Integrate Compression Garments with Your Unique Style

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Integrate Compression Garments with Your Unique Style


So, you’ve received a diagnosis of lymphedema. Your healthcare provider will have informed you that lymphedema is your new normal; that it is a chronic condition with no cure. You will have been made aware that you need to accept this condition and learn new ways to manage it. You will probably have been through Complete Decongestive Therapy in the initial intensive treatment phase. This therapy is designed to help remove excess protein-rich fluid that has built up in the tissues of your affected area.

Your practitioner will have advised you about the need for medical-grade compression wear. They will have made it clear to your that you must remain vigilant—and continue to wear your wraps, garments and/or specialty compression items, as instructed, almost continuously—in order to control your symptoms and curtail the progression of your disease.

Embrace the New Normal

Part of the trick to embracing your new normal is finding ways to integrate medical compression wear with your own style. The good news is that loose tops and tunics are in fashion, and dolman sleeves are roomy enough to accommodate oversized arm(s). Of course, while many women experience lymphedema of the arm(s) after receiving radiation or surgery (or both) for the treatment of breast cancer, others may struggle with lymphedema of the legs, ankles or feet.

In either case, loose flowing fabrics can be enlisted to help camouflage the presence of compression wear or bandages. Harem-style pants, for instance, are roomy, with ample fabric to help hide compression stockings. Or, take a cue from some patients, embrace your condition, and sport colorful, fanciful items, such as the LympheDIVAs line of elegant, fun, expressive compression wear.

Created by breast cancer patients who sought an alternative to boring, uninspiring beige wrap-style compression sleeves, LympheDIVA—and the companion LympheDUDEs lines of compression wear for men—feature bold, colorful, exciting patterns and colors, as well as whimsical or even romantic patterns. They provide an excellent opportunity to personalize your style, embrace your condition, and make a bold statement.

Express Yourself 

Far from attempting to hide your condition, they make a bold statement that you won’t back down or be cowed. Among other changes to older, standard compression sleeves and stocking, the LympheDIVAs/LympheDUDEs team re-engineered their garments from the ground up, so to speak, making them more comfortable, more practical, and less likely to create problems for you. For instance, in the past, some patients complained about the tendency for garments to become hot, trap moisture, and grow damp. By using special, breathable fabrics, with advanced wicking capability, they solved these issues.

LympheDUDEs Arm Sleeve

LympheDUDEs Arm Sleeve

They also solved problems regarding stiffness, inflexibility, and binding created by some older garments. Seamless construction and 360° stretch means there is no opportunity for garments to bind or pinch now. The inclusion of micro-encapsulated aloe vera ensures that dryness and cracking do not become a problem. They even made sure that when combining gauntlets or gloves with compression sleeves, there is no interruption in the imposition of a proper medical-grade compression gradient from finger tip to armpit.

Whether you choose to invest in the LympheDIVAs line of compression garments or choose some other option, the good news is that you have many options for you to work within the constraints imposed by your condition. They allow you to dress fashionably, and to feel attractive, active and ready for anything.

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  1. Would love to see designed compression garments for lower limbs or trunk garments

  2. Do you have anything interesting and fashionable for knee-high “hose”?

  3. These are great – but how about a product for men with lower leg lymphedema post bladder ca surgery. Camo would be cool or a manly”tattoo” style. What do you think? I hate wearing shorts with the natural flesh tone socks…….

  4. do you have any compression garments with these neat designs for legs?

  5. Please . I beg you to come up with some really cool tattoo like designs for women wearing compression thigh highs for Lymphadema .

    Juzo offers tie dye and that’s it . However, tie dye is not contemporary. A lot of us have already been there and done that .

    1. Lymphedema Products doesn’t make garments. They are an online store. You should reach out to manufacturers that make them. Posting about it on here isn’t going to help these items come out as they don’t produce garments. Hopefully someone will make them. The best bet would be LympheDIVAs

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