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Medium Stretch Bandages

Lymphedema Products is your comprehensive marketplace for all things related to the treatment of lymphedema and other circulatory insufficiency issues. To that end, we stock a variety of bandages for use in the care and treatment of minor wounds and other issues, such as the everyday retention of dressings and/or padding.

Lenkelast®, by Lohmann and Rauscher, is an all-purposes fabric bandage with firm support and long-lasting elasticity. As a medium-stretch bandage, this quality item provides just the right amount of stretch to hold dressings firmly in place, while also providing the flexibility to contour-and remain firmly in place-in more challenging areas of the body. These bandages can also be used to provide support and relief for problematic joints. Maximum length-wise stretch is approximately 130%.

Lenkelast® is considered especially appropriate for use in the control of genital lymphedema, for example, where firm, but gentle, control is required. Use in conjunction with foam under layers, or as a binding layer over loose wound dressings. Leukelast® is also a popular choice for pediatric applications.

This gentle, breathable, skin-friendly fabric bandage can be gently washed, hung dry, and reused, as needed, with little impact on elasticity. Customers report they are extremely satisfied with this highly functional product, noting that it is superior to alternatives readily available in drugstores or other common retail outlets. For your convenience, this product is available in a wide range of widths. Widths begin at about 2.3 inches (6 cm.) and range all the way up to about 7.9 inches (20 cm.) wide, for use on the legs, abdomen, or other areas where a wide bandage is appropriate. Sold in 5 meter (approximately 16.5-foot) lengths.

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