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Are Compression Boots the Real Deal?

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Compression boots are the latest fad among certain well-heeled elite athletes, not to mention aspiring weekend warriors. You may not have heard of these boots, but they’re gaining traction. So what are they, and do they really deliver significant exercise-recovery benefits?  Also known as air compression boots, or compression recovery boots, these devices consist of a pair of spacesuit-looking (Antarctic …

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Can Early Detection Lead to Lymphedema Prevention?

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Can Early Detection Lead to Lymphedema Prevention? Lymphedema is a condition that may manifest at any time after treatment for breast cancer. While it may appear within weeks of radiation, surgery, or other therapies, it may also occur at any point within five years, or longer, after a woman has undergone successful treatment for her cancer. Lymphedema prevention is a …

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Preventing Lymphedema after Breast Cancer

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The statistics regarding lymphedema following breast cancer diagnosis and treatment may appear a bit discouraging at first. But things are not entirely grim. For instance, a 2009 study concluded that up to 42% of breast cancer survivors experienced some form of lymphedema within five years of receiving treatment.

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Caring For Your Skin With Lymphedema

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Most patients affected by lymphedema eventually discover that the skin in affected areas undergoes certain changes compared to skin covering other parts of the body. Lymphedema is characterized by an inappropriate buildup of lymph in the spaces between cells, which leads to swelling, discomfort and other problems in the affected localized area.

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Venous Insufficiency 101

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As the name implies, venous insufficiency is a condition characterized by veins that do not work as well as they should. Of course, the job of veins is to return oxygen- and nutrient-depleted blood from the body’s organs and tissues back to the heart and lungs, for immediate re-oxygenation and recirculation.

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Lymphedema & Accupuncture: What Do the Experts Say?

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To many Westerners, the very notion of acupuncture for relief from serious medical conditions is laughable. But the ancient Eastern art has many proponents, who claim the practice offers some benefits that are not easily explained by conventional medicine. Lymphedema is a chronic condition, and people diagnosed with lymphedema deserve to have all potential treatments investigated objectively.

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Lymphedema 101

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Lymphedema is a chronic condition characterized by swelling and/or discomfort in affected areas of the body. Under ordinary circumstances, the clear fluid that bathes the spaces between the body’s cells (interstitial, or extracellular fluid) drains into local lymphatic vessels, where it is recirculated toward the heart and into the general circulation. This fluid is called lymph when it circulates through the lymphatic vessels.

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How Do Lymphedema Wraps Work?

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Lymphedema is a chronic condition that occurs as a result of a localized lymphatic drainage problem. Such problems may arise in various parts of the body, due to damage from any number of possible causes. Surgery or radiation for cancer treatment is a frequent cause of this damage. A significant percentage of women who undergo surgery and/or radiation therapy for the treatment of breast cancer will experience lymphedema