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5 Benefits of Compression Socks While Pregnant

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Are you pregnant and notice that your legs, ankles, and feet appear bigger because they are swollen? You can prevent this condition from worsening by wearing compression socks designed for pregnancy. These specially designed garments will help minimize discomfort in the ankles and feet, keep you comfortable, and support your cardiovascular system by ensuring proper blood flow. They’re definitely must-haves …

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Compression Socks: Mother’s Day Gift for Healthy Feet

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International Mother’s Day is coming up—and this year, it falls on May 9. Are you looking for gifts to give your mom, a mother figure, or the special women in your life? Consider giving something practical—something that will make them healthier and more comfortable. Compression socks can be a thoughtful gift especially if the recipient requires high-quality support garments that …

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5 Reasons to Wear Compression Wraps

In Compression Therapy by Trupti Sonalkar12 Comments

Compression wraps are therapeutic devices used for the treatment of sprains or other minor injuries. They work to promote a faster recovery after an injury and reduce further damage to the affected area. The most common type of compression wrap is an elastic type bandage that provides pressure to a specific area of the body that has suffered an injury …

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Compression Bandaging for Lymphedema Treatment

In Science & Education by Steve Norton8 Comments

Compression bandaging is a key component in the treatment of stage 2 and stage 3 (moderate to severe) lymphedema and is essential for reducing swelling and maintaining progress as the patient undergoes treatment.  A soft cast is created by wrapping the arm or upper body with multiple layers of wrapping and used as a main element in the overall treatment …

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Lymphedema Products: One-stop Destination For Compression Socks & Sleeves

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Lymphedema Products: One-stop Destination For Compression Socks & Sleeves The swelling and discomfort caused by lymphedema can become bothersome and get in the way of performing your daily activities. To manage the problem, your doctor may recommend that you wear medical-grade compression products, such as a compression arm sleeve and compression socks. As their name suggests, compression sleeves and medical …

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Lymphedema Products: Compression Garments for Medical Therapy and Sports

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Discomfort and swelling caused by lymphedema can get in the way of proper movement and sports performance. Wearing the right medical compression garments could help with your treatment and reduce the swelling. These are specially designed products that you can comfortably wear for hours to prevent fluid buildup in your tissues. Letting stagnant fluid build up in your body can …

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Tips for a Happy, Healthy 2021

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The New Year signals a new opportunity to make positive changes in your life. Whether or not you are personally impacted from lymphedema, this is an excellent time to take renewed charge of your life. We put together a few ideas for kicking off the 2021 right

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Choosing the Right Deodorant for Lymphedema Treatment

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Managing your lymphedema is a lifelong commitment. The best prescription for minimizing lymphedema’s impact on your life involves following your healthcare practitioner’s advice carefully and faithfully. For instance, most patients will be advised to wear an appropriate compression garment.  Patients diagnosed with arm lymphedema, for example, will typically be advised to buy and wear a compression sleeve featuring graduated compression. …

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Can Allergies Trigger a Lymphedema Flare-Up?

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When it comes to lymphedema and allergies, there is relatively little solid evidence that the two are directly linked. But that’s not to say there is no connection. Indeed, there is some anecdotal evidence that lymphedema flare-ups may be linked to worsening allergy symptoms. Accordingly, addressing your allergies may help with managing lymphedema symptoms. Consult your doctor for recommendations regarding …