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Strapping & Bracing

Bandages for strapping and/or bracing fulfill a specific niche in the well-stocked medical supply cabinet. These purpose-designed wrappings and bandages are typically recommended for use in the treatment of conditions affecting the feet, ankles, heels, wrists and other joints; places where more traditional wrappings may struggle to provide appropriate, non-binding stability, support and coverage. Strapping/bracing bandages are also useful for the treatment of lymphedema and other circulatory conditions, in various areas throughout the body.

Examples of the fine products on offer in this category include the PSC Ankle Foot Strap, from Fabrifoam®. Also known as the Pronation Spring Control (PSC) Foot Strap, this specialized item provides mild ankle compression through the use of patented Fabrifoam® open-cell elastomeric composite material. Designed for its breathability, durability, and perspiration-wicking capability, this modern material is excellent for use on soft tissue injuries, such as swollen, sprained ankles. This well-designed item is also useful for the treatment of other foot and ankle conditions, including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, and excessive pronation. Washable and reusable, this item is free of potentially allergenic latex.

Fabrifoam® also manufactures NuStim Wrap, a sophisticated roll bandage that combines the elasticity of knitted nylon and Lycra in outer layers, and an inner layer of patented Fabrifoam® synthetic cushioning material. Providing a moderate amount of two-way stretch, this bandage is available in a variety of widths, to accommodate various uses. Can be used instead of older neoprene wraps for challenging anatomical sites, such as elbows, wrists, ankles or knees. Features breathable, moisture-wicking, patented Fabrifoam® cushioning material. Due to its convenient narrow widths, this wrap material is especially well suited for use on pediatric patients.

Similar to NuStim Wrap, MediWrap from Fabrifoam® features an outer Lycra/nylon woven fabric layer incorporated with an inner layer of patented Fabrifoam® synthetic, breathable material. Available in a wide range of convenient widths, this superior cushioning wrap can be used in place of adhesive tape in challenging anatomical locations, such as fingers, thumbs, toes, patellae and ankles. Secures with hook and loop fasteners to provide relatively rigid support for vulnerable body parts. Other offerings in this category include ProWrap, and SuperWrap, also from Fabrifoam®.

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