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Alba Health Cotton Stockinette

Alba Health

Alba Health Cotton Stockinette by Alba Health
The Alba Health Cotton Stockinette is a latex-free tubular bandage made from 100% woven cotton that helps provide complete coverage. The cotton-knitted design prevents chafing and helps minimize bacteria in affected areas. Easy to cut to length, the bandage is meant to be used as the innermost layer in lymphedema treatment applications to help wick away moisture and provide an adherence for additional padding and bandages.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is available in individual yard cuts or as a continuous multi-yard piece
This product has 22 reviews.
Individual Pieces
3" - single yard 
8" - single yard 
 I use this as the first layer for my leg wrappings. It is much more comfortable than the courser weave stockinettes that come with the leg kit. It is a little warmer but less irritating to the skin. A good value. 
- Mrs. Bonnie G Aamodt
 I love the Alba Health Cotton Stockinette because it has a bit of compression when first pulled on my leg, which is very useful. It is also a substantial thickness. When cutting it off the large roll I cut a double size length so that I have enough to make a cuff over the wraps which go to just under my knee. On removal in two days of wrapped leg, it becomes a lot stretchier so I don't try to reuse it. No problem for me since the roll is large. I may decide to order a thinner stockinette in the future because I live in Florida where for about 6 months of the year the weather is in the 90s 
- Mrs Arlene V Mckechnie
 I appreciate being able to get the stockinette packaged in yard lengths as well as in rolls. Just what I needed. 
- Mary E King
 Very soft for an layer against skin. 
- Laurel Hall
 Perfect for the reason I bought it 
- Charles A Peterson
 Very comfortable, doesn't get as stretched out of shape as others and washes beautifully. 
- Carlene M Todd
 This stockinette tubular bandage is what I have been looking for for a year to use under my cotton bandages for lymphadema. I ordered 6 yards to see how it would fit,the only problem is I need 24" pieces for each leg and it was cut in one yard lengths,therefore there is a waste of one foot for each yard. I think it should have been sent in one piece. But I am glad it is sturdy material and washes nicely,by machine or by hand. 
- Mrs Nannette K Anderson
 I really like this item. 
- Susan L Fakkema
 Soft against my skin. Washes well but cut extra long to allow for shrinkage 
- Mrs Sharon L Derooy
 very durable...just what I needed! 
- Patricia I Miller
 This is very good for underneath your bandages and will last!! It can be washed and dried. Material is very well made and the box will last you for more than a year!! 
- Darlene Campbell
 Very good product. Last one I had raveled a lot these do not and are comfortable too. 
- Helen A Wright
 Great product 
- Kenneth Morrison
 Very good 
- Mrs. Carol J. Speer
 Very soft, comfortable and stretchy. I would estimate that it stretches to about 3 times its width. 
- Alisa Rhinehart
 This is a great product (when you order the right size). I will be sharing what I ordered with my therapist because I got the wrong size. 
- Monica J Murphy Murphy
 Needed a stockinette for a wrist brace, and this product fit the bill. Being a 30yd roll, it's easy to cut the proper length, though that might take a bit of practice to allow for displacement. Soft and comfortable, though it does trap heat a bit, so care must be taken to avoid heat rash. Overall, this was a solid bargain, since for my uses the roll should last a good three months. 
- Michael Adamson
- Rita L Ussery Ussery
 It was everything I expected. Great quality and a great price. I only needed enough for both legs and they sold me just that. I didn't have to buy a box of 24ft like everyone else wanted. Thank you. 
- Ruby Gray Gray
 Like these particular stockinettes. Soft and non-abrasive to sensitive skin. Cut longer than wanted, though; they do shrink after washing, but that's not a big deal. 
- Diane Musick
 it is comfortable on the skin 
- Ms Annette Harris
 Yes, I recommend this product. 
- Ms. Cynthia Miller
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