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TG Grip

Lohmann & Rauscher

TG Grip by Lohmann & Rauscher
TG Grip is a tubular stockinette bandage that provides less stretch and better shape retention. It is ideal next to the skin as a first layer in lymphedema bandaging, acting as a very supple and skin-friendly protection under decongestive compression dressings. This unique stockinette has the following features: (1) Seamlessly knitted tube adjusts to body contours and evenly distributes pressure; (2) comfortable, skin-friendly, breathable elasticated cotton construction; (3) retains its shape well; (4) absorbs excess perspiration; (5) washable and reusable
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Individual Pieces
Size C 6.5cm x 10m
Size D 7.5cm x 10m
Size E 8.75cm x 10m
Size F 10cm x 10m
Size G 12cm x 10m
Size J 17.5cm x 10m
Size K 21.5cm x 10m
Size L 32.5cm x 10m
Size C - case (16 pieces)
Size D - case (16 pieces)
Size E - case (12 pieces)
Size F - case (12 pieces)
Size G - case (8 pieces)
Size J - case (6 pieces)
Size K - case (4 pieces)
Size L - case (4 pieces)
- Mrs Susan M Allson
 Fantastic!!! Just what I needed that I could not find anywhere else. Being a preschool teacher I have found several products to be a must have in our school and classrooms. Thank you so much. 
- Ms Marcella Ogletree Ogletree
 Very comfortable and easy to put on. 
- Debra C Adler
 Exactly what I wanted. It encloses my arm easily and provides a little support. Wish I could order it in black and other colors. 
- Donna Martin
 This is strong but comfortable for 24 hour wear. Replaces stockings on my legs. I cut it long enough to cover the wrap on the outsude also, to kerp my compression garment neoprene clean through the day. Washes easily by hand. Can be worn many times. 
- Mrs Julia Snyder
 Excellent product and very happy with it. 
- Carolyn Althouse
 Works well, easy to use, easy to cut to size. 
- Judy M. Steiner Steiner
 Excellent product. I use it on alternate days with the arm wraps. My arm movement less restricted, so I plan my work days to when I use this product. Washes well. 
- Diane Howell-noonan
 Its just so hard to get the right size but we finally came close. 
- Mr Joseph C Morowski
 Very glad I found this product. It makes it very easy for wrapping of foot to knee in caring for calf with this disease of lymphedema. I like the roll so you can cut to size as needed. 
- Joni Campbell Campbell
 Easy to apply 
- Bonnie Thomas
 I was very thankful to find the product that my physical therapist uses available on line. This product gives me the support I need for my arm in order to do the tasks I need to do and to keep my arm from feeling heavy while I am working. Thank you for providing the products we need. 
- Mrs. Debra R Odom
 I absolutely love this product. The price is great and it helps in so many ways! 
- Shelly Haight
 Best solution for wraps or reduction kits. The other tubes loose the elasticity. These stay stretchy wash after wash! 
- Sabiha Keskin
 Great product, works great for wraps 
- Sabiha Keskin
 I needed tubegrip, but as an individual could not purchase a case, so I was happy to be able to purchase a single box. It served my needs well. 
- Sister Annette M O'donnell Sbs
- Mrs. Francine A Stoneroad
 Definitely better than I expected. 
- Wendy L Bishop
 Just what I have been looking for - excellent basic support under comprilan bandage wraps. 
- Arthur Sylvia Sylvia
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