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Melany Donning & Doffing Device


Melany Donning & Doffing Device by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris Melany is the donning and doffing device for compression stockings in case of limited mobility. The Melany's innovative construction helps the compression stockings glides effortlessly over the ankle. Gripping the foot or strong bending efforts are no longer necessary when putting on or removing the stockings. This will provide you will a great feeling of independence and requires less effort when donning and doffing. The Melany features: (1) quick donning and doffing, even with restricted mobility; (2) simplified donning and doffing that increases independence; (3) gentle donning and doffing that increases longevity of stockings and therapeutic compression; (4) a range of sizes to accommodate larger calves; (5) a robust, stable construction
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Garment Donning and Doffing Aid 
 This is an excellent product. I use it everyday to put on my compression socks and it does a great job. 
- Clarence Weems
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