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TG Shape by Lohmann & Rauscher
TG Shape is a seamless-anatomically shaped tubular stockinette bandage that provides consistent pressure and light compression. It is ideal next to the skin as a first layer in lymphedema bandaging, acting as a very supple and skin-friendly protection under decongestive compression dressings. This unique stockinette features: (1) comfortable, skin-friendly, and breathable elasticated cotton; (2) shape retention; (3) moisture absorption for excess perspiration; (4) a wide array of application sizes that are all washable and reusable
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Individual Pieces
Size Small Full-Leg Circumference 32-36cm
Size Medium Full-Leg Circumference 35-39cm
Size Large Full-Leg Circumference 38-42cm
Size X-Large Full-Leg Circumference 41-45cm
Size Small Below-Knee Circumference 32-36cm
Size Medium Below-Knee Circumference 35-39cm
Size Large Below-Knee Circumference 38-42cm
Size Small Full-Leg - case (10 pieces)
Size Medium Full-Leg - case (10 pieces)
Size Large Full-Leg - case (10 pieces)
Size X-Large Full-Leg - case (10 pieces)
Size Small Below-Knee - case (10 pieces)
Size Medium Below-Knee - case (10 pieces)
Size Large Below-Knee - case (10 pieces)
 Easy to apply and wash In between. Perfect light compression that I can wear all day. 
- Ms Margaret R Lee
 Fine product. Does what it's designed for. Comfortable for me to wear daily and over night occasionally. Hold its shape. Very happy with your product. Thank you 
- Thomas Dumm
 The tg shape is a great first step in wrapping my feet and legs. It fits snug but not too snug. 
- Jane A Vaske
 Super comfortable. Gently effective 
- Beth Orlowsky Orlowsky
 Good product 
- Mrs Barbara J Schleis
 Good product 
- Mrs Barbara J Schleis
 like them 
- Jennie Blau Blau
 Helps my sons legs in relief and prevents swelling 
- Rebecca Morey
 Works great when need a lighter compression and love how you can cut the length you need. 
- Rebecca Morey
 Don't like wearing compression socks but these are comfortable. 
- Mrs Kathleen K Mcbride Mcbride
 This product has really helped me. I did tear one of them but I felt like it was my fault. 
- Brenda M Sparks Mrs
 These are the easiest to wear. The length exceeded my foot by 2-3 inches - a problem which was easily solved by folding the extra back until my toes were "exposed." I wore all my shoes comfortably. Easy to clean - just pop into the washer and dryer. With the shape showing one end narrower than the other it was simple to put them on correctly - the first time. Equal compression was felt the entire length - snug but not too snug. There was no indentation at either end. 
- Claire B Martin
 this is a great product an I will keep using it ..I just told my little sister about this an now she is using it as well...all I can say is just try it you will love it as much as I do....... 
- Brenda Hensley
- Brenda Hensley
- Brenda Hensley
 I'm sorry about previous review of the stockinette. I got confused. The stockinette is exactly what I needed and it fit fine. Once again I am sorry about the previous review. 
- Ms Cheryl Mckendry
 I really like this item. It is comfortable and it can be washed and dried. 
- Donna J Miller
 Just what was need 
- Mrs Nancy L Oberg Oberg
 They work great and I would definitely recommend them, I in fact will be buying more in the future so I suppose that's the best endorsement you can give a product. 
- Mr. Dean Dixon
 works well for me 
- Elaine Lamia
 Does the job 
- Dr Gm M Denny
 This product has been a life saver for me, as managing my body temperature is much better by this fabric than in other compression sleeves. The shaping helps, also--narrow at the ankle, etc. 
- Mrs. Patricia C Garrett
 I needed something "less hot" than usual support garments for the summer. These are the best I have found. 
- Mrs. Patricia C Garrett
 These work great. They reduce the swelling and relax my legs. 
- Ms Gayle L Bohatta
 it is hard to find socks or liners that fit because of swelling I had no problem with this product thanks! 
- Gloria Garcia
 That is exactly what I had wanted. I appreciated the fast delivery service also. 
- Sandra S Groenendyk
 They are working fine. 
- Marilyn Clingman
 I ordered TG Shape in error, but the Jutxa Light support is excellent and I will probably reorder when needed. Thanks for excellent service and products. 
- James R Martin
 So happy with my recent purchase - great fit and so soft and comfortable. 
- Joan F Oberbeck
 They are soft and comfortable for a reasonable price 
- Mrs Joan F Oberbeck
 So soft and comfortable - so glad I got them for under bandages. 
- Mrs Joan F Oberbeck
 Very comfortable under compression wraps. Much more reasonably priced than purchasing at the local health shop, so I ordered several more to have fresh ones without having to launder daily. 
- Joan F. Oberbeck
 Excellent product-meets my need for wound care and treatment. Easy to use, and launders well. 
- Julie Hess Hess
 This product helps me after my broken ankle and surgical repair. This prevents swelling. 
- Kathy J Cooke
 Very comfortable once it was over my heal. 
- Mrs Cheri L. Kaufman Kaufman
 My legs feel so much better when I wear this product. 
- Mrs Cheri L. Kaufman Kaufman
 They are the only wrappings I have been able to put on my husbands legs, they also allow me to put the "Swell Spots" directly unto the top of the feet underneath the stocking and all of it together does exactly what it is supposed to do. I need to send a pair to Germany, can I do this thru your company? This treatment has done wonders for my husband and I have and would recommend highly. 
- Katharina C Coffey
 This works great and helps hold the position of the wrap. 
- James A Stark
 Very good quality. 
- Kathleen Gibson
 They are easy to put on and very comfortable. I use them as liners under my wraps and can feel assured that they will not slide down when walking. 
- Ms Raylene C Lafaire
 It is great for keeping my bandage in place 
- Loan Q Nguyen
 I was diagnosed with lymphedma in May this year (2018) and my OT had me try these compression stockings first, along with lymph massage. I wear these 24/7 only changing to another pair when I shower. These are extremely comfortable and not binding. My therapist had me try a couple other compression stockings and I couldn't endure them even for a complete day. Within 3 months of wearing these stockings with the additional help on my worst leg of a CircAid wrap & 8 massage sessions, my lymphedma receded to normal and the pain also went away. I really like these because they didn't bother me during the heat of summer, they are made of cotton instead of synthetic materials, and they work without causing extreme constriction. They do need to be replaced as they fray and stretch with countless use. I got almost 6 months out of my first set and am on my second set now (of course you need several pairs to trade off for washing). They do shed some when first using and will continue to fray, but I just trim the fraying after washing. 
- Lyndal Brown
 I am really happy with this product. It's soft, comfortable (especially in warm weather), fits well, and washes well. I wear one on my left and right legs. So far I have 6 stockinettes, so there is always a fresh one to wear. 
- Patricia Price
 Extremely happy with this purchase. I wish I had found these years ago 
- Steven Macdonald
 Love the TG Shape. It gives just enough compression on my legs without the discomfort of all the other compression socks. I wish they could last longer, but for the price, they're perfect for me. 
- Michael P Sheldon
 These stockings have helped a lot in conjunction with the Circaid. 
- Regina Jk Sloan
 Good product, good price. 
- Gloria J Engel
 Quality product at a great price 
- Gloria J Engel
 Excellent product at good price. 
- Gloria Engel Engel
 Much easier to get on than support hose. Works well with the Comprilan wraps. 
- Gloria Engel
 The product does a good job. Priced well 
- Rebecca K Johnson
 Very soft and easy to apply. My inlaws are in their 90s and have great difficulty putting on TED hose for my father in law's edema caused by heart failure. These are NOT the prescribed type, but he wears them because they are comfortable and easier to put on. I've ordered more because he loves them so much. 
- Robin L Muchow
 They wash up good. I'm glad these work so well for my lymphodema. 
- Ms Rosemary C. Rogers Rogers
 Very happy with this product. Not as tight as other compression socks so easier for mother to put on. 
- Mrs Sue A Henning
 I have been purchasing this product from my occupational therapist but found it here at a much better value. The CSR was very helpful which made the overall buying experience excellent. 
- Chris T Lindow
 Been looking form for a minute glad I found them they help my legs Or not as tired as they used to be would like to order more having a hard time logging on 
- Steven Gabbard
 Very Well made and easy to use. Washes easily. The unravelling ends are a problem when double folding on the narrower foot end. 
- Mr Thomas Barick
 Holds up very well. Maintains it's compression. Great value. Shipped promptly. No issues or complaints. 
- Mr. Thomas Dumm
 Good product. Well made and effective. 
- Mr. Thomas Dumm
 I love these TG Shapers! They compress well, but will compress more when you double them. I would love single, but MD says to keep it double as legs right now need more compression. They are so easy to put on and they stay on. Mine don't roll! 
- Christine Steward
 Item was exactly what I was looking for. 
- Sharon R Painter
 This product has been consistently good for my patients. 
- Velda Creer
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