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Medi Assure Butler


Medi Assure Butler by Medi
Due to the compressive nature of stockings used in the management of lymphedema and other edemas, donning the stockings can be quite difficult. The Medi Assure Butler is a highly effective yet economical tool for simplifying the process of donning compression stockings thereby alleviating the daily stress of the application routine.
This product has 6 reviews.
Stocking Application Aid 
 Makes it very easy to put on thigh-high compression socks. 
- Mr Bill S Yanky Yanky
 This product was very useful in assisting me with putting on my socks with the least of ease. I just want to tell you thank you very much. 
- Gregory Robinson
 Essential tool for any wearing a lymphatic sleeve. 
- Linda C. Luecking
 Works perfect. Takes a few tries at first so toes & heel are in without further adjusting. Much easier on my back. 
- Richard Rinzler
 Love this product! I recently had surgery on my hand and knew I wouldn't be able to put my support hose on independently for quite a while. My husband puts my hose on the device and I can then put them on myself. So glad I purchased it! 
- Mrs Michelle Wanke
 Great invention for putting on compression stockings. I have used them for several years and if replacement is necessary, I always purchase another one. The next level of use will be the development of one that is collapsible and therefore more portable. 
- David A. Winkelman
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