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X-Span Dressing Retainer

Alba Health

X-Span Dressing Retainer by Alba Health
The X-Span Tubular Dressing Retainer by Alba Health is a highly elastic two-way stretch retainer that is used to keep bandages in place. It features superior resilient elastic to help keep its shape during use and it has color-coded sizes to help keep track of multiple bandages. The X-Span is perfect for areas where taping is troublesome or when the patient is allergic to tape or latex. Each box contains an 8-yard roll that can be stretched to 30 yards, thereby allowing for multiple treatment uses.
This product has 14 reviews.
Size 2 For Fingers or Hands
Size 3 For Feet, Hands or Arms
Size 4 For Arms, Hands or Elbows
Size 5 For Feet, Legs or Knees
Size 6 For Head
Size 7 For Shoulder to Axilla or Chest
Size 8 For Perineum or Abdomen
Size 9/10 For Hip
 I have used this product before, it's great 
- Mr Stephen S Blanchard
 Excellent product. Makes the dressing a wound easier. 
- Cretha Mathews
 Rapid shipping of an excellent product at competitive pricing. 
- Danny Woodring
 This is great for holding bandages in place, with no stickiness of tape etc to bother clothing choices. Neat, easy to use. Stretches without binding! Highly recommended! 
- Hadassah Perez
 Very well done 
- John M Mcminn Mcminn
 Wonderful for holding bandages on the arms and legs. Washable and reusable; saves on gauze wrapping. We love it! 
- Ms Krisan C Gregson
 Wonderful customer service, timely delivery, and affordable prices! Will definitely be purchasing from here again! 
- Larry K. Casey
 Very good. 
- Ms Lee Rainwater
 Stretches to fit & stays in place. Saves me a fortune in preserving the dressing. 
- Marjorie A Sweitzer
 This product is exactly what I needed to hold bandages in place. It has a very durable strength and can be used over and over even after washings and continues to retain it's shape. 
- Brenda L Sullivan
 This X Span product is a 10. It fits and compresses my finger as promised. It is high quality and a good value. 
- Roxie J Erlandson-vik Erlandson-
 Great product! 
- Mr Todd G Pearson
 Great product. A must have when you're working alone and need to keep dressings in place. 
- Cheryl Yarchuk
 Quick, efficient online ordering process. Product arrived as pictured. Easy to use. 
- Suzanne K.m. Ocariza
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