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ProWrap by Fabrifoam
ProWrap bandages are excellent for use as a superior strapping material, compression wrap, and for customized supports. They deliver a powerful degree of strength with minimal elasticity. The knitted blend of nylon and Lycra with a patented foam lining gives ProWrap a minimum to moderate degree of two-directional stretch. ProWrap eliminates slippage and bulkiness with a firm hold and a slim, form fitting design. It increases comfort with cool, breathable fabric.
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Individual Pieces
2" x 5y 
4" x 5y 
6" x 5y 
2" x 10y (pack of 2 - 5yd rolls)
 ProWrap makes a great foundation for garments It gives protective distribution of pressure and retards slippage. For areas of sensitive skin. I use soft padding under the prowrap. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 This product provides a foam layer next to the skin and a fabric layer on top. We use it as a foundation for compression garments. It can provide some mild compression by itself depending on how you wrap with it. 
- Kathleen V Missman
 great for compression wrap.. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 protection with a little compression; great under garments. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 provides protection, mild compression, and soft surface. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 Protective roll material that holds padding and lasts long. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
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