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Jobst Stocking Donner

BSN Jobst

Jobst Stocking Donner by BSN Jobst
The Jobst Stocking Donner makes donning compression stockings easier and is ideal for persons with limited hand strength and dexterity or limited bending motion. It features foam grip handles for comfortable handling and a durable baked epoxy finish for a smooth, no-snag surface. It is compact in size, is lightweight, and accepts most styles of stockings.
This product has 9 reviews.
Stocking Application Aid 
 Love this device. No problem getting hose on with this Donner. Would recommend to anyone needing this 
- Carolyn R Elliott
 This piece is great for having to put the compression stockings on by myself! it is the only help that works! 
- Christine J Rider
- Dean Baker
 I have no choice but to wear compression socks that none of of wish to do , BUT--the Jobst Donner is a must. I have had two other types that did not work well but this one does. What a great help. Great product. Great service. 
- Mr Dean F Baker
 Works great. Glad I found it on line. I had another one that got misplaced during a rehab stay. 
- Mr. William R. Ford Jr.
 This is a must for putting on compression stockings. It works great! 
- Leslie Weisman
 I could not get by without it. I am limited in degree of bending and could have used a little longer overall length. 
- William N. Macdermott
 Recommended by OT during rehab after hip. Works perfectly, it lines up heel and toes and brings the stocking up smoothly and fast with little bending. I'll continue to use it after I have more flexibility. 
- meg noyes
 I had a hip replacement and this aid was suggested by OT. It is a true helper. I will continue to use this after I can bend more, it makes the line up of toe and heel perfect and gets the stocking up the leg fast. I'm sold on it. 
- meg noyes
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