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Elastic Stockinettes

Stockinettes are used for a variety of purposes; in the control and treatment of lymphedema and other venous insufficiency disorders, in the care of minor wounds, or to provide a sterile barrier, among other uses. This broad category includes various styles of tubular dressings that can be used in specific locations on the body. We stock a number of versions of this convenient type of bandage. These fabric bandages are available with varying degrees of stretchiness, and can be cut down to accommodate your specific purpose.

The TG Jersey Tubular Stockinette, from Lohmann & Rauscher, is 100% cotton. It provides less stretch than other offerings, but more shape retention. Supple and easy on the skin, this bandage is often recommended for use as an under layer beneath medical compression wear. Soft and absorbent, this all-cotton bandage can be washed, line dried, and re-worn, repeatedly.

Or perhaps the TG Shape is what you require. Designed to slip over the foot onto the calf and ankle, this seamless tubular bandage is anatomically shaped to comfortably and snugly fit over the calf as a first layer, before donning your medical-grade compression hosiery. Available in a variety of sizes, customers praise these bandages for their ability to keep the skin cool and comfortable while facilitating the wearing of appropriate compression garments.

The TG Fix is yet another example of our extensive offerings within this category. It’s flexible enough to be used for a variety of purposes, adapting to any number of anatomical sites. Featuring a wide-mesh fabric which stretches in multiple directions, the high elasticity of this bandage ensures you’ll be able to accommodate even the most challenging applications. Highly forgiving on delicate skin, The TG Fix can be cut as needed, without risk of further unraveling.

As a final example of the functionality and diversity of the offerings in this category, consider the X-Span Dressing Retainer. This two-way stretch retainer can be used to hold dressings in place, in lieu of confining or allergenic tapes or other wraps. Available in 8-yard rolls, which stretch to 30 yards, this convenient dressing retainer is a hit with many of our customers.

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