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Non-Elastic Stockinettes

Not all stockinettes require elasticity to fulfill their intended purpose. We offer a full line of non-elastic stockinettes, or tubular bandages, for a variety of applications. Many customers love these simple fabric dressings for use under medical compression wear, or other types of wraps or bandages.

The SilverSeal® Tubular Component with X-STATIC® is made primarily from soft, absorbent natural cotton, with a small amount of polyester, and silver-impregnated strands of fabric that provide protection against the growth of bacteria and fungi through the natural antimicrobial activity of elemental silver ions. This extra protection helps prevent the development of odors. This can be especially beneficial in cases where persistent lymphedema requires you to wear tight compression-wear items for extended periods.

Tricofix, by BSN Medical, is another example of a basic first layer wrap for use under other bandages or compression-wear items. Designed to help wick moisture away from tender skin, thus enhancing comfort and decreasing the risk of moisture-related complications, this handy bandage features a closed-mesh design. Its elasticity allows it to stretch to about four times its original width.

Juzo Cotton Stockinettes are simple tubular, 100% cotton (latex-free) bandages that slip on to provide full coverage of limbs. Cut to your desired length and use as an initial layer before donning medical-grade compression wear, padding, or other wraps. Described as "super soft and comfortable," customers love this bandage’s simplicity, durability, and ease of laundering and reuse. For more challenging applications, we also offer the Juzo Silver Stockinette, featuring 10% silver-infused fibers, for natural antimicrobial activity that combats potential odors and growth of fungi or bacteria. This feature is especially useful in situations where perspiration, or extended, long-term use, are expected to be issues.

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