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Lymphedema Products EZY Donning Gloves by Lymphedema Products
Lymphedema Products is proud to present the Ezy Glove. These donning and doffing gloves are an easy way to help extend the life of all compression garments from stockings to arm sleeves. The Ezy Glove feature an extra strength super gripping palm that makes donning and doffing compression garments effortless and helps protect garments from snags, runs and tears caused by fingernails and jewelry. They are extremely durable, form-fitted for comfort, washable, and are available in colors that appeal to men and women.
This product has 45 reviews.
Box 5 Pairs
 The fit of the small size is perfect for my small hands. These are my favorite gloves and I have had several pairs! 
- Valli A Church
 Very good product. I have used this glove before and I am a repeat customer. They makes donning compression sleeves on my wife who suffers from lymphedema easier. 
- Anselmo Garcia
 I use these gloves every day for donning my compression thigh high stockings and my sleeve. I tried regular rubber gloves and they didn't work at all. These are perfect - glad you carry them to make my compression garments easier to don and my life easier. 
- Annette J Tidwell Tidwell
 Works very well. 
- Mary Civitella
 Good value. Gets the job done. Reasonable price. 
- Billy Mcdaniel
 These gloves are strong and have great gripping capability with my 40MMAH compression socks. They last usually around a month or so before needing replacement. I get 5 pairs at a time. They do go on Backorder from time to time so it's smart to keep some in stock in your supplies. 
- Donald M Campbell
 These are great gloves with an amazing grip to help with compression socks. 
- Donald M Campbell
 Strong gloves with great gripping power to help me get off my 40 compression socks. 
- Donald M Campbell
 I bot these gloves along with the easy slide. I like the gloves better. They make it easy to put the stockings on and take them off. With a bit of practice you find use for one hand or both hands for various tasks. If there is an inconvenience it is the need to put them on and take them off sometimes frequently when donning and removing a stocking. The compensation is that they make quick work of donning or removing a stocking/. 
- Alfred Rosen
 I have secondary lymphedema and my brother has primary. I visited him recently and he did not know about your products. He has the garment on his right leg and did not know about the gloves! I ordered them for him on the spot. He is SOOO pleased. With arthritis in his hands, these gloves make handling his garment so much easier for him. THANKS 
- Carol L Becker Becker
 I don't know how I could possibly use compression stockings with these gloves. Money well spent! 
- Casey A Thomas
 They work great. ‚ù§Ô∏è 
- Ms Candace R Raper
 These gloves are great. Fit well, comfortable, good grip. Excellent product--highly recommended! 
- Mrs Cynthia S Carpenter Carpenter
 I received an old EZY glove with my compression sleeve from the person who filled my order. I then bought non -latex gloves from the same company who made the sleeve. Did not work well, so I ordered new EZY gloves. They work like a charm in getting the sleeve on right and off. Essentially, I'm massaging the arm with them on. 
- Mrs Claudia C Daileader
 These gloves ( the shorter cuff version ) are really the answer for anyone needing to apply--pull on--or pull off a compression garment!!! The gloves allow the user to pinch or grab the material in order to relieve any fabric that has rolled and needs to be pulled out so as to not create a Tourniquet and possibly cause harm to tissue. They make it easier to pull the garment up to the place it needs to cover in order for the compression to do it's job. 
- Deborah Cvs Randall
 Can't put the socks on without them. Great to have to pull the kinks out. 
- Paul D Dussinger
 Very helpful in donning sleeves and gloves. 
- Diane E Baker
 These donning gloves are amazing! However, the pair I purchased were way too big for my hands (large), so I'm hoping I can send them back and exchange them for a medium. I highly recommend these gloves. They are VERY well made. 
- Mrs. Kristine B. Ehrlich
 These gloves work. They stay on and are not bulky like some others. 
- Esther P Higginbotham
 These gloves are a great help in putting on my spouses compression stockings.The make it easier to get a grip on the stocking and less likely to rip or tear them with fingernails. 
- Gary Hamelin
 Great gloves and work fine 
- Geraldine H Mcdaniel
 These are perfect, I absolutely love them !!! They make pulling my compression on nice and snug so easy :) 
- Linda Griffith
 Very nice and easy to use. 
- Ms Sharon L Breckenridge
- Roger Guernsey
 Great product 
- Henry L Mccreary
 Love the product 
- Theola J Goosby
 so far the gloves are fine 
- Mrs. Leah Bowes
 Gloves are comfortable and easy to use. 
- Leilani Staley
- Bonnie S Tappan
 My husband really prefers these gloves as they are easier to get on and they work perfectly. He wears 40-50lb compression socks. 
- Mrs. Lorraine L Cook
 The best gloves I have used. 
- Michael Dubick
 good product 
- Mr Mike Brown
 Pleased with fit & quality of the gloves. 
- Marilyn Phillips
 These are great. They make putting your compression garments on easier and also keep them in good shape longer. 
- Elizabeth C Hindle
 Perfect for my need and fit well. I bought these gloves because they come in the color Pink. 
- Ms Nancy Shapiro
 Makes putting my sleeve on so easy. 
- Ms Janice L Price
 it is great helping pull the sock up 
- Robert F Dixon
 These gloves work perfectly to smooth out my hose. 
- Roberta M Bidault
 This is my 2nd pair of these Donning Gloves. They work great for smoothing out stockings. My old pair has graduated to gardening and crafts. Perfect to grab and hold items. 
- Roberta M Bidault
 great product excellent quality very happy 
- Mr Harry R Sheppard Sheppard
 Excellent grip and feel putting on my garments. 
- Mr. Ross Westbrook
 Excellent grip and great hold. 
- Shawnna Navarro
 Outstanding product. This has made a hug difference with getting stockings on given I only have one hand to work with 
- Sharanne E Stitgen
 A wonderful tool for putting on the sleeve that I need to wear daily. 
- Mrs Sharon Toscano
 Without those gloves I simply couldn’t get my compression socks on. Fantastic & Brilliant 
- Edward Peterson
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