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TG Fix

Lohmann & Rauscher

TG Fix by Lohmann & Rauscher
TG Fix is a tubular net bandage that provides retention of all types of dressings. This unique tubular net bandage features: (1) wide-mesh that is highly elastic in both directions; (2) material is ladder proof, meaning it can be cut open at any point without the cut tearing; (3) conformability can be increased by placing incisions without incurring the risk of fraying; (4) soft, comfortable, and conformable without restricting movement; (5) washable and reusable
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Individual Pieces
Size B For Fingers, Hand or Foot (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size C For Large Extremities (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size D For Head or Small Trunk (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size E For Large Trunk, Hip or Armpit (27.3 yd Rolll)
Size B - case (20 pieces)
Size C - case (16 pieces)
Size D - case (16 pieces)
Size E - case (12 pieces)
 I work taking care of the elderly and this works so much better then tape on there fragile skin. 
- Carol Allard
 These are excellent for holding a bandage or ice pack in place. It can be cut to the size that you need. 
- Darrel Harris Harris
 grips the wrappings excellently 
- Mrs. Edna J Deal
 I found this product a pleasant surprise. Very durable. 
- Jim Welbes
 Holds dressing in place and saves on gauze; reusable, too. Wonderful! 
- Ms Krisan C Gregson
 Just what I was looking for. Very comfortable and holds its shape through many washings. Keeps bandages in place great. 
- Brenda L Sullivan
 I have Lymphedema and stasis ulcers. The tg fix holds my bandages in place. If I didn't have the tg fix, I would have to tape my bandages in place. Even paper tape is irritating to my skin, so the tgfix saves my skin and doesn't hurt my thin skin. I love it!!! 
- Sandra B Shoemake
 The TG fix is great for me. I have lymphedema and Lipodema with stasis ulcers on my right leg. Before using the TG fix, I had a hard time securing wound care products to my very swollen and misshapen leg. But with the TG fix, that is no longer an issue. I change dressings every 24 hours and the dressings stay in place the entire 24 hours. 
- Sandra B Shoemake
 My mother is allergic to adhesives and her thin skin breaks down easily. We used this to hold bandaging in place. Swelling and body fluids didn't affect the usefulness. It made my life so much easier!! 
- Sue Samis
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