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A New Way of Diagnosing Lymphedema?

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Recently, doctors involved in lymphedema research at Tomsk University, Siberia, announced a potential new method for diagnosing lymphedema. The method combines an imaging technology known as “multiphoton imaging” with sophisticated computing known as machine learning. Multiphoton imaging enables real-time analysis of living tissue, using near-infrared light. In essence, the technique allows scientists to look more deeply into skin tissue without …

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Common Skin Conditions to Lookout for With Lymphedema

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Lymphedema is a chronic condition characterized by swelling in an affected limb or area of the body. Lymphedema typically manifests after trauma or following certain treatments for conditions such as breast cancer. These treatments, including surgical removal of underarm lymph nodes, chemotherapy, or radiation, may damage or destroy local lymph nodes and/or vessels. Careful management of symptoms may slow or …

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Improve Functionality with Lymphedema Exercises

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Maintaining a healthy lymphatic system is in everyone’s best interest. It’s not just for patients diagnosed with the lymphatic system disorder, lymphedema. The lymphatic system consists of a network of vessels and nodes — plus the spleen. These vessels and nodes are present throughout the body, roughly paralleling the more familiar blood circulatory system. But there’s one key difference. While …