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Medi Stocking Application Gloves


Medi Stocking Application Gloves by Medi
Medi Stocking Application Gloves feature super grip, textured palms and finger pads to provide added application assistance and protection for stockings from jewelry and fingernails.
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Medi Stocking Application Gloves - pair 
Case (12 pairs)
- Ms Barbara Vitale
 so easy to adjust sleeve with these gloves- game changer. 
- Becky Williams
 These gloves are the best I have used for applying compression stockings 
- Eldie Covert
 They make putting on compression and regular stockings a breeze 
- Jacqueline Bell
 These gloves do the trick. 
- Gayle P Smith
 Works very well to help get sleeve up my arm. 
- Sylvia Mitchell
 Makes putting on sleeve much easier! 
- Sylvia A Mitchell
 Works great. Why did I think about this before 
- Sylvia Bp B Dodgin
 These offer the only way my arthritic hands can get my knee highs into place without damaging them. 
- Gail H H Wilson
 These fot well and work great. Makes dressing easier on my hands and keeps my nails from tearing the threads in my lymphadema garments 
- Susan M Wood
 The gloves work great! They make putting on my compression stockings so easy. 
- Mrs. Jacqueline T Boutell
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