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Steel Frame Donning & Doffing Aids

At Lymphedema Products we offer a comprehensive selection of medical compression wear items and garments, and virtually every accessory imaginable to enhance your use of these products. Donning/doffing aids are an important example. While medical compression wear can work wonders, it only works as intended if worn properly, for the appropriate lengths of time. Your physician or healthcare professional will provide guidance regarding when, where, and how long you should wear your particular compression wear item for best results. But when it comes time to put your items on–or take them off–many people find that they may struggle to do so without some assistance.

That's where donning/doffing aids come in. This broad category includes devices specially designed to make it easier for people to wear their compression items properly, even when there's no one else around to help. Take the collection of steel-frame donning/doffing aids available through Lymphedema Products from leading manufacturers, such as Medi and BSN Jobst.

Medi offers the basic Butler; a sturdy steel-frame device that acts as an extension of your arms and hands, facilitating the donning of compression stockings. Medi also offers various specialized versions of this device, such as the Travel Butler, Rehab Butler, and Panty Double Butler. The well-constructed Medi Vario Butler, for instance, features extendable, telescoping arms that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. The use of such devices is especially helpful for anyone who has difficulty bending over, or who has back problems, which might preclude bending and/or twisting.

While most steel-frame donning aids focus on the lower extremities, there's even a steel-frame donning aid for the application of compression arm sleeves; the Medi Arm Butler. Satisfied customers report that once you get the hang of using this simple, sturdy device, you'll never want to be without it again. Calling it the "best thing [ever] invented" may sound like hyperbole. But once you try this device, you may well agree.

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