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Tricofix by BSN Medical
Tricofix protects the skin surface under compression, zinc gel, or adhesive bandages. This stockinette is the innermost bandage layer in lymphedema treatment applications and rests directly against the skin where it functions to wick away moisture and provide adherence for additional padding and compression bandages. It is also useful for enclosing foam padding structures for ease of use in the home setting. The close-meshed, particularly skin-friendly material can be stretched to approximately four times its original width and narrowed down again by pulling lengthwise. The dressing remains comfortably smooth even on body parts that are difficult to dress.
Individual Pieces
D5 X-Small (6cm x 20m)
E6 Small (8cm x 20m)
F7 Medium (10cm x 20m)
G9 Large (12cm x 20m)
D5 - case (10 pieces)
E6 - case (10 pieces)
F7 - case (10 pieces)
G9 - case (10 pieces)
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