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Jobst Donning Gloves

BSN Jobst

Jobst Donning Gloves by BSN Jobst
Jobst donning gloves provide an inexpensive, yet durable and practical solution to assist in donning your compression garments. Featuring a PVC mesh grip coating, they provide superior grip for donning and positioning, while providing protection to the garment from rips, tears or punctures which may be caused by fingernails, chapped skin, or jewelry. Comprised of 60% latex and 40% nylon, the Jobst´┐Żdonning gloves are durable and yet very comfortable to wear. Jobst Donning Gloves feature: (1) superior grip that creates friction to help distribute the compression garment to your body; (2) a non-slip surface on the glove, so you can comfortably don and smoothly distribute elastic, close-fitting, and damageable materials; (3) superior protection to help prevent damage to the garment from sharp edges, fingernails, and chapped skin; (4) a breathable knit design in an array of sizes to find a perfect fit for every hand
This product has 15 reviews.
Jobst Donning Gloves - pair 
 Works great 
- Bruce Cote
 very hellpful 
- Carolyn D Conner
 Definately makes it much easier to don compression hose! 
- Charles B. Mylius
 I have been search medical supplies stores with no success. They always recommend a lawn and garden or grocery store for gloves and I'm sorry they just don't work. 
- Mrs. Donna Hendricks
 I do like this product and I will buy it again... 
- Frank J Grosso Mr.
 A necessity for putting on leggings. 
- Susan M Gomes
- Judy Gambill
 Best for jobst compression garment but not as good for Juzo garments. 
- Kari Formsma
 Essential tool for compression stockings. 
- Katherine Monahan
 I like these gloves. My hose goes on much easier. 
- Mrs Mary Alice Paschal
 Wish I had known about this product sooner 
- Mrs Marjorie J Jasper
 excellent product and service. Makes get the socks on a lot easier 
- Mandi L Aldrich Peters
 so helpful putting on my compression garments 
- Patricia Fitzsimmons
 Very helpful! 
- Mrs. Mary E. Kelley
 Excellent grip and very durable. Not the best for being able to feel the garment through however. 
- Mr. Ross Westbrook
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