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LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet Sets by LympheDIVAs
LympheDIVAs garments were created by two women with lymphedema that wanted to develop a medical-grade garment that they would actually want to wear. When developing the garments their focus was on creating quality compression by using the latest cutting-edge technology. LympheDIVAs garments are knit in America using the covered yarn process which consists of inlay Lycra® with the Nylon filaments wrapped around it. Creating a garment that is durable and comfortable with 4-way stretch, producing less binding and a greater range of unrestricted motion. We pioneered the 3D seamless compression knit technique for our gauntlets and gloves, producing handpieces that are knit entirely in one piece directly on the machine with no unsightly and uncomfortable seams, providing greater hand freedom and unbound finger mobility. All garments are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, keeping the arm cool and dry all day.

LympheDIVAs goal is to empower patients to manage their lymphedema with style, grace, and confidence by giving them choice. That's why LympheDIVAs has designed a large collection that has something for everyone. All LympheDIVAs patterns are created by LympheDIVAs designers specifically for the sleeves, you will never find LympheDIVAs patterns anywhere else.
Available Patterns and Colors
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This product has 153 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Sleeve + Gauntlet Set
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
(Save $10 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
Solid Color Sleeve + Gauntlet Set
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
(Save $5 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
30-40 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Sleeve + Gauntlet Set
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
(Save $10 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
Solid Color Sleeve + Gauntlet Set
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
(Save $5 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
 I love my sleeve & guanlet. I receive compliments all the time. Everyone thinks they are cool. Size ran true to the size chart. Great prices, too. 
- Ruth B Taylor
- Ms Ver'na J Horton
 Easy to apply (using a rubber glove in the opposite hand as advised By my therapist). Really comfortable and feels very therapeutic. I ordered the cheaper plain beige sleeve to try this increased compression. Now I will order some attractive sleeves. Thank you for your support. An ex NJ resident. 
- Elizabeth Kane
 LympheDivas compression sleeves and gauntlets are wonderful. I haven't worn my uncomfortable old beige one since I got my first of three sets. They are very comfortable, easy to care for, don't snag easily, and the price isn't much different. Oh, and the gauntlet? It is a huge help but having no seem is priceless. My original medical supply one had a seam that rubbed a blister, these are comfortable. I took the advice to add a gauntlet and am glad I did. Without it my hand swells. With it I feel much better. I get compliments where ever I go. My Pastor loves my "Bones" set, it cracks him up. I feel like they express my personality. I want more sets when I can afford them. 
- Mrs Susan C Ketchum
 It was amazing, better than I had hoped for. It not only gives me the support that I need, but it is great looking! Quite the conversation piece! It actually looks like a real tattoo so it is a real fashion statement! 
- Judith K. Ziltner
 My 3rd time ordering from this company. Quick delivery and always as described. 
- Kerrie Torrisi
 I love both sleeves I bought. Can't wait til I see what I purchase next. Send me a reminder when you have sales. 
- Karen Lauter
 I liked the sleeve but it rolled down at the top with the diva band so I returned it for a medium instead of the small.I am waiting for it to arrive.Hope that works. 
- Ms Alice L Ball
 If we have to have lymphedema lets inform the world about it. I bought the peacock sleeve and gauntlet. I wanted something pretty and that would not show the dirt. This was perfect. I have had many people ask what I am wearing , it is so pretty. Then I explain what it is and why. The 2 work perfectly together and fit so well. I have just ordered my second set in the Glamazon. It looks just as good. 
- Mrs Cheryl Cowan
 Great I love my products and this the only place I will order from Great quality 
- Ms Angela N Walton
 Fits me well. Feels comfortable. 
- Angela R Laney
 People look twice when they see my arm they think it's tattoos. 
- Annette J Tidwell
 the garment is well made, easy to use and looks fantastic... lymphedema products is a great company to order from - they make ordering quick and easy. 
- Beverly Wasson
 Very pleased with set, pattern better than pictures 
- Barbara A Wagner
 Great fit. I love the flexibility of choosing a design 
- Sharon Combs
 I love the sleeve . it is tight but is not uncomfortable. Works better that way. Great service 
- Mrs Betty L Dodson
 I am very happy with the sleeve and gauntlet. In the past I have only had the custom made garments, so this was a delightful experiment and there is no going back! Thank you for your lovely and functional products! 
- Billie J Rinaldi
 I really like my new sleeve and gauntlet set. It is very comfortable and it seems much cooler than my custom made one. The air sees to go right through it! I will really be able to notice it on hot humid days!!! The colors are very pretty and look just like the pictures on computer. I am very happy with it!! 
- Mrs. Kathy A Hoover Hoover
 Ordering the sleeve on line was so easy and fast. I got exactly what I expected; a good quality product for a fair price! 
- Brenda S Valderas
 No problems at all with either the products or the ordering process! 
- Sheila Cunningham
 Love it! 
- Mrs Carol A Huey
 Now that I have tried these I won't wear a sleeve without the gauntlet. If I wear the sleeve and no gauntlet, my hand fills up. These garments are a treasure and uplift my spirit because they are so pretty. It's a "when life gives you lemons", sort of thing. I was sure they would be hot but they are really nice and cool and comfortable. I found I do need the glue to keep them from rolling down. They are good quality. 
- Mrs. Catherine M Phillips
 This is the first time I have ever worn a sleeve. I had real reservations, as I often get hives where there is pressure (purse strap, waist bands, etc.) I went to a lymphademist for preparation of ordering a sleeve, but in the preparation of wrapping the arm, huge hives appeared and she suggested we end the process. In lieu of the sleeve she was going to recommend, she suggested I continue self- manual lymph drainage and check out the sample sleeve that had been sent her because it was lightweight and might breathe better. I love it! I have been on some of my allergy medicine, but have had no trouble with my anticipated hives. The top band is very comfortable. 
- Cathy Farmer
 My only problem is your direction to machine wash and dry and NOT hand wash. Gauntlet gets a bit grungy. Will not have first evaluation by nurse until April but looks good so far. 
- Carol Douglas
 Great product. I now hav 7 of these. 
- Cheryl L Lee
 Love your products. I figure if I have to wear a compression sleeve, it might as well be pretty! 
- Chris Brinckerhoff
 If I have to wear compression sleeves, I want to wear fun ones. I love putting a different sleeve and gauntlet on each day. I get many comments from other people. Always positive 
- Carla Roberts
 The product is quickly delivered and nicely packaged. Knowing your correct size is very valuable. I receive fun comments from others about my sleeves. Many think at first it's a beautiful tattoo. It gives me the opportunity to explain lymphedema or encourage others who need these garments 
- Sally J. Hanson
 Fits good. Very comfortable, not hot. 
- Tammy H Barefoot
 I love this sleeve and gauntlet. I love the support it provides and I have gotten so many compliments on the design. 
- Denise Eichler Eichler
 I love my new sleeve! Comfortable and attractive. 
- Debbie Torrance Torrance
 I have the mandela sleeve and gauntlet. Originally thought it would be awful but it makes my arm and hand less swollen and more comfortable after a complex vascular surgery. It washes well and I miss it when I take it off. 
- Ms Denise P Travers
 I was very pleased with the fit & the design & color were exactly as seen online. I would definitely recommend. 
- Mrs Diane M Hutton
 Very pleased with both sets I bought. It's softer material than the beige color one I have. Wish they offered the Firefly design in pink also. 
- Dinah J Bolton
 The colors are very nice I have had people ask me at Physical therapy where I got my sleeves and gauntlets and I tell them the name of your company and your website. So hopefully they will order soon. 
- Mrs Elizabeth E Gluck Gluck
 After 5 years of wearing compression sleeves and gloves daily, I tried the Sea Breeze Diva Sleeve and Glove. The sleeve was perfect but the glove didn't fit well, the fingers were too long and it was too big in the palm. Fortunately this company allowed me to return the glove and sent me the matching gauntlet. I have worn them several times now and love the fit and fabric. I have now just ordered two more sets in Flora and South Pacific for a boating trip coming up. It makes Lymphedema more fun and I am happy to answer questions about my arm. This is one happy grandma. 
- Donna Palmer-Wilson
 Love the fabric, smooth on the skin with good compression. 
- Donna M Palmer-wilson
 Love the sleeves and gauntlet sets very comfortable, easy to wash and dry. I wear one every day on my left hand and arm. I am ready to see new patterns and would also like to see matching arm designs without compression to wear with short sleeve dresses maybe ones that look like lace. 
- Donna Wilson Wilson
 The lympheDIVAs arm sleeves and gauntlets sets are wonderful. They have consistent quality and fit. The material is easy to clean and is very comfortable. The fit for the gauntlet is anatomically correct which makes is extremely comfortable to wear! I am a fan! 
- Diane Pfeifer
 I bought one beige and one waves sets. The compression works well without being too binding. I have washed them per instructions and they came out well. The wave design is fun and gets a lot of comments. 
- Erin B Rogers
 The only problem I have is on the bottom of the sleeve is so very tight (small) 
- Brigitte M Boulton
 I rate this product very good. 
- Mrs Eluteria Elow-king
 I love my sleeve and gauntlet - they fit and feel great. Wearing them are helping tremendously with the lymphedema. Love that is can go in the washing machine and dryer. And, I am getting lots of compliments on it which is an added bonus! 
- Ms. Erin Pickering
 For fun and dressing up I love these designs! 
- Andree Kinnee
 This product meets all of my expectations. It is great it stays put and does not slide down. It washes beautifully. It is great. 
- Carolyn J Halt
 This products is great . I love the bright colors, and the fit. The measurements are very accurate with the fit. I have spread the word with my surgeon and oncologist, they are so expensive at the local medical supply outlet. 
- Carolyn J Halt
 The sleeve and the gauntlet are comfortable to wear. I will definitely be buying again. 
- Billy Pemberton
 I have always loved the LympheDIVAs. They are so comfortable and attractive too. 
- James E Fuday
 This was my second order for LympheDivas Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet I love the product for summer . . so much cooler and comfortable and considering everyone is seeing my Lymphedema arm all the time nice to have a few different styles to make me feel more like a girl and not just a cancer survivor . . 
- Patricia Gould
 I love all of the sets I purchased...great quality! 
- Gail D Myers Myers
 Thank you for having fashionable support products. 
- Roxann M Glick
 the patterns are really nice and I get alot of comments about the sleeve. 
- Gloria Rodriguez
 Good products and a great company for 
- Kathy Kramer
 Great daily solution. 
- Mrs Heather Smith
 Beautiful and bright, always brings compliments. 
- Jack Synan
 very comfortable 
- Jacqueline O Kelley Kelley
 I love the comfort of these product's. And all the different pattern's to choose from. 
- Jan Archey
 fits Great and does the job with out itching. 
- Jennifer Berryman
 I love this product. It is very comfortable to wear. 
- Judith Joan Engeltjes
 Perfect fit and live the print on it. 
- Jenyse White
 Very easy to order and expedited shipping. Products works great. 
- Jessie Denver Howett
 Highly recommend! Fit is perfect and comfortable, not binding. Love that it is washable and dryable! 
- Jill Potts
 Great service, outstanding product. Easy to get on and does a great job of keeping the swelling down. 
- Jill A Paul
 It arrived promptly, fits well and all my amigos think it is rocking. 
- Ms. Judith A Clericuzio
 The most comfortable sleeve I have ever had. The gauntlet is comfortable as well. They meet well beyond the end of each other that eliminates a gap that some sleeve and gauntlet or gloves creates. Always love the designs! 
- Janice M Gillespie Mrs
 Fits well,I love the pretty pattern. 
- Joanne Mattucci
 I was very happy with the sleeve and the service I would recommend them. 
- Janet Petrucci
 Very comfortable and fun designs. Very pricy. 
- Mrs Jacqueline S Paster
 This is the best compression sleeve ever!!! I bought the lymphediva in leopard print and hot pink!! They are so comfortable and cool too!! Love the material!! Really cute too!!!‚ù§Ô∏è 
- Mrs Judy N Weiland
 LOVE IT!!!! I'm recently diagnosed breast cancer and many complications one being lymphedema. I was unaware that sleeves don't last forever lol..I WILL ALWAYS PURCHASE from Lymphedema products...they are wonderful and shipment is timely. And they carry the brand Lymphediva's 
- Jacqueline Trudeau
 I LOVE THE LympheDIVAs sleeve and gauntlet sets!! Better yet is ordering them from "Lymphedema products" site!! The best deals for sure. THANK YOU 
- Jacqueline Trudeau
 Quality material and excellent customer service 
- Kandra S Conant
 I have received many compliments on it. And it really helps my arm. 
- Mrs Karen L Braun
 Because I can get the arm in a 'short length' as well as a 'small size', it fits much better than others and is more comfortable. I definitely recommend an arm sleeve and gauntlet versus a one piece so you easily remove the gauntlet when needed (like washing your hands). 
- Katrina Blackwell Blackwell
 Fit and function are spot on. I have short arms so fit can be a challenge for me. Its fashionable so I don't mind wearing it. 
- Katrina Blackwell
 Great fit and pretty designs to choose from. 
- Katharine Leigh
 OMG. BEST sleeve ever. People think that it's tattoos. I have lots of tattoos on my right arm but cannot tattoo left side because of the CANCER.I am very pleased to enjoy your wonderful product. I have purchased 2 so far. Am looking at a 3rd one. Pink. For my cancer.Love your product. Ill highly recommend.PEACE from Kat and Sadie. 
- Ms Kathryn A Wentz
 Really like your product but missed the band thing. It slips on me. I am very thin. 
- Ms Kathryn A Wentz
 So AWESOME. I love my Marakesh. The only thing I regret is I didn't see the optional band. I does slip on me some because I'm very thin.people think it's tattoos. I have lots of tattoos on my right arm. The sleeve really complements my tattoos. I am very pleased and will order another one soon. Thank you for bringing life .I am proud to wear your product.looking forward to ordering again. PEACE from Kat and Sadie. 
- Ms Kathryn A Wentz
 I love the support and ease of use. 
- Mrs Kathy Pachelli
 This was my first lymphedema product. I bought the Dalhia pattern in a sleeve & guanntlet for an overseas flight. They worked well. No swelling. Very pretty as well! 
- Kay Beil
 after getting help to insure the correct sizing, my order was perfect. the fabric and fit are excellent, the sleeve stays up without rolling or slipping. Very please with my purchase. 
- Kellene A Dunivan Dunivan
- Kelly Nehmen
 I love the designs and colors! 
- Mrs Kendra J Figueroa
 I love these sleeves! They feel and fit better than the regular ones you would get from "the hospital" that are a lot hotter and heavier. Very comfortable! I do wish though that the thumb was a little shorter. 
- Kendra Postma
 Love it! Might as well make a statement. 
- Kim G Gleason
 Lymphediva sleeves and gauntlets are made with strong, calibrated material that is also lightweight and attractive. I find my sleeves and gauntlets very comfortable and also stylish while they provide the compression I need. I intend to acquire more. 
- Ms. Karen M Wilkison
 As always, happy with the LympheDIVAs brand. Love the color and the feel. 
- Kathryn A Schmitt
 Good product. It is tight enough but does slip a little at the top. Would love it if they were less expensive. 
- Mrs. Beverly A Labuda
 I am so happy with my LympheDIVAs sleeves and gauntlet's. They are more comfortable and more attractive than the one that I purchased at the medical supply store. I feel more confident when wearing them, because it doesn't look like a "sleeve" at first glance. 
- Mrs. Laura W Mcdilda
 Great compression sleeves. So much more stylish than the typical beige sleeve. These are fun to wear and I have had many compliments. Now people say wow did you get a tattoo. Rather than Ohhh what's wrong with your arm. I wish that every woman that has gone through breast cancer treatment with unavoidable damage to lymphatic system be able to feel good about herself styling one the these LympheDIVAs sleeves. 
- Linda J Porter
 Beautiful! I get compliments every time I wear this set. Hint: Get the Diva band. I didn't on this one and it doesn't stay up as well as my other sets. Love, love, love LympheDIVAs sleeve and gauntlet sets. They are also more comfortable than my plain Jane beige set, too. 
- Mrs Karen M Couch
 These sleeves and gloves are wonderful. My hands hasn't felt this good in a very kind time. They give great compression across the knuckles and palm as well as the pad and thumb area. Is so nice to be able to make a tight fist again. The sleeves fit great and stay in place with the aid of the diva diamonds. I'll be buying these continuously. 
- Linda Sears
 This is a great arm sleeve. People seem to react better to a patterned, and nice looking sleeve rather than something medical looking. I would definitely recommend this sleeve if you need to wear one, the selection is amazing! 
- Laura Beaschler
 Quick service. Sleeve is as advertised. 
- Lydia J Collins
 I love my sleeve and gauntlet! Keeping it real, nobody with lymphedema likes wearing compression garments. But it's a "must do" feature of life. So it's really nice to have fun alternatives to the usual dull sleeves. I find my Lymphediva garments really comfortable and effective. AND they look great! 
- Mary Dolan
 Beautiful and comfy, easy care! 
- Mrs Mary M Humbert
 I love my new LympheDIVA arm sleeve and gauntlet set! It's very pretty and comfortable and makes my arm feel better. I'm an 11 year breast cancer survivor and the sleeve and guantlet helps keep my arm comfortable, especially when I'm lifting things. I've never worn a gauntlet before, but so happy that I bought one, as it helps with the slight feeling of swelling in my hand as well. I highly recommend and especially the LympheDIVA products. They have lots of color choices too! 
- Mrs. Michelle D. Buckingham
 Sleeve and gauntlet are great . :-) 
- Mrs Michelle A Drevlow
- Monica Fernandez
 I am very pleased and will buy again in the future. The prices are very reasonable. 
- Beth Mooney
 Unfortunately can't use because although ordered a small. It was too big. Have to have it custom made 
- Merline Pamplona
 I buy these every year. They are great and if there is a problem they fix it right away. 
- Mrs Linda M Lampugnano
 there are a beautiful piece of art, when I wear them everyone asks where did you get your ink. they are comfortable, I have four and will order more. 
- Terri L Nelson
 The sleee and gauntlet always match and provide secure compression. 
- Nina J Langley
 Love the patterns! 
- Nina J Langley
 Love this company! Great selection and easy to order. 
- Nina J Langley
 The sleeves and gauntlets are comfortable and attractive for daily wear and during exercise. They do have to be replaced about every 6 months, as the manufacturer says. 
- Ms Nancy Laulicht Seibel
 It's wonderful to have options to wear! Get great comments on your product. 
- Ms Patricia A Lucas
 Great quality and easy to order right size. Glad I ordered with the silicone in the end. 
- Perri White
 After going back and forth between sizes, I finally came up with what was perfect for new!! I love these products! The material is so soft, no seams, holds up to daily use for sure, washes well. Dries fast. Love the patterns, love the way it feels against my skin! The gauntlet is very comfortable, frees up my four fingers making it easier for me to do things around the house, and when I need to wash dishes or do something with food, I just put a rubber glove (pink of course!) and work as usual. I have purchase 2 sets with gauntlets so far, as well as two with gloves, and intend to purchase many more! People love them, they stop me all the time to find out what it is and where I got them. Have already told many breast cancer survivors about this site. 
- Mr Thomas Di Giacomo
 Love the patterns. Love the fit. 
- Susan Searcy
 Love the design. Love that these are easier to have clothes slide over them. 
- Ms Susan Searcy Searcy
 Great purchase. Have had lots of compliments on my new sleeves. Will definitely order again. Great service and received order fast. 
- Cheryl A Thomas
 Great products and fast service! 
- Cheryl A Thomas
 Great sleeve have compliments on it all the time !!!! 
- Claire Walker
 Great sleeve love the fit and design!!!! 
- Claire Walker
 Love the colorful arm sleeve and gauntlet! Looking forward to wearing them on a flight to China. Still don't know if it is necessary, but who wouldn't want to take all precautions. After the trauma of breast cancer, any aid to wellness is much appreciated. 
- Rachel Phillips
 Good fit and easy to wear. Also stylish. 
- Harriette Richard
 I love this upper extremity compression sleeve. Light weight and comfortable. I wear it if I know that I will be using my arm more than usual. It helps decrease lymphatic fluid from building up and causing discomfort. I am very pleased. 
- Rita P Crouch
 I absolutely love my sleeve and gauntlet and get lots of looks (in a good way). Can't wait to buy another one soon. No matter what they are hot down south but these don't feel as hot as others that I've had. Still hoping glows come out real soon. 
- Mrs Roxanne H Johnson
 From the beginning this sleeve was a delight.. It fit perfectly and for the warm Florida days is an excellent weight..I wear it for my gym workouts and the gauntlet gives me free range of motion for the free weights that I use. Mostly it is fun..The folks I work out with enjoy my wearing it.. Makes the day bright 
- Sabina R Meyer
 I LOVE LympheDivas sleeves. They are so comfortable. I'm a quilter and knitter/crocheter, and the sleeve in no way impedes my movement. I'm very grateful to the founders of LympheDivas for creating beautiful garments. I love the colors and prints. 
- Ms Sandra K Silvestri
 Quickly delivered. Product is as represented. 
- Sara I Miller
 Love the products. I have recommended my fellow cancer patients 
- Julie Barrett
 The lace pattern looks a little more dressy than the plain one. Its very confortable. 
- Ms. Toni J Burst
 Compression Arm Sleeve and Gaunlet set are very helpful to reducing my arm swelling. Really enjoy the comfort of the Diva band. Stylish designs make scence for work in an office. 
- Susan D Schenk
 Love it will replace an older sleeve 
- Anita L Lenker
 Love the sleeves/gauntlets. They are comfortable and really help with my lymphedema. Besides that, I get compliments on them all the time because they look cool, which makes me feel lots better :) 
- Susan C Hulton
 Great product! 
- Mrs Kathleen B Mccall
 I have 3 different sleeves that can coordinate (mostly) with whatever I am wearing. I get many second looks and frequent questions about my sleeves because they are so unique and stylish. They are comfortable and fit well without much slippage. I do gently hand wash my sleeves and air dry them and they are holding up well after several months. 
- Ms Susan Shlyakhov
 Love these, very cute. Good price for this product. 
- Sharon W. Gingras
 Wonderful help to me and so comfortable with fit, compression and style 
- Mrs Penny M Feierabend
 I am so happy with my sleeve and gauntlet ! I intend to order another next month and already have color selected. 
- Mrs Penny M Feierabend
 Excellent care and wonderful customer service 
- Joyce Smith
 Fit great. Seems to help a lot. Thanks 
- Trudy Statham
 Fun product and the diamond grid in the upper arm holds the sleeve secure. Love it people actually thought I was wearing a tatoo 
- Mrs Marlene Udovich
 Helping me greatly! Wish they were a little less expensive. 
- Ms Susan Spinks
 Yes I waited so long to order my sleeves and it is it is just a great relief that was my first order I will be ordering some more later of the same order thank you for your product if it's great 
- Victoria B Thomas
 Works well, great colors, I get lots of complements and I am frequently asked where I got my sleeve. 
- Ms Ver'na J Horton
 It is beautiful, lightweight and comfortable 
- Ms Patricia Wilkinson Wilkinson
 The most comfortable sleeve I have ever worn. The colorful pattern makes it the first sleeve I look forward to wearing 
- Ms Patricia Wilkinson Wilkinson
 Just what I wanted. A little bit of muted colors to brighten the day. Fit is good. Did get a pull in it, but was able pull back in. 
- Wynetta Sue S Moser
 This set is made from the only material my skin can tolerate. The other sleeves scratch, even if I am not actually allergic to them ( latex allergy). Also, having pretty designs makes me feel slightly less awful about having lymphedema. I am saving up to buy these in sets of three, as the savings are good. The sleeves are a little too long for me in a long, but I hesitate to purchase the medium, as I do have long arms (5.73/4 inches tall). I will, however, eventually do so. I do purchase the medium glove now. The large was just a little too long for my hand, although I do still wear it just for gym and lifting. I wear a 7.5 glove. Overall, I am much more pleased with these than the samples of custom-made garments I was shown. Lots of compliments on the design; I live in Asheville NC and many folks sport tatooes. So I blend in! 
- Ms Willetta Thomson Ms
 This fits great and has the right amount of support for me. AND it's cute! 
- Ms Yvette M Rippee
 Love it. This is my second set. I wear them for airplane travel, yoga and the gym. Very comfortable and nice looking. Easy care. 
- Shoshana Zax
 This was my second and third set from LympheDIVAs. I really love the designs. Makes me feel a little less clinical! I love the Irises, but the Tranquility is a lovely little design that looks very feminine. 
- Leanne Tupper
 When I was diagnosed with lymphedema, my husband went online and found lymphediva and we purchased the breast cancer ribbon compression sleeve. Love it. So I decided to purchase the blue butterflies as my Christmas present to me! 
- Mrs Diane R Zemanovic
 This is my 3rd purchase and I’m very pleased with my sleeve(s) and gauntlet(s) 
- Deborah Reynolds
 I love my compression sleeves from LympheDivas. They are comfortable and never loosen and so many styles. I would highly recommend them 
- Deborah Sullivano
 I love this product. As a bakery manager, I am in a very warm workplace and these sleeve are defiantly cooler and more comfortable. I have worn these three years and am now needing new ones. I am so excited to see even more new designs. When I had a problem with an order it was quickly and courteously handled. 
- Laurie Winder Gerstemeier
 Got the "Athena" style Sleeve/Guantlet set. So Beautiful. My Mom who does not even like tattoos saw it on my arm and complimented it saying "what a beautiful tattoo." I told her it was a sleeve for Lymphedema and she was astonished. I have gotten nothing but compliments since I began wearing it. It is so well fitting and the fabric is very smooth - not scratchy or hot. Compared to other brands that I have seen, this brand is far superior in color, style and material quality. Well worth the money spent. 
- Mr. Harry Cooper II
 Since I was first diagnosed with lymphedema, I have been fitted for sleeves by hospital-based physical therapists twice. Neither time did the sleeves fit well (too short or wouldn't stay put), and once the gauntlet fit too tightly (couldn't move my thumb comfortably). This time, I self-measured for my LympheDIVAs sleeve and gauntlet, using the provided instructions. The support is excellent--and they both fit perfectly! They also look nice, because of the pattern. The only suggestion I have for others is to cut your fingernails WAY back before trying to put on your sleeve...second wearing, one of my nails (which I have always worn short) snagged the top and started a runner. Thankfully, this has stopped progressing (at 3 inches). I am very careful, now, and keep my nails beneath the tips of my fingers. 
- Sara Schmidt
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