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Should You Bother With a Pneumatic Compression Device?

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If you had been diagnosed with lymphedema in the mid-20th century, chances are you would have been prescribed therapy with a pneumatic compression device (PCD). At the time, these lymphedema pumps resembled glorified blood pressure cuffs. They featured one chamber filled with pressurized air to squeeze your affected limb. In some instances, unsupervised patients used the devices at pressures that …

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Could You Be Predisposed to Lymphedema?

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Lymphedema is a chronic condition that emerges for many patients after they’ve undergone certain treatments for cancer. That’s because radiation and/or surgical removal of tissues (often including some or all lymph nodes) can have a damaging effect on the lymphatic system in the affected area. Physical trauma is another potential trigger for lymphedema; perhaps subsequent to an accident, or following …

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Are Compression Boots the Real Deal?

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Compression boots are the latest fad among certain well-heeled elite athletes, not to mention aspiring weekend warriors. You may not have heard of these boots, but they’re gaining traction. So what are they, and do they really deliver significant exercise-recovery benefits?  Also known as air compression boots, or compression recovery boots, these devices consist of a pair of spacesuit-looking (Antarctic …

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The Importance of Hydration for Managing Lymphedema

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Lymphedema is a chronic illness that affects about one-third of women who undergo armpit lymph node removal due to treatment for breast cancer. The condition can strike soon after radiation, chemo, or surgical interventions. Or it can manifest years after these treatments have concluded. Damage to the lymphatic vessels and/or nodes causes patients to experience a loss in the lymphatic …

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Managing Lymphedema Symptoms in the Winter

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Managing Lymphedema Symptoms in Winter For many of us, winter means cold, dark days. Obstacles like snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can make life hard, especially for those with lymphedema. So, what are the best ways to handle your lymphedema symptoms in the winter? The good news is, while winter may pose some unique challenges, it also eliminates others that …

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How to Determine Compression Levels for Your Garments

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Determining Compression Levels Medical-grade compression wear comes in a range of pressure classifications. To be clear, you should always consult with your healthcare professional before investing in compression wear for the treatment of your lymphedema. Your provider can recommend or prescribe the best compression wear for your needs. Consistent self-care is crucial. And a big part of that will inevitably …

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Ready-Made vs. Custom Compression Garments

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Ready-Made vs. Custom Compression Garments When it comes to choosing the compression wear that’s most appropriate for you, there are several factors to consider. Of course, you will want to follow your medical professional’s advice for the most effective treatment to address your lymphedema. Your healthcare provider will recommend a specific class of compression, but you will have options between …

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What is a Lymphedema Therapist and How Can One Help You?

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Lymphedema Therapist: How Can One Help You If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema, you know it must be carefully managed. Proper treatment will require careful compliance with doctor’s orders on your part. With some diligence and help from a lymphedema therapist, you may be able to thwart the progression of this disease and minimize its impact on your daily …

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Can Early Detection Lead to Lymphedema Prevention?

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Can Early Detection Lead to Lymphedema Prevention? Lymphedema is a condition that may manifest at any time after treatment for breast cancer. While it may appear within weeks of radiation, surgery, or other therapies, it may also occur at any point within five years, or longer, after a woman has undergone successful treatment for her cancer. Lymphedema prevention is a …