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Rubber Gloves - Ridged


Rubber Gloves - Ridged by Sigvaris
Sigvaris Rubber Gloves feature super grip and ridged palm texture to provide added application assistance for applying and removing compression garments while also providing protection from jewelry and fingernails.
This product has 63 reviews.
Box (12 pairs)
 With out theses gloves.... I would never be able to put my stockings on.... Great product 
- Annette Cappozzoli
 The gloves are the perfect aid to adjust compression hose for a perfect comfortable fit. 
- Ms. Helen H Timpe
 These gloves make putting on compression pantyhose really I couldn't do without them. 
- Mrs Trina Mcelligott
 Your customer service Representative, Lakea, was very courteous and helpful in getting my gloves exchanged for a larger size. I emailed her and told her she has my vote for Employee of the month. 
- Mr Harold T Shriver
 I love the gloves! It would be very difficult to get my thigh highs on without them. They are great for getting out the wrinkles. 
- Janean Brooks
 Very helpful and necessary to get the compression hose on. 
- Anne M Jones
 Definitely need them to put in hose 
- Ms Beverly Feller Feller
 Comfortable & functional 
- Ms Beverly Feller
 Perfect for getting my 30-40 thigh highs on and so much easier. 
- Mrs Mary E Harris
 They are a great glove, Need them for putting on my day and nighttime garments - please always carry them. 
- Ms. Carol A. Colt
 These are especially effective in helping me put on my garments for my legs don't know what I would do if I didn't have these, please always carry them, thank you. 
- Ms. Carol A. Colt
 I love these gloves for putting on my compression sleeves or smoothing out wrinkles in my compression socks. 
- Cheryl A Roy
 Works great! As my husband helps me putting on compression stockings. Much easier and less painful. 
- Sally Hasselbach
 These gloves are the only ones I found to work Thanks CMS 
- Constance M Scanlan
 I could not do without these great gloves Thanks 
- Constance M Scanlan
- Constance M Scanlan
 The best donning gloves. Nothing compares. 
- Carol Olinger
 Quality as offered. 
- Thomas S Mcconnell
 Makes getting my compression socks on, so much easier 
- Dave A Nelson
 These gloves work great when applying sleeves and support compression hose. The first pair I had lasted many years. 
- Donna Bondy
 Very easy to use and less stressful. I would like to know if there is a way to receive another foot paper that you put on your foot to help the product go on your foot and heel easier. 
- Debbie Nowell
 I would not be without these gloves to aid in putting on my sleeve. It makes so much easier and quicker to dress in the morning. 
- Deborah Iversen
 Products are excellent. We use them extensively. 
- Thelma K Aurand
 I have been wearing a compression sleeve since 2002. I am a cancer survivor of 16 years. The sleeve has allowed me to do almost anything that I need to do with the exception of a lot of repeated motion. I have gone on disaster trips and worked 12 hours a day for a week without complications. 
- Eleanor Talley
 Works great to get my compression sleeve on much more easily. 
- Beverly Falls
 Great gloves 
- Annette Cappozzoli
 I've used different kinds of gloves..... these are the best in the market .... 
- Annette Cappozzoli
 These gloves do their job extremely well and are indispensable in putting the socks on and, more importantly, in removing them. 
- Mr. Francis A. Croce
 Great product! Takes a lot of the stress of putting compression garments on away. 
- Mr Rodney J Herr
 I need a large size 
- James Cho M
 These gloves make getting the hose on easier as I have to use them every day for my thigh high compression hose. They do have a long life. 
- Mrs Barbara R Clark
 Effective, heavy yet easy to don gloves help so much in putting on compression hose. 
- Esther Jean Hardman
 The only glove I have found that I can get my compression hose on. 
- Jerry A Phillips
 These gloves are very helpful. 
- Mrs Judith R Sowada
 The gloves are perfect for my Juzo stocking. 
- Linda M Girouard
 Works great putting on my compression socks. 
- Linda L Graves
 My husband wears compression socks 40-50 and he has to use these to get his socks up to his knees...very good product 
- Mrs. Lorraine L Cook
 The ridged rubber gloves work very well with the compression stockings -- after one learns how to use them! 
- Marcia Bernheisel
 I like it very much. I would like it even more if I could purchase a single glove rather than a pair. 
- Mary Murphy
 Couldn't put the compression stocking on or off without them. 
- Marilyn V Maclay
 Don't know how I'd manage without these gloves. 
- Mrs Marilyn V. Maclay
 With the heavy compression stockings, these make putting them on possible! 
- Dr Margaret Noyes
 As good as the original pair that came with the stockings. 
- Mr. Moss Picard
 You can't get the socks on without them, trust me. 
- Nancy J Geib
 These gloves are very good. They make it much easier to put on my thigh high compression garment. 
- Mrs. Pamela R. Langley
 These are a significant part of getting my compression stockings on - could not live without them! 
- Dr Patricia M Haynor
 These gloves are easy to get on and off and really do help in putting on the compression socks. I am so glad that I have them. 
- Ms Pat Niehaus
 These gloves are the only ones I use to help with compression hose. They grip well and last a very long time before needing to replace them. Kitchen rubber gloves don't work. Well worth the investment. 
- Mrs. Patricia J Paczkowski
 The ridges are substantial enough to adjust my leg garments easily. I already had a pair of regular household rubber gloves, but the ridges were not strong enough to make adjustments. These work perfectly. 
- Carol Adamovic
 Works great for purpose intended 
- Mr Richard E Klugherz
 They work great to help put leg compression garments on correctly. 
- Richard S Linkemer Richard S Linkemer
 They work! Be careful not to order them too small. I ordered the medium ones first and they were a little big. The second time I ordered them, I tried the small, but they are hard to get off.. They still work wonderfully helping with getting the stocking on and off. 
- Ms. Susan A Fair
 The gloves do help moving the compression stockings. 
- Samuel Johnson Johnson
 These gloves do the trick, couldn't get my compression socks on without them. My only ‚Äúcomplaint ‚Äú is that they are so difficult to put on! 
- Mrs Susan M Goldberg Goldberg
 I think they are the best gloves to use 
- Susan C Iandiorio
 The gloves work very well. The best I have tried. 
- Mrs Carrie L Abbott
 Have tried many, many rubber gloves and these are by far the best! 
- Charles L Abbott
 Comfortable and sturdy ridged rubber gloves that make it so much easier to don thick lymphedema stockings. I have tried others and keep going back to these. 
- Gail Cuoco
 great donning gloves for helping to put on compression sleeve! 
- Theresa Wilson
 these medical gloves are terrific and such a big help in putting on compression sleeve. both my husband and I have a pair and they last a long time as well. 
- Theresa Wilson
 They worked very well. The fit is true to size. 
- Patricia A A Beidle
 I should have ordered a large but I am making due with the s/m size. I only needed the right hand glove so all is well. 
- Dr William Wester Ii
 They help a lot to get.the stockings on 
- Bonnie Eismann
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