love them! Never wore a sleeve until these! Comfortable and pretty!!! I have gotten so many compliments :) 
- Ms Valerie Duggan
 Good purchase. I appreciate the company and the website making it so easy to obtain proper fitting compression garments - without the middle man. Just measure and order! 
- Julie Osman
 Fun design and sleeve provides great support. Very pleased with your products. 
- Janet Schmitt
 Very good. Order 4 or 5 a year 
- Jane B Shanard
 You are so much more reasonably priced than hospital health store. They are a good product. 
- Ms Jane B Shanard Shanard
 I like this product better than any of the others I have tried over 9 years. Comfy at the elbow, cooler, and lots of colors to choose from. An excellent product! 
- Jean Linington
 In comparison with other compression sleeves, this are way more comfortable to wear despite being 5mm more compression. No tourniquet effect in upper arm. Wrist is tight as other sleeves I've worn. Definitely cooler in hot weather. Easy to wash. No roll down with sickness band. Will buy again. 
- Justine Larado
 I purchased this for a friend. The colors were perfect, and she loved that it fit so tight giving her the maximum support . 
- Ms Kathie Slaughter
 Awesome quality. Worth the money. Other sleeves that cost less are defiantly inferior to this product line 
- Jane Aloisio
 This was a quality item. I should have ordered a size larger than my measurements because it is difficult to bend my elbow. 
- Mrs. Geraldine N Ling
 I love it! It fits great, and I get compliments on it all the time. People think I am making a 'fashion statement'! 
- John Barefield
 It was delivered promptly and I love 
- Mrs. Marianne P Murphy
 love it 
- Diane Mears
 Very comfortable and beautiful to look at. Easy care. 
- Diane Mears
 Love the sleeve I get so many compliments good service I will use again. 
- Janet Petrucci
 I bought for my daughter and she loves them! If you have to wear something like that they might as well be pretty! She gets lots of compliments on them at work. They feel quality made. If you are questioning whether to get long or not I would say no. I honestly don't remember if we ordered long or not but it is too long and rolls down 
- Janis Russell
 COLORFUL comfortable 
- Jill S Hiney
 Great color and support 
- Jill S Hiney
 The black paisley sleeve is a beautiful sleeve that also leaves an impression of my arm being tattooed, which I find kind of humorous. It fits well and is very well constructed. 
- Judy Morgan
 I love these sleeves! They fit me pefectly and they are cooler then any other sleeve I've worn. I love that they now offer a shorter length and who can resist all the style options! 
- Judith A Frost
 I have ordered several LympheDIVA arm sleeves. I am very pleased with them. The colored ones are fun to wear and get lots of attention! Lol..I did make a mistake and ordered the 30-40 compression and it is just to tight on my arm. Just know what works for you before you order, otherwise, they are good quality and help with my swelling. Will definitely order more.. 
- Karryl-lee L Bachman
 I have ordered three sleeves now! They are comfortable and not hot. I ordered a print this last time and love it. I have to wear it everyday so I will be ordering some more prints. The first time I ordered I got a size L in long length. It was to long for me. The short length is just right. They help my arm a lot. Thank you for a great product.. 
- Karryl-lee L Bachman
 Great product. Pretty design and can be worn with several clothing options. Thank you. 
- Kary Somers
 lOVE your product and appreciate the many options. 
- Mrs Kathleen A Connick
 love it 
- Judy Keehn
 cool, comfortable and stylish 
- Ms Marilyn A Kay
 Looks nice and does the job 
- Kenneth M Nissley Nissley
 much more fun 
- Kathryn A Gilway Gilway
 Much nicer than the standard sleeves. 
- Kathryn A Gilway Gilway
 Before i found your website I had been wearing a black compresion sleeve for several months. So when i was due for a new one, i was extremely pleased to find your website and order a colorful compression sleeve for a change. Love it so much, that i purchased another one. I've gotten tons of complements and i love all the colors/designs available. 
- Mrs Karen K Sims Sims
 Great sleeve !! 
- Kelly Smith
- Kristen Kindred
 I am over six feet tall and the LONG sleeve length works very nicely for me. It takes some getting used to but I am grateful to have it so the lymphodema will stay in check. I think the gauntlet is a good idea to keep the fluid from pooling into the hand. I still have to get this piece. I loved that these came in such creative colorings, it puts a bit o' sunny on in the face of something that might otherwise be a troublesome reminder of the thing you'd rather forget. K. Lang 
- Kristine K. Lang
 Fits perfectly and is holding up after many washes. 
- Kathleen Springer Springer
 the lymphediva sleeve is comfortable. This is my second one! 
- Lisa Brown
 This item fits great for me. It does roll a bit at the top. 
- Mrs. Beverly A Labuda
 This is the best sleeve I've ever had : it fits well, looks nice, and my arm feels good at the end of the day 
- Ms Lena A Cerbone
 Quality as always and quick delivery. 
- Lanita J Adkins
 Top quality garment that's is so beautiful. I love wearing this compression sleeve. So many people ask me about it 
- Letitia Gutierrez
 I'm new to ordering sleeves online, so I took a chance on this. I should have known that I needed "short," but when I measured, I thought I should order large. It's too long for me. Other than that, it's lovely. I got compliments the two times I wore it. The compression was great, and it felt good, or hopefully will feel good when I get the right size. When it's too long, it really does impact the fit. It washed well, too. I have yet to know if I can make an exchange. 
- Ms Lisa B Rosenthal
 I love the sleeve (quality and appearance), but I wish I would have order it with the band. The top of my sleeve keeps rolling down and is causing swelling where it is bunched up. 
- Mrs. Laurie L Lemont Lemont
 I love my sleeve. It really does help my arm feel better and I like the way it looks. 
- Laurie L Lemont
 The sleeve arrived in just a few days and fit perfectly. It is so much fun to wear I enjoy the smiles from others, rather than the confused concern looks I would get with the old sleeves. 
- Linda Mervine
 I love these sleeves. They are more comfortable than others I have had, and much more fun. They stay up very well. If I am going to wear a sleeve these are the ones I will choose. 
- Mrs Susan C Ketchum
 The sleeve is comfortable. I have ordered two and get so many compliments. 
- Ms Louise A Vaughn
 Love these products, and great customer service too. 
- Deborah Fraze Fraze
 I purchased one sleeve and absolutely loved it. I then decided to purchase another one. I was more comfortable than the plain looking sleeve I had gotten from a different company. It felt light weight, soft, and very comfortable. I bought the one with the diamond grip at the top of the sleeve and found that to also be comfortable, not too tight. It is easy to put on and so far hasn't snagged. It is extremely easy to care for as it can be machine washed. There are so many cute colors and designs. I also found that getting it through lymphedema products was less expensive than through the lymphediva website. 
- Linda Schroeder
 Great arm sleeves. Easy to put on and take off. Sizing was just right. 
- Linda H Mann
 I bought these to help with Lipedema and they work very well. Much easier to get on than I thought they would be. 
- Linda H Mann
 Comfortable, attractive, perfect fit and works like a charm. 4 flights in a week and NO swelling. Love it! 
- Mrs Linda Y. Price
 Fantastic! Used it once while on a road trip (I was doing the driving) -- just to be on the safe side. Very comfortable and attractive! I don't have a lot of trouble with lymphedema right now, but it's good to know I have the sleeve just in case. Excellent service. 
- Margaret Ribb
 I have ordered several LympheDiva arm sleeves and I have been very happy with all of them. I always get the Diva Diamond band on them which I feel helps then to stay up. Comfortable, easy to take care of. I love them. 
- Marie Amabisca
 Lovely to look at and comfortable to wear! If I have to wear a sleeve, I may as well enjoy it! 
- Marla Brady Brady
 Great sleeve! Will order again. 
- Martha Collins
 Fits well and easy to put on. I chose the lightest compression for flying and loved it. 
- Marsha Willan
 My go to sleeves for 10+years. If you need to wear a sleeve, make a statement 
- Mrs Martha Marty Craig
 I have been wearing LympheDIVAs arm sleeves for a couple of years. I find they hold up quite well. I wash them after each wear and they are lasting well. I love that there are so many designs from which to choose. I have even been asked where I got my tattoos! They are more "silky" that the older brand I used so they fit well under my sleeve. 
- Margaret Hutson
 I finally got the product I wanted. I had trouble with the web site and a customer relations person as to the wording in the product description. I wanted the silicone at the top of the sleeve and in previous orders I received sleeves with no silicone. Finally called and still wasn't sure of what I was ordering but I did receive a non-slip sleeve. I really do like the sleeve - it is smoother that Juzos I was wearing so it moves under sleeves of clothes. And I like the selections of prints. 
- Margaret Hutson
 I have been using your products since 2012 and have always had great experiences with your products and service. Thank you. 
- Ms. Margaret B Colley Colley
 I can't say enough good things. I love it and get so many compliments on it. 
- Melissa Shellenberger
 Great purchase, it fit perfect . 
- Eva M Flores
 These make having to wear a sleeve so much more fun. Also the fabric is great and very comfortable. 
- Kathleen Michl
 I love my sleeve. It worked great when I used it for flying. However, when I took it out of the packaging it had a musty/funny smell. I washed it 5 or 6 times before I wore it so it would smell better. The smell isn't completely gone, but it is tolerable no w 
- Melissa M Dettloff
 I loved the variety. Good fit and comparably priced. Speedy delivery. 
- Claudia Frisbie
 Wish there were more for men to pick from! Nice product! 
- Marcia Marcia K Hinde Mrs
 I absolutely love the Lymphediva sleeves. They are light weight and cooler than the Juzo sleeve that was my first sleeve. I will stay with Lymphediva sleeves for the comfort and array of styles and colors. 
- Kim Moeller
 It fit better than expected and I got 2 compliments from strangers on it the first time I wore it 
- Michelle J Heltzel
 Very easy to order and received it in just a few days my compression sleeve is very nice and I have gotten compliments on my choice. I have purchased two sleeves and in the near future I am going to order another one, they have many different designs and patterns to choose from. 
- Monica Bauerschmidt
 Being first time I needed arm sleeve I am satisfied with the Diva's arm sleeve. Besides the colors and designs available I find arm sleeve very comfortable for daily wear. I have already purchased 3 more Diva's. 
- Kathryn A Hine
 I love the stylish patterns and variety. It's definitely a conversation piece! 
- Mrs Pam D Motley
 Love this compression sleeve! My family did a double take when they saw my looked like a tattoo. The compression and length were perfect!! 
- Mrs Cheryl Prokopovich
 Fits well, not hot. Love the pattern. 
- Mrs. Shelly A. Edmonds
 I love my new LympheDIVA arm compression garment. It is pretty, colorful, and have had a lot of complements. It feels good on, very supportive, yet allowing air in. 
- Ms Marcella L Chandler
 I love the LympheDIVAs' sleeves. I always get compliments when people see them. I work with children and they really think they are COOL! 
- Mary E Kitzrow
 This sleeve is both beautiful and well made. the sizing fit me perfectly using the chart. Thank you for a good product that arrived quickly! 
- Nancy K Simpson
 Love these sleeves. Great quality. Thanks for a great product. 
- Nancy L L Bieker
 Good quality product. I get many positive comments about my patterned sleeves. 
- Mrs. Mary C. Neel
 There great products. There very expensive 
- Jeanine Tringali
 It truly helped me. Had nerve pain and numbness from my breast cancer surgery. I could hardly stand it. I ordered this sleeve and with a week I was 99 % better... Thank you so much.. Oh and as an added bonus, many folks thought I had put a tattoo on my arm. 
- Linda Wilcox
 Love this sleeve. Comfy and pretty. Thanks for making my vacation more pleasant! 
- Noreen Humes
 I've bought this sleeve before. I have recommended them to friends who are cancer survivors as well 
- Jan K Maas
 always great 
- D J Owens
 It holds up well with washing. Fits well! 
- Peggy Dial
 Excellent quality, great customer service, speedy delivery. 
- Ms Pegge M Mcguire
 I bought a pair of these about 6 months ago, one with the Diamond Diva band and one without. Very soft, very flexible, and very sturdy. Having worn both sleeves every day for over six months, they've held up well. I've ordered two more. Honestly, I don't think the rubber diamonds made much of a difference in the beginning, and now that they've been washed many times, are a little... crunchy, for lack of a better word. The long is maybe a tad longer than necessary, but the regular is shorter than I would like. So, I'm sticking with the long in future. (I'm 5'7‚Äù, 125lbs.) 
- Marla Wood
 I love my lymphediva sleeves. Not only are the designs beautiful, they are comfortable and they are easy to wear under sweaters. I will be ordering more. 
- Mrs Phyllis R Lear Lear
 I love these sleeves with the crazy prints as it drives everyone nuts thinking grandma got a tattoo. If you need to wear one of these sleeves you might as well have fun with it. Other than that I prefer the softness of the fabrics that these sleeves have. Another good point about the prints is that they don't get so dirty looking from your arm resting on thinks as the plain beige ones do. 
- Patricia L Williams
 Love the product. I have several to compliment my work attire. This latest shipment got hung-up in a US Postal Service loop. My sleeve went back a forth across the country a few times before it was finally delivered. In the meantime, the customer service at sent a replacement at no cost to me. It was delivered right on time. Great customer service. I highly recommend the product and this company. 
- Nadine Ramage
 Great product! Works well. 
- Ramki Kanuri
 So love my Hummingbird Sleeve. 
- Mrs Tammy A Zukoski
 A great selection. 
- Retha Tuck
 A great selection. 
- Retha Tuck
 I only need to wear a sleeve when I fly and I love that I no longer have to board the plane wearing the standard issue brown hospital sleeve. I do struggle a bit with the sleeve sliding down my arm on the longer international flights (when I fall asleep), but that might be just the shape of my arm. Customer service is great! Sleeve arrived quickly with a follow up as a first time customer! 
- Raejean Pearce
 Very comfortable and good looking sleeve. Short length is great for me (5'2"). Excellent beige color. Stays up without clinging too much. 
- Robyn Cox
 I own several of the LympheDiva sleeves..Such fun to wear.. I get wonderful remarks from others with arm lymphedema who plan to follow suit ..They are perfect for those of us who live in warm climates..strong compression and light. 
- Sabina R Meyer
 I don't usually review purchases but I must share the fun it is to wear a pretty yet useful and helpful lymphedema sleeve..The fit is perfect.. The compression great and the weight is perfect for our Florida summers..I wear it at workout and have convinced two lymphedema seniors that they too can have fun 
- Sabina R Meyer
 I love the LympheDiva sleeve I purchased, they are fun and functional and the fit is perfect for me. 
- Mrs Sandra A Linde
 Love this sleeve! Very comfortable, easy to wear n cool- not sat hock as other brands. 
- Sharon Hoste
 In love with my new sleeves. Colors and patterns are fun. I also appreciate the fabric: it's cooler and slicker than my old "medical supply" sleeve. For me that means it's much easier to slide a long-sleeved shirt or fleece on over the LE sleeve. 
- Susan Hollister
 These are great, they are comfortable and easy to get on. 
- Sue A Knapp
 Works well and I love the print! 
- Sonia K Nelson
 I haven't worn it yet 
- Kim Bahlke
 Love the choice of patterns and colors and great fit. 
- Kathleen B Mccall
 My physical therapist recommended this product. I am thrilled to report it is great quality and comfortable. 
- Cindy Clemens
 I love the way the band at the top fits! So much more comfortable than my other sleeves! 
- Susan L Borders
 Great pink color. Came in the mail much quicker than expected. 
- Susan V Klinger
 Adds a little fun to my day. 
- Susan M May
 I wore the sleeve on my recent flight. It was very comfortable and wasn't hot. 
- Tania Payne
 Love Diva Sleeve. Looking for a black lace one. 
- Tanisha Pearson
 I really like the quality and style of my LympheDiva arm sleeve. With the huge selection of styles, I'm sure I will be ordering several more to start a collection. 
- Teresa Marquez
 It's supportive and is pretty to wear. 
- Theresa G Trieste
 Don't waste your money on any other sleeve! 
- Rachel M Anderson
 I just love my sleeves, and I get a lot of compliments on them. My doctors think they are so cool and many of the nurses have asked me where I have gotten them. They hold up wonderful after washing and give me great support. You have a "Great" product. 
- Mary Ann Peterson
 I love my sleeves. If I have to wear it, great to do it in comfort and style.. I've received many compliments. 
- Mrs Terry A Sipress
 I have received numerous compliments on my Lymphedema sleeves. Everyone thinks they are tattoos. Lol 
- Velta V Campbell
 I ordered a large, and it seems a little tight, but guess thats the way it is suppose to be with those of us who need compression, Love the 2 I bought and will buy more. 
- Connie L. Waggener
 Arrival came quickly. A plus for sure. I love the designs I bought. Even though I ordered a large according to the measurements, its seems a little tight, but better tight then loose I guess.I would like to order more, but I am waiting to see if insurance will cover my purchase. which I have submitted to them. 
- Connie L. Waggener
 Cannot rate as I had to return the product. It was too small. 
- Mrs Shirley L Dorn
 I really like the flower print! 
- Weva L Johnston
 It is easy to get one and provides good pressure. It does not cause pooling in my forearm of lymph fluid like some products have for me in the past. 
- Nancy R. West
 Excellent quality 
- William T Douglas
 Fast shipping. Compression sleeve very comfortable. 
- William T Douglas
 I like the pattern. Fabric feels nice and not hot. 
- William T Douglas
 Loved it. 
- Catherine Loccisano
 Haven't needed to wear it yet as my surgery isn't til February 10th but, colors are beautiful and it fits good. 
- Brenda Howard Howard
 This is an excellent compression sleeve. It is soft and has a band at the top that is soft too! It stays put really well. Perfect for my arm pain! This company has great customer service and I got my order QUICK! LOVE IT! 
- Vali Priebe
 I received my hummingbird sleeve & am very happy with.I love that it is a full sleeve. I have people think I got a full sleeve tattoo add to what I have. Much better then wrapping arm. 
- Tammy Zukoski
 This is perfect!!! 
- Miss Suzette A Smith
 The sleeve is easy to put on It is comfortable to wear. 
- Linda J Grantin
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