Compression Socks: Mother’s Day Gift for Healthy Feet

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International Mother’s Day is coming up—and this year, it falls on May 9. Are you looking for gifts to give your mom, a mother figure, or the special women in your life? Consider giving something practical—something that will make them healthier and more comfortable. Compression socks can be a thoughtful gift especially if the recipient requires high-quality support garments that can help ensure her comfort and make daily life easier.

Why your mom deserves compression socks 

Flowers, sweets, and jewelry may be popular Mother’s Day gifts, but it makes more sense to gift something practical and helpful to the number one woman in your life. Your mom will surely be glad to receive knee high compression socks that look and feel good. She will appreciate a gift that promotes better leg health and comfort.

Worried that compression socks are unsightly and distasteful? Don’t be. You’ll be relieved to know that modern and high-quality products from brands like Sigvaris compression socks and BSN Jobst are designed to be stylish and discreet. In fact, they look as fashionable as dress socks and they are made of high-quality materials and carefully constructed to ensure durability.

Benefits of compression socks

  • Reduce swelling

The top advantage of compression socks is that they are very effective at minimizing swelling, which can be caused by many factors such as gravity, particularly from standing or sitting in one place or position for an extended period. BSN Jobst compression socks, for instance, are known to help promote circulation with graduated compression while preventing blood from accumulating in the feet and legs.

  • Prevent blood clots

Deep vein thrombosis or blood clots are typically caused by anything that can prevent blood from properly circulating or clotting. The usual causes include limited movement, certain medications, and vein surgery. Wearing knee high compression socks may reduce your mom’s risk of developing complications and blood clots, as these garments create pressure to push fluid up her legs so blood can circulate properly and freely from her legs to her heart.

  • Prevent spider and varicose veins

Superficial veins that have become twisted or enlarged become varicose veins. Women are more likely to develop them, and the risk increases with age. Wearing high-quality compression socks may help relieve and prevent varicose veins by boosting circulation in the lower legs.

  • Great for travel

Does your mom love to travel or take long drives? Sitting for a long time during a trip can limit blood circulation in the legs, especially in cramped conditions. Give her a pair of Sigvaris compression socks if she is planning another trip after Mother’s Day. That way, she can stay comfortable and avoid swelling, leg pain, blood clots, and lower body fatigue.

Where to find compression socks

When it comes to buying compression socks for your mom or any mother figure in your life, you will want to make sure that she gets only the best. Check out the selection at Lymphedema Products. We sell high-quality products like Sigvaris and Jobst compression socks.

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