5 Reasons to Wear Compression Leggings

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5 Reasons to Wear Compression Leggings

Have you ever wondered why some athletes wear specialized tights when working out? Those are called compression leggings, and they can be incredibly helpful in improving their performance. These garments come in the form of medical compression leggings, too, which can be practical for those who suffer from lymphedema and poor circulation but would like to remain physically active.

Do you need them? Read on to find out how medical compression leggings might be useful in your case.

What are compression leggings?

Compression leggings are form-fitting sportswear worn by athletes and individuals who lead an active lifestyle. They look just like regular leggings or tight-fitting athletic pants except that they are designed specifically to be extra tight on some spots.

Compression Leg Sleeve & Leggings

How do compression leggings work?

Compression leggings apply gentle pressure to your leg muscles to improve blood circulation. This can be very good for individuals who sit or stand for extended periods.  Athletes may rely on these garments to further maximize their performance, too.

What makes compression leggings different from regular leggings?

Medical compression leggings are designed to fit snugly and tightly around your skin to boost blood flow, prevent strain, and minimize muscle fatigue. They are typically worn during and after exercise for enhanced performance and recovery. Unlike regular leggings, compression leggings are tighter and more form-fitting to the point of being almost constrictive. While they can be worn on their own, you may wear them under pants or shorts, depending on your preference, the requirements of your sport, or the weather.

Variety of Compression Leggings

Benefits of compression leggings

Medical compression leggings are based off of compression socks, which are mainly designed for varicose veins. They are often recommended for people looking to improve their performance and speed up their recovery while playing sports, working out, or doing any form of exercise. You might want to wear them to:

Minimize soreness – Compression leggings help your lymphatic system by encouraging the drainage of lactic acid build-up, which occurs during exercise. This way minimizes inflammation during your workout and reduces soreness after exercise. It may even minimize recovery time between workouts.

Improve ailments – Medical compression leggings can improve circulation issues, swollen legs or ankles, and nerve pain.

Improve balance – Compression is known to stimulate the body’s sensory receptors to improve balance and awareness. This makes compression leggings beneficial for those who practice yoga, too.

Reduce skeletal vibrations – Certain athletes—such as runners—experience skeletal vibrations that can be unpleasant to the bones and muscles. The leggings may alleviate those problems with compression.

Where to buy compression leggings

You can purchase a wide range of compression leggings online, from therapeutic to supportive. Therapeutic leggings are best for workouts or for those who stand or sit for long periods. Supportive leggings can be used when recovering from an injury or to prevent swelling during long road trips or plane rides.

Compression leggings offered by Lymphedema Products

Lymphedema Products carries a wide range of medical compression leggings from brands like Juzo, Sigvaris, and Solidea. Our selection includes designs for men and women. Solidea Uomo Plus Active Massage Leggings for men is made with Micro Massage 3D wave knit technology, with light graduated compression to prevent lymphedema, enhance microcirculation, and therapeutic compression for the calf, thighs, lower back, and buttocks.

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