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Tricofix by BSN Medical
Tricofix protects the skin surface under compression, zinc gel, or adhesive bandages. This stockinette is the innermost bandage layer in lymphedema treatment applications and rests directly against the skin where it functions to wick away moisture and provide adherence for additional padding and compression bandages. It is also useful for enclosing foam padding structures for ease of use in the home setting. The close-meshed, particularly skin-friendly material can be stretched to approximately four times its original width and narrowed down again by pulling lengthwise. The dressing remains comfortably smooth even on body parts that are difficult to dress.
This product has 21 reviews.
Individual Pieces
D5 X-Small (6cm x 20m)
E6 Small (8cm x 20m)
F7 Medium (10cm x 20m)
G9 Large (12cm x 20m)
D5 - case (10 pieces)
E6 - case (10 pieces)
F7 - case (10 pieces)
G9 - case (10 pieces)
 Great value 
- Anna Denk
 This stockinette is great for putting on my garments. 
- Ms Winifred Speranza New York
 I wear these stockinettes under my velcro wraps. They work terrific. 
- Cheryl Mackey
 I like this very much have been using it for a long time 
- Ms Cindy A Shade
 Good product. Excellent price!! 
- Ms. Daina A. Sisk
 As I have said, I'm using this product for over 20 years and will continue for another 20. 
- Mrs. Tina Lieberman
 I use this product to secure gauze wraps and wound dressings before applying compression wraps. It is lightweight, and the "G" size stretches easily to cover large swollen legs. It provides a smooth, breathable layer under compression. There is no substitute for it! 
- Beverly A Hair
 This non-elastic stockinette is a great way to secure bandaging so it doesn't shift under wrapping. It is soft and smooth to the skin. I couldn't do without this product. There is no substitute for it. 
- Beverly A Hair
 Very good and will continue to bye it! 
- Iliyana Smilyanova
 Wear under the wraps to protect my skin. 
- Joyce F Perkins
 As expected. During COVID shutdown some suppliers were unable to ship, but LProducts shipped express to make up for the delay. 
- Janice I Barber Doyle
 This product was just what I wanted and needed. The product shipped fast and we received it promptly. 
- Geraldean Thornton
 Soft, smooth, not itchy 
- Pamela Komaki Komaki
 It works great for me . The only place I can order it. 
- Mrs Patricia K Hoffman
 Excellent product for having next to your skin when needing to apply braces ect 
- Ms Elizabeth N Fozard
 good product. works well. 
- Margaret Z Stewart
 Better price than in surgical stores. 
- Nancy J. Albano Albano
 is great.So glad I found it thru your site. 
- Mrs Jackie Rhodes
 I like the way it fits but it could be a little wider as the top of my leg is larger but I do like 
- Donna R. Olson
 works great 
- Bob Thompson
 Thickness is ideal for warm weather. Generous length. This product is the perfect "extra touch" that is hard to live without. Tim 
- Mr Timothy L Walters
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