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Be Aware of Lymphedema on This Lymphedema Awareness Month

In Health & Fitness by Trupti Sonalkar8 Comments

Lymphedema Awareness Month is celebrated in March each year to empower the community and spread awareness about the condition through advocacy and education. This blog has all the information you need to understand this disease and the treatment options available, including the use of medical compression garments. About Lymphedema Awareness Month Lymphedema Awareness Month is a good time to increase …

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Discover the Benefits of Compression Wraps

In Science & Education by Steve Norton4 Comments

If you have recently been injured and you want to improve your circulation, your physician or physical therapist may recommend using a compression wrap. It’s a bandage made of elastic and it is wrapped around an affected body part to apply pressure and help minimize swelling. Calf wraps may also be recommended as a long-term solution for health concerns such …

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Juzo Print Series Compression Arm Sleeves – Fun Patterns and Stylish Designs

In Science & Education by Steve Norton2 Comments

Tired of the usual beige compression arm sleeve? Then you need to see the Juzo Print Series. These compression sleeves are the opposite of plain and ordinary! The Juzo Soft Print Series features a selection of premium compression arm sleeves made of extremely soft elastic knit material for unsurpassed comfort and style. Juzo arm sleeves allow you to move confidently …