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At Lymphedema Products, we strive to be your comprehensive marketplace for all things related to the control of lymphedema. To that end, we stock an impressive selection of medical compression garments/items. Compression wear often features graduated compression. It's a integral component of your medical care, used to effectively reduce the incidence and severity of symptoms related to the undesirable buildup of lymph fluid in the tissues of the body.

Lymphedema may occur virtually anywhere in the body. Some places are more common than others, however. The arms, for example, are frequently affect by lymphedema among women who have undergone procedures related to the treatment of breast cancer. The surgical removal of lymph nodes from the underarms, for instance, often leads to swelling in the affected arm(s), as lymph fluid fails to recirculate properly and builds up, causing swelling and pain. Lymphedema is also common in the lower extremities; the calves, ankles and feet. Graduated medical compression wear, featuring appropriate levels of medical-grade compression, can provide significant relief from the undesirable buildup of fluids in the legs and ankles.

Many people who benefit from the use of compression wear must wear their compression items or garments on a routine basis. This involves putting the items on, and taking them off, at prescribed times. People who live alone may struggle to don and doff their items without assistance. That's where donning/doffing aids come in. These products are designed to streamline the process of putting on and taking off your compression wear. These ingeniously designed aids can make it a snap to get into and out of your compression wear.

In addition to devices specifically designed to facilitate the donning/doffing process, Lymphedema Products offers a line of donning/doffing accessories; products that are used in conjunction with donning/doffing aids to further enhance the usefulness or functionality of a given aid. Examples include specially designed "donning" gloves. We offer items from leading manufacturers, such as Medi, Juzo, and BSN Jobst. We're also proud to offer our own Lymphedema Products brand of gloves, called EZY Donning Gloves. They're available in two colors and a variety of sizes.

Donning gloves facilitate the donning/doffing process by greatly increasing one's ability to grip and hold onto the compression item you're attempting to fit into, whether its a stocking or an arm sleeve. Featuring material on the palms that enhances gripping, these gloves make it much easier to grip your compression wear, while preventing your fingernails from snagging the highly engineered material. Durable, form-fitted, washable, and comfortable, these gloves help streamline the donning/doffing process every day, so you can get the relief you need from lymphedema.

Other available accessories include gloves from other major manufacturers, a "patient compliance kit" from Medi, and Compression Assist lubricating lotion from HDP. The latter is hailed as a must-have accessory that is smoothed onto the skin before application of your garment. Compression Assist lotion is hypoallergenic, non-greasy, and safe to use on delicate skin. It reduces friction and makes it so much easier to don, doff, and adjust your compression wear without creating creases or wrinkles in the fabric of the compression garment.

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