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Available Knee-High Compression Garment Manufacturers
BSN Jobst

Compression Knee-Highs

We stock a wide range of medical-grade knee high compression garments, from trusted manufacturer, BSN Jobst. Options run the gamut from casual and active wear stockings for both men and women, to sheer support hose for women. Other items are designed to address specific concerns, such as ulcer prevention or treatment, or the formation of potentially dangerous embolisms.

Some of these stockings are easy on the budget, getting the job done with little fuss, for an affordable price. Others focus on comfort, while emphasizing style and visual appeal. Jobst Ultrasheer Medical Legwear in Diamond Pattern, is an example of this happy marriage between function and fashion. Available in two color choices, these stockings are lightweight and attractive for everyday or office wear, while still supplying medical-grade compression. With these stylish stockings, it's unlikely anyone will suspect you're wearing compression hosiery.

BSN Jobst also carries various selections for men, including forMen Medical Legwear. Available in several colors, and three grades of medical compression, these knee-high stockings are appropriate for dress or everyday wear. Worn under slacks, it's unlikely anyone will ever suspect that these fashionable sock-like garments are actually working to help prevent fatigue and prevent fluid accumulation. Choose from open-toe or closed-toe stockings.

For weekend warriors who desire a slight edge, we offer Jobst ActiveWear stockings. These energizing athletic socks help massage the muscles of the calves and ankles, to enhance circulation and help reduce inappropriate fluid accumulation. Available in a range of medical grade compression levels.

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