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SuperWrap by Fabrifoam
SuperWrap bandages are a knitted blend of nylon and Lycra with a patented foam inner layer. They allow for a very high degree of multi-directional elasticity with adjustable compression and support. The permanently attached hook and loop fasteners keep SuperWrap precisely placed, eliminating sharp clips that loosen and fall out. They are non-migratory whether applied directly to the skin or even over Spandex clothing. They are ideal for treating a wide range of injuries. SuperWrap is perfect for hamstrings, hip spicas, chest wraps, and shoulder abductions or any area where traditional elastic bandages are used.
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Individual Pieces
2" x 5' 
3" x 5' 
4" x 5' 
3" x 10' 
4" x 10' 
6" x 10' 
4" x 15' 
6" x 15' 
6" x 20' 
2" x 5' (pack of 5 rolls)
3" x 5' (pack of 5 rolls)
4" x 5' (pack of 5 rolls)
 Great service and product! Quick delivery. 
- April Kleckler
 My daughter has primary lymphedema. Her legs have to be wrapped everyday. These are so much easier with the attached velcro than having to hold the other bandages together with tape and they stay tight. They don't need to be rewrapped a couple times a day after becoming loose. 
- Debra Cotner
 This fabric holds the area wrapped tight but not to tight, and can be trimmed to fit the area needed to provide the correct coverage. 
- Randy Raines
 This is a very comfortable wrap that seems very effective 
- Ms Susan Sprenkle
 Recommended by my PT for lymphedema around surgical scar on my jaw. 
- Louisa Frederick
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