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ALPS Fitting Lotion


ALPS Fitting Lotion by Juzo
ALPS Fitting lotion is an odorless, smooth, and silky lotion that aids in the application of compression garments. It is silicone-based with added skin conditioner that absorbs into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue.
This product has 9 reviews.
Individual Pieces
4oz Bottle 
4oz Bottle - case (12 pieces)
 This product has been exceptional for putting on compression hose. I highly recommend it. 
- Lynna Murdock
 Perfect lotion to ease putting on my sleeve for Lymphedema! 
- Empress Judith Moorman
 This product works well and helps me get my sleeve on without causing damage to it. 
- Empress Judith Moorman
 I spilled my last bottle of Alps and had at least a six month supply all over my dresser. I immediately ordered 2 new bottles as it is the best product I have found to help slide my lymphedema sleeve on. 
- Diane Phillips
 With use of gator slides garment on so much easier. 
- Nancy Haynes
 This helps me a lot! I haven't been able to get much help out if the gloves but this does the trick for me along with a foot slippie. 
- Deborah Martinez
 I use this prior to putting on a compression sleeve. It definitely helps the sleeve slide on more easily. I've had lymphedema for several years and it's still significant. My elbow gets chafed with the sleeve on. I won't put on a sleeve without it! 
- Sherry Klumpp
 I wear flat weave compression sleeves which are difficult to get on. The fitting lotion provides great assist in sliding the sleeve into position. Highly recommend this product. 
- Linda Cookingham
 This product is wonderful! I did not know it existed until I did some research, and discovered it on the Juzo website. Next I found out that your company had it in stock for sale. The product makes donning my "Compression Garments MUCH easier. Your representatives who are selling "Compression Garments" should mention "Alps Prosthetic Fitting Lotion" to everyone who purchases one. 
- Mr Richard S Linkemer
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