Our Favorite Compression Garment Patterns for the Summer

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Summer accessories

Our Favorite Compression Garment Patterns for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to let your creative side blossom and show off your true colors. Fortunately, custom compression garments have come a long way. These days, there are dozens of ways to express your creativity and proclaim your individuality. You can do so while sporting patterns that run the gamut from fun to frivolous to outright artistic. Or maybe you’d prefer to express a breezy approach to life or to proclaim your fondness for floral prints.

LympheDiva Compression Garments

At Lymphedema Products we carry a full line of creative, fun prints from the LympheDIVAs line of arm sleeves and glove sets.

Created by a breast cancer survivor, the LympheDIVAs line of products is described as “medically correct and fashionable compression apparel for the savvy…survivor with lymphedema.” As noted by LympheDIVAs, “a positive mindset can often lead to a much better physical response.” This encapsulates the LympheDIVAs philosophy. It embraces the notion that while compression wear is a necessary component of proper lymphedema treatment, it can also be fun, and may actually help boost positive outcomes. In essence, compression wear that’s fun to wear can boost your mood and buoy your confidence. And that could make all the difference.

Select Patterns for Summer

With nearly 100 unique patterns to choose from—and more being created all the time—there is no shortage of ways to express your individuality this summer through your choice of arm sleeves and/or gauntlets for the control of arm lymphedema. To get you started we’ve narrowed things down to these top contenders:


A colorful garden of stylized flowers freshly gathered from a lush summer landscape decorates these garments. Don this bold print, make your entrance and rest assured that no one will mistake you for a shrinking violet.

LympheDiva Flora Arm Sleeve
LympheDIVAs Flora Compression Sleeve

Bloomin’ Betty Dark

Another heavily floral print, this creative design features vibrant flowers in shades of pink and blue against a dark background for maximum contrast and lasting impact.

LympheDiva Bloomin' Betty Compression Sleeve
LympheDIVAs Bloomin’ Betty Compression Sleeve

Secret Garden

Wear this classy print featuring rich red roses and twining berries and you will make no secret of your fondness for grand entrances, wherever you go.

LympheDiva Secret Garden Compression Sleeve
LympheDIVAs Secret Garden Compression Sleeve


Summer is synonymous with sunshine, and this print speaks volumes about sun-soaked, carefree days spent outdoors. Reminiscent of summer camp tie-dye, crafts-hut t-shirt projects gone right, this print captures the blithe spirit of the season.

LympheDiva Sunburst Compression Sleeve
LympheDIVAs Sunburst Compression Sleeve


Irises may reach their peak in the spring landscape, but here they make an appearance year-round. Reminiscent of classic stained glass works by Tiffany, this print is both bold and elegant, featuring rich blues, greens and subtle shades of purple.

LympheDiva Irises Compression Sleeve
LympheDIVAs Irises Compression Sleeve


Finally, we love the Ava print from LympheDIVAs with its joyous menagerie of songbirds. What could be more appropriate during the summer season of warmth and abundance in nature than festive songbirds proclaiming their freedom?

LympheDiva Ava Compression Sleeve
LympheDIVAs Ava Compression Sleeve
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