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Comperm by Hartmann
Comperm is a latex free tubular bandage that is made from 100% cotton-knit material and provides 360-degree coverage. Comperm is designed for use in treating soft tissue injuries, edema reduction, and securing wound dressings. This tubular bandage features: (1) easy to cut and apply construction while remaining comfortable to wear; (2) consistent and uniform pressure; (3) shape retention even after multiple uses
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Size B 6.4cm x 10m
Size C 7cm x 10m
Size D 7.6cm x 10m
Size E 9cm x 10m
Size F 10.2cm x 10m
Size K 21.6cm x 10m
 I ware this under my compression items on lower legs they work out great for me thank you very much steve 
- Mr Steven K Unklesbay
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