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TG Fix

Lohmann & Rauscher

TG Fix by Lohmann & Rauscher
TG Fix is a tubular net bandage that provides retention of all types of dressings. This unique tubular net bandage features: (1) wide-mesh that is highly elastic in both directions; (2) material is ladder proof, meaning it can be cut open at any point without the cut tearing; (3) conformability can be increased by placing incisions without incurring the risk of fraying; (4) soft, comfortable, and conformable without restricting movement; (5) washable and reusable
Individual Pieces
Size B For Fingers, Hand or Foot (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size C For Large Extremities (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size D For Head or Small Trunk (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size E For Large Trunk, Hip or Armpit (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size B - case (20 pieces)
Size C - case (16 pieces)
Size D - case (16 pieces)
Size E - case (12 pieces)
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