The Best Compression Stockings for Traveling

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Traveling often means sitting for long periods, which can be bad for blood circulation. Whether you’re on the road, on a plane, or on a train, a lack of proper circulation could cause discomfort and swollen feet and legs. That’s where compression stockings come in.

Compression garments apply gentle pressure to your lower extremities to encourage proper circulation and prevent fluid from accumulating in the legs and feet. They gently squeeze the legs to improve pressure in the tissues and minimize leakage in the blood vessels. Fluid accumulation in the lower legs could result in blood clots, infection, ulcers, and swelling, and if untreated, may lead to severe damage and limb loss. Wearing a pair of high-quality Jobst compression stockings can make a difference in ensuring leg health.

Essential for Travelers

Sigvaris compression stockings can benefit any traveler, especially older adults whose blood circulation may not be as good as it was in their youth. Even if you’re seated in first class, lengthy trips could mean sitting in the same position for extended periods, resulting in blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis in your legs. The clots can dissolve, but sometimes, they could break off, go to your lungs, prevent blood flow, and become fatal. 

Blood clots don’t typically have symptoms, but when they do, they cause swelling, soreness, discolored or red skin, and cramping. When they go to your lungs, they cause shortness of breath, fainting, dizziness, chest pain, or a rapid pulse. Sometimes, you may cough up some blood. 

Knee-high compression stockings are perfect for traveling or any other activity where you’re required to sit for long periods, regardless of your age. If you’re worried about them hampering your style, consider branded products like Sigvaris or Jobst compression stockings. They look like typical socks and no one can tell you’re wearing compression garments. You can even wear them safely through airport security checkpoints, and over 16 hours, making them perfect for long-haul flights. 

How Compression Stockings Work

Compression stockings offer graduated compression to the lower limbs. Their purpose is to compress your legs, ankles, and feet to squeeze blood through the veins. This means that Sigvaris compression stockings apply subtle pressure to your lower extremities to optimize blood circulation.

Best Compression Stockings to Wear for Travel

The longer the better! That means choosing knee-high compression stockings. BSN Jobst, Medi, Juzo, Sigvaris, Xpandasox, and Solidea are some of the best names in travel-friendly compression stockings. They offer a wide variety of compression wear in a wide range of materials, sizes, styles, and compression levels for men, women, and kids. Some brands also have unisex products anyone can wear.

Jobst compression stockings are available in neutral and timeless colors, so they go with any outfit. They come in variants like athletic support wear and ribbed dress socks. Jobst also has specially designed diabetic socks to ensure comfort for travelers with diabetes. Some stockings are open-toe, so you can wear them with sandals. 

High-quality Sigvaris compression stockings come in a wide range of styles and colors. Some of the most popular stockings are made from Merino wool to offer the utmost comfort. You’ll also find performance and cushioned compression stockings to suit active travelers or those who love to walk long distances. 

Find the Perfect Compression Stockings Online

Branded knee-high compression stockings can be great investments and a must-have for every long trip. Explore the selection at Lymphedema Products, which offers a wide range of medical-grade compression garments, including budget-friendly ones that offer reliable compression. You’ll also find stylish and comfortable stockings emphasizing visual appeal and style. Lymphedema Products aims to help customers treat lymphedema and prevent swelling in a stylish, effective, and safe fashion.

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