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MySassySleeve Decorative Sleeve

My Sassy Sleeve

MySassySleeve Decorative Sleeve by My Sassy Sleeve
MySassySleeve is a decorative, non-medical, tattoo arm sleeve created for individuals who wear compression bandages or sleeves. The MySassySleeve line of fun, slip-on, slip-off tattoo sleeves can be worn by patients and family/friend supporters alike. For patients, the distinctive designs in vibrant colors provide a light-hearted cover for compression bandages or garments. For the patient's family and friends, MySassySleeve's playful designs intertwined with pink ribbons provide an opportunity to demonstrate support on behalf of their loved ones. A portion of all proceeds benefits breast cancer research and prevention.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.

Please Note: MySassySleeve is non-returnable unless defective.

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Available Patterns and Colors
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This product has 27 reviews.
Sunburst Hearts Sleeve
Compression: None
Show Of Support Sleeve
Compression: None
 I love my new sleeves. Most people think it's a tattoo - great conversation starter. Wish you had more designs. 
- Annette J Tidwell
 Love them both, the one I really wanted you were out of. 
- Cheryl C Hall
 Love the sleeve covers. Wish there were more options. 
- Cheryle L Kirby
 Love it. have had a lot of complements. wish there were more styles. 
- Cheryle L Kirby
 It's a nice product, wish you had more of a variety in XL! 
- Cynthia J Curtis
 Lots of people think it's a real tattoo. Great conversations. Have ordered these before. Love them. Covers up the plain beige compression sleeves. 
- Colleen A Foth
 Had lots of compliments on it. 
- Colleen A Foth
 This design is really nice and fashionable. The compression is comfortable and is very close to my skin tone. 
- Carla Smith
 Love it...only wish the colors were BRIGHTER 
- Mrs. Debbie D Hansard Hansard
 I LOVE IT!!! If there is anything I could say positive about lymphedema, it would be I can wear MySassySleeves!! 
- Tina Sikes
 I wish there were more designs, I wear one over my tan compression sleeve, it's so much cheaper than buying the diva sleeves 
- Donna Rau
 Had them for years. Not too many styles left as I know you bought the product from the closed company. Joan Baron 
- Joan Baron
 I have several of these sleeves. Love them as I wear my compression sleeve everyday. I just wish I had more designs to choose from. Do receive many compliments and interesting comments. 
- Joan B Baron
 FUN! These sleeves make having to wear a compression sleeve fun and stylish! Thanks! 
- Mrs Kathy Lawton
 I just love it 
- Ms Maria Robinson-haynes
 I really liked the sleeve, too bad that it isn't going to be offered again 
- Linda L Claeson
 Love It!! 
- Donna R Mahnke
 Love this sleeve, much more fun than a regular compression sleeve. True to size and look. Go for it. 
- Carolyn C. Mccormick
 Very Sassy! 
- Paul Fennell
 Love the covers. 
- Mrs Tammy A Zukoski
 I'm glad I purchased the sleeves, they really come in handy. Very comfortable and pretty. 
- Sallie Captain
 Fun decorative cover for my sleeve, I wish there were more designs to choose from 
- Susan D Wells
 Love it, so colorful! 
- Mrs Susan H Cribbs
 I love my new sleeve! I would like to get another pattern but it wasn't in my size. I will try at another time. I get a lot of compliments on it! 
- S Renee Stockdill
 Husband said it was a hit at work. Everyone believed he had tattoos. I'm saving mine for another great moment when I see my Aunt and Uncle in Nebraska this coming week! 
- Christine Steward
 Could be longer and tighter but very pretty!! 
- Traci Wilson
 Excellent, looked just like photo. 
- Ms Ver'na J Horton
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