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Foam-Affixing Bandages

Items used for the treatment of lymphedema often benefit from the inclusion of an initial under-layer of foam padding. Foam padding offers several advantages, including tissue softening, insulation of sensitive tissues from uncomfortable pressure, better, more even distribution of pressure, and intensification of pressure in select areas, where appropriate.

While some foam padding may be placed directly beneath medical compression garments, it is often more convenient to wrap this padding with an appropriate bandage first. Some lymphedema experts insist that all patients needing lymphedema treatment should insist on the use of foam padding as an initial layer, for enhanced comfort and optimal results.

At Lymphedema Products, we offer several types of bandages suitable for affixing foam padding firmly in place before the donning of any additional lymphedema garments or bandages. From Hartmann-Conco, we offer CEB; a woven, pure cotton bandage that combines light compression with natural breathability. This product contains no elastic, so there’s no risk of latex-related irritation. More durable than ordinary gauze, but still cost effective to use, CEB can be washed and reused.

We also carry Idealbinde, by Lohmann & Rauscher. Idealbinde can be used to affix an initial layer of foam padding before adding a final layer of compression bandaging for the treatment of lymphedema in the arms or legs. Featuring no elastic threads, this simple, lightweight, pure cotton bandage is available in 15 cm (approximately 6 inch) widths, making it handy for use on the limbs or trunk.

We also offer Isoband, from BSN Medical. Isoband is also a lightweight cotton bandage featuring no potentially problematic elastic. Available in widths of 15 cm and 20 cm (approximately 6-inch and 8-inch), this popular bandage is a leading choice among professionals when it come to wrapping edematous areas of the trunk or abdomen. The greater-width bandage may also useful in instances of extreme leg or arm lymphedema-related swelling. Washable and reusable, this all-cotton bandage helps keep foam padding firmly in place.

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