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TG by Lohmann & Rauscher
The TG tubular bandage is made from a seamlessly knitted material. This stockinette is the innermost bandage layer in lymphedema treatment applications and rests directly against the skin where it functions to wick away moisture and provide adherence for additional padding and compression bandages. It is also useful for enclosing foam padding structures for ease of use in the home setting. The close-meshed, particularly skin-friendly material can be stretched to approximately four times its original width and narrowed down again by pulling lengthwise. The dressing remains comfortably smooth even on body parts that are difficult to dress.
This product has 32 reviews.
Individual Pieces
TG-1 1.4cm x 20m (.55" x 22 yd)
TG-2 2.3cm x 20m (.9" x 22 yd)
TG-3 3cm x 20m (1.2" x 22 yd)
TG-5 5.5cm x 20m (2.2 x 22 yd)
TG-6 6.5cm x 20m (2.6" x 22 yd)
TG-7 7cm x 20m (2.8" x 22 yd)
TG-9 8.5cm x 20m (3.3" x 22 yd)
TG-12 12cm x 20m (4.7" x 22 yd)
K1 16cm x 10m (6.3" x 11 yd)
K2 21cm x 10m (8.3" x 11 yd)
TG-1 - case (20 pieces)
TG-2 - case (20 pieces)
TG-3 - case (10 pieces)
TG-5 - case (10 pieces)
TG-6 - case (10 pieces)
TG-7 - case (18 pieces)
TG-9 - case (12 pieces)
TG-12 - case (12 pieces)
K1 - case (10 pieces)
K2 - case (10 pieces)
 Good quality and durable 
- Dr. Anna Albrecht Dpt
 good product 
- Kamal Banoub
 Easy to cut into custom sizes. 
- Christopher A Wright
 Great fit 
- Charles M Carroll
 TG has the capability of you being able to cut of as much as you need and helps with keeping foreign material off of your legs. 
- Clifford Fitzgerald
 good price and quick shipping. Thank you 
- Colbert W Wood Henley Jr
 The stocking is comfortable. Protects the skin under the other bandages. 
- Regina Anthony
 This product does not cause any allergic reaction when I use it with my wraps. 
- Ms Diane Mcvey Mcvey
 sizes aren't easily explained, I bought too small but it's the same quality the physical therapist gave me, very soft 
- Debra B Humez
 Love this product. Price is right. Easy to use. Wears good and upholds good. Totally recommend this product. 
- Karie D Duclo Duclo
 A terrific first layer for multi-layered compression bandaging and a great layer for a Halloween costume mummy. 
- Jeni Quiriconi
 Good quality; reasonable prices; items arrive as & when expected. 
- Mrs. Jean H. Smith Smith
 Quality product. My husband has lymphedema due to multiple surgeries on his right leg. has so many of the products that we need to manage the lymphedema. This product is perfect for the lining before wrapping his legs or before putting on his compression boots. I just throw them in the washing machine using cold water and hand-wash setting. Then throw them in the dryer on delicate setting. When they're dry, we can stretch them back to the original cut size and use them numerous times. 
- Mrs. Jeanette H Smith
 Works for what we want! 
- Kay Salzwedel Salzwedel
 This is exactly what I needed. 
- Kaya Day
 Exactly what I needed to put against the skin. 
- Krista Sorensen
 Needed product for legs. 
- Mary Osterloo
- Mayra Lopez
 Great stocking under lymphedema wrap. 
- Michael E Barber
 I like the ability to cut off just the amount you need each time. 
- Marlene Lamnin
 I have purchased this product else where, however, your company has it for a better price to fit my budget. 
- Paula Nees
 Therapist recomnended 
- Phyllis E. Maynard
 Very good. 
- Ms, Jeanette L. Perry
 This is exactly the same high-quality product as used in the clinic where I'm treated. 
- Rodney D Merrill
 this product takes the stress out of protecting wound care wrappings. The TG9 is a greatly appreciated product, I would recommend it to any person that has wound healing issues.. 
- George Taylor
 I ordered the wrong product but my coworker is a wound nurse so she can use this item. I will reorder again soon. 
- Ms Danielle Springer
 Works well under the ace bandage wraps. 
- Eleanor Wells
 It's what I needed 
- Tana L Gregston
 works well & fits easily under bandages 
- Deborah Williams
 It is the best stuff I have found to help with compression with the wraps. 
- Ms Annette Harris
 Very acceptable for it's use. 
- Mrs. Kay E. Sheets
 very comfortable to wear cut to size 
- Robin O Williams
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