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PSC Ankle Foot Strap


PSC Ankle Foot Strap by Fabrifoam
The Pronation Spring Control (PSC) is a unique foot and ankle strap designed to offer mild compression by utilizing Fabrifoam®, a patented, open-celled elastomeric material. The PSC helps to align the foot and ankle in a neutral position to aid in the treatment and prevention of planter fasciitis, chronic heel pain, excessive pronation, heel spurs, and shin splints. With the holding power of a tape wrap, the alignment benefit of an orthotic, and the lifting function of arch support, the PSC is extremely effective in treating many foot and ankle conditions. The lightweight profile allows it to fit comfortably with most shoes and the Fabrifoam construction is durable but also breathes to help eliminate maceration. It is latex-free, washable, and designed for repeated use.
Single Foot & Ankle Wrap
Compression: Mild
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