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Juzo Donning Gloves


Juzo Donning Gloves by Juzo
Juzo Donning Gloves are a high quality, latex-free donning option that feature a non-slip, easy grip surface on the palm and fingers to help ease your compression garment on while protecting the fabric from punctures caused by jewelry or fingernails.
This product has 9 reviews.
Box (12 pairs)
 I love these gloves. They make it much easier to put on my compression stockings. I have long nails; but with the gloves, I do not worry about damaging the stockings because of them. 
- Denise Jaramillo
 Very Good 
- Mr. Donald E Deloach
 I waited too long - much of the struggle is over. 
- Don Whitehead
 Does the job for assisting in putting on and taking off my compression socks. 
- Clarence Weems
 Great product for smoothing out garment 
- Ms Nancy N Fifer
 Excellent product making it easier to put on the stocking without worrying about ripping them 
- Henry L Mccreary
 Just what I needed. R. DeVilbiss 
- Mr Richard N Devilbiss Sr
 Great gloves to help you smooth out your compression sleeve and not snag the material. 
- Ms Phyllis Fox
 Great quality glove that allows me to put on my sleeve, without worrying about ripping the fabric. It also allows me to quickly put on my sleeve and pull it all of the way up my arm. 
- Ruthann England
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