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X-Span Dressing Retainer

Alba Health

X-Span Dressing Retainer by Alba Health
The X-Span Tubular Dressing Retainer by Alba Health is a highly elastic two-way stretch retainer that is used to keep bandages in place. It features superior resilient elastic to help keep its shape during use and it has color-coded sizes to help keep track of multiple bandages. The X-Span is perfect for areas where taping is troublesome or when the patient is allergic to tape or latex. Each box contains an 8-yard roll that can be stretched to 30 yards, thereby allowing for multiple treatment uses.
Size 1 For Fingers
Size 2 For Fingers or Hands
Size 3 For Feet, Hands or Arms
Size 4 For Arms, Hands or Elbows
Size 5 For Feet, Legs or Knees
Size 6 For Head
Size 7 For Shoulder to Axilla or Chest
Size 8 For Perineum or Abdomen
Size 9/10 For Hip
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