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Tips for Traveling with Lymphedema

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Lymphedema is a chronic condition that patients must work to manage in order to continue living a normal life. Among the various challenges facing lymphedema patients is the issue of how best to prepare for travel. The idea is to make any journey as safe and comfortable as possible, while avoiding anything that might make your symptoms worse.

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Lymphedema Education 101

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Lymphedema is a condition that develops when lymphatic fluid fails to drain properly through the body’s network of lymphatic vessels, accumulating instead in various tissues, such as the arms or legs. Common sites of lymph fluid buildup include the lower legs, ankles and feet. But lymphedema can occur in any part of the body where fluid circulation has been compromised due to radiation, surgery, trauma, or some other cause.

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The Science of Compression Garments

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Lymphedema Many injuries are treated with RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. RICE helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Some of these solutions are obvious. But compression warrants a closer look. Compression works by helping the circulatory system do its job. The circulatory system consists of veins, which carry oxygen-poor blood from the body’s tissues to the heart and lungs